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    im going to buy a new graphics card but don't know what kind i should get that's affordable. i was thinking of a msi gtx 1060 4gb. if you think i should get or you can guide me into a diffrent direction for a better card. #DSGANG FOR LIFE
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    yes the money you have in your inventory you can put the amount of a max bet and people join in and bet there amount. if they roll over 100 they lose and if you dont beat your rolls you win and the amount they bet
  4. im the guy that has little to say, but will talk to people who want to chat. im the one who makes money and noone knows. ive played this game since 2015 and people from other survers notice me. im here to say im coming back with a bang and will help change the community with goodies when i get back up out of the grave i was in. ps,,, message me ingame for anything and advice. IGN: saxsoul,, or ironsaxsoul #dsgang for life

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