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  1. Very well done! Good use of colors and images. Very easy to follow!
  2. Like I've said before, I don't know you well, but just having the courage to put yourself out there and apologize shows improvement. So, good for you and sorry for losing your friend!
  3. Awesome! Sounds exciting! Looking forward to it! Yes instead of a set schedule even being notified in advance would help!
  4. Alongside of what Cooni and wonder said, I'm not suggesting such huge rewards but just providing examples. I literally jotted down the first things that came to my mind. Also, the set times being difficult on staff members is a valid point, maybe we can work around that somehow to afford them more flexibility.
  5. Wow! A huge blow to the community for sure! You have done so much for this sever and have been helpful and approchable! All my interactions with you have been extremely positive and you seem very humble and grounded. I don't know you personally but from what I hear you're only 17-18 years old. I see a bright future for you as you seem to have a very capable and entrepreneurial mind! I hope you get your real life situation settled and wish you nothing but the best and success! It was truly a pleasure to get to know you a little, even if it was pretty much on a superficial level! Best of luck! H
  6. I wanted to get opinions on it first to be honest, if this is even something people would be interested in and I like your idea about set times, maybe at like 7-8 in in AM or PM GMT time as a standard for like an hour at a time or something along that line. If enough people like this idea, maybe could be moved to suggestion. It's just because a lot of time people are waiting for donations and asking around and waiting, this way it takes the mystery out of that. Now of course the staff can run their specials like first to donate so and so gets their items tripled or whatever.
  7. I can't believe your patience to keep up the pvming. Congrats on the drops and keep these logs coming!! Good luck!
  8. Hello everyone, So I know people are always looking for the double and triple donations before they donate that way they can get the most for their Donations. This was suggested somewhere in the forums and I thought it was a great idea and wanted to get people's thoughts on it. Idea: Having a set schedule promotions, for example: Mon: All donations doubled (besides boxes) Tue: Extreme donor tripled Wed: Custom torvas tripled Thu: Buy ten boxes or more and get it doubled Fri: Donation goodiebag drawing. One or two items in the drawing, All donations over 25 get one draw, over 50
  9. I don't get all the coding and the technical stuff but the concept seems awesome. Great job!
  10. Congrats brother! That is also a goal of mine and man has it been a grind lol! I am at approximately 42k now, good luck this is an awesome achievement!
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