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  1. tyler97f

    VOUCH, Extremely respectful and willing to go the extra mile. Very organized. I have spoken to him a couple times and he is very concerned about the wiki and how its running. 100% recommend him for the team.
  2. this looks dope guess whos changing stuff to inferno 😏😏😏
  3. tyler97f

    looks amazing keep doing great work and dreamscape will have to recruit you to there gfx team
  4. tyler97f

    post malone- sunflower is lit
  5. tyler97f

    extremely nice thank you for the constant updates
  6. tyler97f

    This could change early game for new players and make it more easier for these players to make a decent start and begin there long and fun journey in dreamscape.
  7. tyler97f

    I totally agree with this but also can see the devs point of view about our zone and what potential it has.
  8. tyler97f

    As you guys will notice i’m always looking for song ideas. lets get some posted in here so i can widen my song choices
  9. tyler97f

    it was one of the main reasons i stopped killing penguins is because there is too many people and not worth going into the instance.
  10. I’ve been doing a little research of my own because i did not enjoy farming alone. Best way to lose track of time and enjoy this nightmare of farming is with friends. Don’t forget to hop in a channel and make new ones because they might turn out to be interesting people. Staff are coming more frequently and making good memories and laughs with us❤️ Yeah you reading this come join us in discord when you see us and make a new friend.
  11. tyler97f

    nicely done <3
  12. tyler97f

    thank you for your time
  13. In-game Username: Tyler97f Forum Username: Tyler97f Discord Username: Tyler97f How old are you? 21 What is your current time zone? CST Have you ever been blocked from the wiki, or received any other infraction relating to DreamScape? Afk bossing Have you had any administrator or higher leadership experience with a wiki or other website (Forums, for example)? If so, provide what you did., I do not unfortunately. Write a brief introduction about yourself, both in-game and in real life. When considering what your desired position entails, what is your biggest strength? Your Biggest weakness? Today is a great example of how I help people and try my best to make people laugh. I will work hard to make sure the wiki is always updated as I do not have a lot else to do on my off days. I'm very dedicated when i'm given a task. I care way too much about this community and i want to help keep it up to date and good quality help. My weakness is i work too hard and use most my time helping people. Weakness is going to have to be not very good at farming on dreamscape and scared of dogs What has been your best moment in Dreamscape? Why is it your favorite? Doing events with the staff team will have to be the best moments as they go out of there way to help us and i really respect that. It made me want to help out and do something to help the community.
  14. tyler97f

    Where do i begin you guys have been doing such an amazing job since i joined in 2016. Ive watched the growth of the community and it would of never without new and old staff members dedicating there time. This is a judge free zone and you guys make sure we are treated like family. Honestly good job guys and i hope to Experience more good times with all of you❤️❤️❤️
  15. tyler97f

    Can we have a boss that has the chance of dropping fire capes? doing arcade with no stats is alittle hard lol