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  1. tyler97f

    Can we have a boss that has the chance of dropping fire capes? doing arcade with no stats is alittle hard lol
  2. tyler97f

    dude that looks great keep up the good work man❤️
  3. tyler97f

    I feel that the forums are always moving at a fast pace and im surprised that they keep up with it as fast as possible. There answers help new and old players as always. The forums don't go unanswered and Id give them 10/10 support.
  4. tyler97f

    Dear drax,(santa) I have been a good boy this year and would appreciate if you looked at my wishlist. 1. bronze helmet 2. monkey nuts x1 3. glock 4. dubbys favorite 5. turn the ownercape tradeable ❤️ Love tyler97f