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  1. Be strong because it will get better, it may be stormy now but it never rains forever

  2. Emperor Nick

    After Reviewing all videos for the Dreamscape Youtube event, I have to say that picking a winner was extremely hard. I collected opinions from other staff members and took all videos into considerations. The videos that in my opinion that won are; creative, had good editing, and other great qualities that I felt helped Dreamscape grow. Bellow are the winners for the youtuber event and congratulations to all the winners! Another event will be hosted next month! 1st Prize Winner: ADDEX RSPS @addex 2nd Prize Winner: Pictures/Video RSPS @Video rsps 3rd Prize Winner: Maxas RSPS @Maxas All videos were taking into high consideration and was a very tough decision! Congrats to all the winners, Pm me on discord/forums it is the best way to contact me! As well for all people who participated in the event I have written down feedback for each video that was entered in the event. If you would like, personal message me on forums/discord/or ingame. To discuss how to make your channel grow, improve editing, descriptions and more. Im willing to work with all players, so please feel free to shoot me a message! And as always! DSGANG!
  3. Youtube event winners being picked! Stay tuned boys and girls!

  4. If you want to become a youtuber, personal message me on here, discord, or ingame. Remember to read the requirements under the other applications tab. The Requirements are pinned to the top!

  5. Awesome Lit as always guys. Dreamscape just up and coming and constantly giving back. Cheers Drax!
  6. Emperor Nick

    LIT BOIS CHECK IT OUT! Smoke UP Happy Holidays
  7. New Video Boys Check it out:


  8. If you have trouble, on video layouts. Or want to make dreamscape videos. Shoot me a PM on discord/forums/ingame. Im willing to help teach yall to edit in my free time!

  9. Emperor Nick

  10. Emperor Nick

    Aweeeee BOB I feel so loved! Much love homie thank you for the feedback!
  11. Emperor Nick

  12. Emperor Nick

    Awweeeeee I love you guys k33333
  13. Guys always remember staff feedback helps the staff as a whole come together and figure out issues we may be having and need to improve on, or just positive encouragement! Feel free to leave feedback :)

  14. Emperor Nick

    Thanks for the support man! Always Glad to help!
  15. Emperor Nick

    Glad you are Enjoying the server budy! Thanks for the awesome staff feedback! They are two great staff members!

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