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    thats hot
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  3. Looks Amazing!, might have to make me one :P
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    Hey Dreamers! So I am back with another suggestion that I think the Developers should implement to Dreamscape. Extreme Shop Revamp This is currently what the Extreme shop looks like. I think it should be updated to some cosmetics, PvM Armour and Weapons, Cash and the Lower Tier Boxes. Ownercape Shop The Ownercape shop has some unique items that the sponsors have to work for VIA PvMing. I think that should also be added to the Extreme Shop but with some decent/good items. Executive Shop The Executive shop has almost all the boxes in game and also expensive cosmetics which could be used for fasionscape or gambling. Shop In my opinion, the Extreme shop isn't comparable to the Ownercape Shop and the Executive shop because its way cheaper than both of them. But since the extreme donor ticket is 2-3q, the items in the shop aren't worth it. The daily rewards barely help out. I have gotten 2.5t cash, 2 super boxes, 20 mboxes and 2 chest keys. I think there should be more added to the daily reward or even change the daily rewards to something a little bit more in value. Bosses Currently, there are 4 Shadow Kings, 4 Icy Skeletons, 2 Phoenix, 2 Chaos Ele and a Sea Troll Queen. Since there are new bosses added to the game and the Ownercape Zone and Executive Zone has gotten a buff, I think some new bosses should get added to the Extreme Zone and possibly make an Extreme Zone 2. Extreme Zone 2 could have Oblivion Dragons(doesnt have to be that), Olaf, Chaos Ele, Necromancer, and more. Island/Skilling I think that the island should get a rework or possibly a Extreme Zone 2. It should be a mix of PvMing and Skilling. It would be unique since that will be the only zone in game that has a mix between them. There could be fishing, woodcutting (dream and lava trees), smithing and cooking. I think that revamping the whole extreme island will be cool and linking my ideas with yours will make it perfect for the Extreme Donators such as myself. AND ALSO REVAMP ALLLLLL THE DONOR SHOPS (Reg Donor, Super Donor) :D Thank you for taking the time to look at my suggestion for Revamping the Extreme Island and the Extreme Shop. #GiveGoldahAnAverysRing #FreeVl0ne #DSGANG #BlackGang
  5. ============================================================= Hey Dreamers! I'm sure some of you guys know that I want the Avery's Ring from ;;joinraid2 I wanted you guys to guess what kill count I would be getting my Averys Ring at! That is my current Kill Count without an Avery's Ring is 6039. What Kill Count do you think I will get the ring at? Hopefully I get it soon Have a good day Dreamers! #DSGANG #GoldahNeedsOwnercape #GoldahNeedsAverysRing =============================================================
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    -In game name. Goldah -Game Time Played. 126:16:34 -Reason why you want to join this clan. Im Black I always grind every boss, i have 50k+ magegray killed and 4.5k Raid2 kills
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    Congrats to the winners and all the contestants <3 Much Love!!
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  11. Litty Litty! Cant wait for the next one!!@@
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    ayeeee Congrats to all Winners!!
  13. I am going to become a LEGEND:D




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