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  1. GhostsBruh

    Congratulations man! I'll go for number 2,323. Good luck everyone!
  2. GhostsBruh

    Thanks everyone, I'm definitely humbled by all of your kind words! 
  3. GhostsBruh

    She definitely got her good looks from Mummy! She's way too beautiful to have my genes! @Wonder - We were never ready, Heidi was a surprise.. An amazing one, but still a surprise. I doubt you can ever be ready for a little'n!
  4. GhostsBruh

    We have called her Heidi :)  Thank you very much! I've never been happier!
  5. GhostsBruh

    Hey, guys! It's with great pleasure that I announce I'm back for a while. I took a break so that me and my girlfriend could prepare for a baby. She is now here so I'll be spending some more time online during my paternity leave from work, between the feeds, nappy changes and sleeping of course!   I'm aware that a good 80% of people aren't massively bothered about babies, even more so with a strangers... But here she is for those that are curious!  
  6. GhostsBruh

    Good work mate! Unlucky on the rares, but I'm sure you'll be doing more! Keep at it, good luck!

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