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  1. Edit: 1.85b gold reached 120s updated stats updated Executive Cape achieved (Still need rank. Gotta save up $200 for that)
  2. All non-custom skills 99 (Thieving 94 of 99) Added Tri-Brid cape achievement
  3. Alya

    GOOD LUCK! Glad I could inspire, and I look forward to seeing your progress!
  4. Alya

    Username: AlyaRank In-game: SponsorProof (screenshot):
  5. Reached 120 Prayer Stats updated Infinity Guantlet (Charged) obtained
  6. Added the Infinity Gauntlet and stones Updated stats Added Milestones (though I can't buy the capes) colour coded some more.
  8. Alya

    For those who may have been around back then, and/or may remember me, either from 2016 when I first joined DreamScape, or 2018 when I came back after a long hiatus, I am Alya. Yell tag Ice Queen. Since I'm so unimaginative and boring when it comes to introductions, I'm going to do a Q&A and simply post what questions I get asked, and answer them. No topic is off limits (although I cannot be held responsible if you break rules asking the questions, all I can do is answer it. Ask at your own peril. =p) To get it started: Q: What is your name? A: Alya Q: How old are you? A: 29 as of 22/09/2019 Q: How long have you played RuneScape? A: I started in 2002, shortly after Fishing was released. Ask away, people! I have no shame. =p
  9. Alya

    Hit a hitch in my Invention training, so my Ironman account is winning atm.  Apparently I need charges, which are time consuming to gather, and I need to continue gathering parts, which means needing random assortment of objects... x.x Getting some good work done on both, though, and am genuinely unsure which account will win.
  10. Alya

    The game has added in 'Virtual Levels' that you can turn off.  It basically shows "If our skills continued to follow our experience rates, this is what level you WOULD be at your experience level."
  11. As some have seen, (or have spotted in my sig) my RS3 account is mostly maxed.  With the exp rates of an Ironman account, and the ease at which to play, I am making a race.  A race for my RS3 account to get back its max cape, before my Ironman account hits 99 in all skills. A L Y A (RS3) [spoiler] Invention: 47/99 Experience: 1,670,461/36,073,511 Number of Black Salamanders required for 99: 75 (459k exp each Salamander)   Percent Complete: 4.63% [/spoiler] Iron Alya (DS) [spoiler] Attack: 75/99 Strength: 85/99 Defence: 78/99 Ranged: 81/99 Prayer: 58/99 Magic: 1/99 Runecrafting: 1/99 Construction: 1/99 Dungeoneering: 1/99 Constitution: 83/99 Agility: 1/99 Herblore: 1/99 Thieving: 1/99 Crafting: 1/99 Fletching: 1/99 Slayer: 1/99 Hunter: 1/99 Mining: 64/99 Smithing: 75/99 Fishing: 1/99 Cooking: 1/99 Firemaking: 1/99 Woodcutting: 61/99 Farming: 1/99 Summoning: 1/99   Percent Complete: 27.31% [/spoiler] IF I reach 99 Invention before maxing my Ironman, I will turn to finishing getting 120 Dungeoneering.
  12. Obtained 2 of my donating goals,  Hit 99 in all skills on Harley Quinn   Working on 120 on Harley, and my third prestige.  2 down, 6 to go.
  13. Added a secondary account into it.  Not going to donate on said account, any donations are only on my main one. My Harley Quinn account is headed for max exp in all skills and an uber cash stack
  14. *Added money stack goals *Updated my skills *Updated my Milestones *Updated my Experience *Added custom armour goal *Now 97+ all skills, with only 5 more to go for prestige I'm just not sure about forum goals, since I don't feel like I'll really try for them.  As far as in-game is concerned, I know I'll be on often enough to work to my goals... but the forums, I don't typically communicate much with people, so posting often, if at all, looks to be difficult.  Updating this with a comment every once in a while is probably the most action this acc will see.
  15. The problem with adding forum goals is I'm not so sure I'll meet them anytime this century.  I know almost any PS I've been on and made a forum account with, I don't do much in the way of posting and replying to much, and I'm not the most talkative, so even hitting 100 forum posts will probably take me months. I'll definitely look to adding colours, I just need to sort some things out first.