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  1. Iron Barrage

  2. Iron Barrage

    As some of you may know, I've been experiencing some real life health issues that I've had for quite a number of years now. To spare everyone the boring details I'll cut straight to it, as of recent I haven't been able to hardly function due to these issues. As much as I've tried to be stronger than they are I'm failing, and making myself look bad as a donation manager, and part of the support team. So for these reasons I will be stepping down from staff, but I'll try to be in discord as much as I can. So those of you I talk to regularly this won't be the end and those of you I don't know, you can still get a chance to meet me.
  3. Iron Barrage

    I appreciate the input, I'll try to be more communicative with everybody, on here and discord!
  4. Iron Barrage

    Gonna be sad to see you go, you did a great job :/
  5. Iron Barrage

    I'll miss you my dude, sucks things couldn't work out.
  6. Iron Barrage

    Because on a normal day it's more as well. Why would we do something illogical.
  7. Iron Barrage

    Super Mystery Box - $3 Invictus Box - $3 Quadron Box - $4 Extreme Donor Rank - $60 Super Donator Rank - $20 Assault Rifle - $10 Minigun - $120 Golden ak47 - $50 Blue Deathcape - $50 American Pernix Set - $30 American Torva Set - $40 DS Spin Ticket 100 - $60 Ds spin ticket 50 - $30 Ownercape - $400 Purple Santa Hat - $600 Blackjack Table - $50 Icy Glaive - $850 Morphing Ring - $30 Ring of Wealth I - $40 Party Pie - $35 American Boxing Gloves - $125 Golden Minigun - $165 Corporeal Pet - $150 Silver Chain - $150 Bass Guitar - $125 Blue Boxing Gloves - $75 Collectors Necklace - $35 Dynamic Box - $5 Lv 1 Attacker - $150 Lv 1 Collector - $150 Lv 1 Defender - $150 Lv 1 Healer - $150
  8. Iron Barrage

  9. Iron Barrage

    I'm glad a lot of these players came to the server, especially @saint as he's a big upcoming youtube and very trusting host gaining the rank so fast. Also all the new players and other old players such as @Ownerscape. Hopefully you're all here for the long haul :D
  10. Iron Barrage

    You're welcome for the small part of help I did, great guide!
  11. Iron Barrage

    Why is this happening?...
  12. Iron Barrage

    <3 I just gotta get back in the swing of things then I'll get my promotion xD Thanks though, it's been great having you back that's for sure
  13. Iron Barrage

    I'm getting there as well, congrats on such a huge milestone! I'll be picking 79 as my number.
  14. Iron Barrage

    Love you guys all with the most respect, really hope to see all of you soon when I can be online.