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  1. why use thetre of blood thats looking for a law suite same name same bosses and everything apart from that looks good
  2. keezo

    ign Hc keezo gmt
  3. keezo

    sure it will get fixed
  4. keezo

    some more info whould be nice
  5. keezo

    prizes need updated thats about it becouse these rewards are old
  6. keezo

    ye whould be nice if this can gt a hotfix can be annoying sometimes but its only a relog but still
  7. keezo

    if gonna open it again add some new stuff
  8. keezo

    whould be very nice
  9. keezo

    ye i do think u should be able to make some sort of cash from skiling
  10. keezo

    if gonna be bonus at any time should be weekends fair for all players then some have things to do during the week days jobs/school ect
  11. keezo

    pretty nice idea
  12. keezo

    great idea i like it becouse it seems like my egales pet dont evan work
  13. keezo

    just means more bots but nice idea anyways