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  1. Only the Tip

    Abraham Lincoln meets Dreamscape; currently wondering what happened to the world he use to live in.. IGN: Only The Tip
  2. Only the Tip

  3. Only the Tip

    In-Game name: Only The Tip Name of Outfit: Metrosexual Warrior
  4. Only the Tip

    I chose this outfit due to my name and my favorite item in the game, Dubby Favorite. & I'd like to say thank you to Mirage for hosting this event and Good luck everyone! May the best outfit win!
  5. Only the Tip

    I'd like to start off of saying Hello Dreamscape community! I've been around for a little while but never made a complete commitment into joining the forums but today is the day.   A little about myself, I'm currently 17 years old and I am a senior in high school. I am a kind hearted person and I will always offer to help and give. I tend to get a little to passionate of a few subjects. I'm not afraid to speak my opinion either so if you want to have a little debate you know where to find me!   My hobbies include, Baseball, Netflix and of course partying. I love to do all three of these but what I do most is party because its uplifting and exciting.    You can catch me on the teamspeak or in game with a pm if you ever want to have a chat or anything!