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  1. 992

    Before September.
  2. 992

    Give it to me.
  3. 992

    1. I'd like to see a cape for every rank available. 2. More zones with mini bosses (not paying cash if you're donator +) 2. Zone with penguins in NON multicombat. Because right now all high level players (or with good weapons) train there and if you're lower level its harder).
  4. 992

    Username: GivegoodRank In-game: Extreme DonatorProof (screenshot):
  5. 992

  6. 992

  7. 992

    Very jealous.. Amazing job!
  8. Recovering from surgery

    1. Tyrant


      Goodluck, stay tough!

  9. 992

    Bryan, thank you for being part of the community. You did enough for us, you will be missed and I hope you will go after your goals in life. Be safe and we will ever meet again.
  10. 992

    Hello @M4Nation! Welcome to this server. I'll hope i see you in game sometimes! Do you play FIFA on computer or other platform?
  11. 992

    Welcome to the server man! ill hope you enjoy it.
  12. 992

    Hello my fellow dreamscapers! I was gone for like over a year, but i'm BACK. Some might know me from the dicing games I used to de A-LOT, haha! I will be back in short time, can't wait to host some funny things again! I will see you all in-game, Regards, 992.
  13. 992

    Congratz to the promoted players! Keep going!
  14. Back at the game!