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  1. reckful7

    Thanks for the fast replies guys ❤️ Already feel welcome
  2. 1: I don't like it. Besides I don't think that will work with how often prices change. Besides I'm a mercher by heart. So that would kill me. 2: I like it, I never managed to buy the gloves since I got ultimate tribrid gloves way before I was able to buy those gloves. 3: I like the idea, but only if people are not able to bot there for a long period. So either make it timed instance, or add some anti-bot protection. 4: I agree, it needs changes. I'd say just make the key farming an instance aswell 5: Agreed 6: No opinion, I don't mind. 7: No, prices go up and down all the time. Eventually the expensive stone becomes a cheap stone and the other way around. (I don't mind if this would be an iron man only option tho) 8: Just like Treasure hunter the slayer keys dropped while on task is broken a/f There is no way in life you will ever get anything other than common slayer key (treasure hunter wise anything above lvl 1 chest) So yeah they need to increase chance of getting uncommon slayer key, and legendary slayer key.
  3. reckful7

    How's everyone doing these forums? I'm not really a forum using type of person. But maybe someone can convince me to join y'all here. I'm Reckful7 (real name Jasper, 25 years old from the Netherlands) I've started few years back but got bored of being poor and quit for a while. Now I'm back and building to become better. I'm glad to be active on this server. I see lots of nice people on here. Hope y'all are doing great today. I'll put on notifications to see if anyone replies 😄
  4. reckful7

    Damn I see some nice outfits here! Best of luck to y'all! This is my Death Bringer set up.

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