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  1. Goldah

    RIGGED I SHOULD OF BEEN BEST PVMER I jk, congrats to all!!
  2. this boi right here is the reason why i joined teamspeak LMAO and he named me Goldfish then the TokenBlackGuy ;)

    I will always remember Potentials AKA Lays chips

    1. Potentials


      U make me a moist chip tok  ;)

  3. im about to get bonk IGN Goldah
  4. so i had a chance at oc, and it got taken away from me

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    2. Goldah


      @YCGamezhe put the donation on his name instead of mine by accident, and he has 2 ocs now and i have 0 still lmao

    3. rhys/chris
    4. YCGamez
  5. Goldah

    IGN Goldah
  6. Goldah

    Thats hot. U gotta make me one
  7. Goldah

    ayeeeeee thanks bois! #GRIND
  8. Goldah

    YCGamez dont even game, he aint got no game IRL or Ingame (nerd) which is why he still single and Vaider should change his name to Master Bater cause thats all he do now a days. K3
  10. Goldah

    I support this a lot We need some mid tier offhands VOUCH