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  1. pop188

    Started Oct 2014 been 100% addicted ever since
  2. Tons of rares to show/sell PM me in-game or checkout my pos ;)

  3. Finally able to log back into my forums account.. Don't worry been playing a lot again! Love DS and how its ever growing! :D   

  4. pop188

    #Fashionscape :D Costume name: 'Queen of the Damned'
  5. pop188

    Welcome back! :D 
  6. pop188

    Just the brutal whip but boy was that a great day for me back then xD 
  7. Going for 100 posts so I can finally become a Veteran after 2years xD

    1. Unicow
    2. Bodhi


      Eeuw a new veteran incoming! :o gl bud

  8. pop188

    Will be missed sorry to hear about ya leaving! 
  9. pop188

    -Ingame name: pop188 - Where were you and what were you doing, on December 14th, 2015? Since it was on a Wednesday I was sadly working lol  - Pick a number between 1-10000  13
  10. pop188

    Pretty cool that you posted this, I was wondering if sicles were that rare.. Guess they are :/ 
  11. pop188

    Niceee :D Took quite a few kills tho lol, gz!
  12. pop188

    Awesome new content!
  13. pop188

    heyy congrats! :D
  14. Currently working on Prestige 18 sooo close to 19! :D

    1. Potentials


      Nice! Good luck man :D
    2. Vaping


      Good luck!! Are you going for 30?
    3. Searwen


      Keep up the good work!

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