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  1. stromy

    in game name: stromy rank in game: sponsor proof:: i cannot seem to up load pictures for some reason says max total size 0.03mb. i can post in discord if that helps
  2. stromy

  3. stromy

    good idea on a swap of items, same drops are kinda lame for irons since there is no risk here
  4. stromy

    so i was thinking with all the changes that have been happening, some bosses just are not worth the points that slayer gives out for killing (aka corp in my current task) i dont have points to skip, and even with good gear takes along time to kill. i have no points to skip, my change i was thinking of is to make skipping task take money or another way of payment to skip, or at least a lower amount. im sponsor and dont even get 100 points per task completed
  5. have no fear! storm is here! immm back!
  6. hey everyone! hows it been going?! i have not forgotten about dreamscape! still in the process of moving everything from wisconsin to georgia! jan 3rd everything should be done and ill be back!
    1. Env1ed


      Hey, we've been pretty amazing. It's christmas here at the moment, so come back soon! All the best stranger, take care ;P
    2. GingerSnap
    3. Chuck


      Stormy miss ya mate come back bro :D
  7. with recent rl events i will be not active as much. i will be working mad hours to train some new workers before the big move to georgia!
    1. Wowz


      Goodluck stormy thanks for letting us know! :)
  8. stromy

    keep up the awesome workings guys! this server is amazing. and its getting better every day