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  1. lastchancer

    welcome back Bro 😂
  2. lastchancer

    at the bottom of the chat box there’s toggles for what you’d specifically like to view, (all,game,public,private,clan,trade) If you don’t want to see kill counts just switch to a different tab, I don’t see an issue with this 🤔
  3. lastchancer

    T bows actually already in game I’ve never personally seen one though. ::compare - Twisted bow you can see it in gear viewer to
  4. lastchancer

    LMFAOOOO I remember these guys poor souls all of em are gone except big boys
  5. lastchancer

  6. lastchancer

    Another great guide CJ.💯
  7. lastchancer

    So you’re basically suggesting something along the lines of World of Warcraft? A party system that allows loot sharing and team work? Combo spells? What is this Runescape? Jk I vouch tho I like this idea
  8. lastchancer

    The support system exists the way it does for a reason. There’s no need to go pointlessly changing it just because your feeling impatient. Also like @regis said someone could get your email what then? Our support system is secure.
  9. lastchancer


    This already exists. It’s called a recolor ticket.
  10. lastchancer

    @Filth Explode how 😂
  11. lastchancer

    @Flamekiller You'd kill yourself 😨🤯 I'd pull a Keanu Reeves and matrix my way out 🤣
  12. lastchancer

    Similar to AskReddit, Dreamers can post an open-ended question in the comments, and players can reply by @'ing the player and/or quoting the question they want to respond to. It can be about anything, not just Ds related. I'll start, What would you do if you found out you've been living in a simulation this whole time?
  13. lastchancer

  14. lastchancer