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  1. Pickick

    Hey thanks for the replies all! Gonna try to answer each comment. Bowzah: I did disable my anti-virus to play it since I have the error. I'm gonna try the cache thing, hope it works! I'm gonna try to send a support ticket ChilladinYT: I don't have to try re-installing my anti-virus, I changed my pc since then and I have the same issue. I tried to allow the program but it won't work. Outbreak: same answer as above xD Guru: I tried allowing it, no results. I also tried different downloads, same results too... Edit: I can't seem to access the support board lol... throws me to a 404 page... Any links to send a ticket? xD
  2. Pickick

    Yeah I know that, the problem is that I can't make the anti-virus know that the program is safe, I need to completely deactivate my anti-virus, then open the game, then re-activate it to play, wich is a big deal for me... I just wanna play without any problems xD
  3. Hi, I've been trying to come back to the server for a couple of weeks, but I've always failed due to my antivirus blocking the opening of the server. I'll explain. As I said before, it's been a few weeks since my anti-virus is blockig the game from loading. I've never encountered this problem with the server before. It may have started after a server or anti-virus update, I don't really know why/when. The only way I could play the server is bydisabling my anti-virus first btw. I tried allowing the application to be opened in the settings of my anti-virus but with no avail. I even tried to send the info the the company for it to check if it is a safe program but I didn't get any results there too. I'm trying to figure out why this happens, and I would like to play the server. I'm putting here an image of the notification when I try to open the client (I know it's in french, so I'll put a translation) Threat removed. A threat (blocked) has been found while Java attempted to access a website (dl.dreamscape317.et) Anyone has an idea how to resolve this issue? I'd be glad to know there's a way to play again :D