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  1. I think a guide many people have been searching, we just hyping it up to get it back on top. Nice work of you and bodhi.. keep it up want to see more of those.. Kindest regards, Hardcore v2
  2. Heey there! I've been here for few years and had goals on and off Right now my goal is to work for the 100% on mydrops ingame. Kindest regards, Hardcore v2
  3. heey Paulinso! You can always shoot me a pm, whilst grinding. Your goal is the same i'm doing right now Hope to see u grind along a long time. Kindest regards, Hardcore v2
  4. Insane update! time to grind more exe zone! Keep up the good work! kindest regards, Hardcore v2
  5. Huge Vouch for these ideas! Its great to get some updates on that executive raids and the suggestions! Nice thread Kindest Regards, Hardcore v2
  6. Welcome back to the amazing server! If you need any help let me know ingame. Feel free to ask around Have a nice stay Kindest regards, Hardcore v2
  7. Amazing guide! Needed this since i recently came back! Time to try it out Keep making these kind of guides! Kindest regards, Hardcore v2
  8. Looks Amazing the update! Keep grinding those updates! Kindest regards, Hardcore v2
  9. Sadly i'm not in your crew, things have to change so i can get a spot in your crew. Nice crew tho Kindest regards, Hardcore v2
  10. Hey dreamers, I'll keep it short. A long time ago i joined this amazing server. It gave me great memories. but after a long time of playing dreamscape. I lost my interest and its time to take a break. I'll hop by some now and then. But for now my time has come. Kindest regards, Hardcore v2
  11. Today after a long long time of being in the wilderniss. Alot of kills, alot of almost death situations. It happened, i reached over a 200 killstreak. I'll plan on more goals in the wilderniss. Kindest regards, Hardcore v2
  12. Its sad to you go my friend. I'll wait on your return. Goodluck. Kindest regards, Hardcore v2
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