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  1. until

    ya yeet lets get this bread
  2. Death Begins

    this thread is interesting
  3. Great guide. helpful for new players
  4. until

    ya yeet
  5. until

    ya yeet
  6. Death Begins

    congrats homie!
  7. until

    ya yeet
  8. Death Begins

    awesome update keep up the good work!
  9. a beautiful day am I right?

  10. Death Begins

    glad to hear that bro! keep on grinding
  11. until

    chucks events op
  12. Death Begins

    I agree that there should be some added features to help make things worth the grind i.e being able to swap dream pieces instead of having to get 10 helms and no body.
  13. Death Begins

    It would take a fair amount of time to make a new boss and a whole new set of customs for said "box" however its not a terrible idea, thank you for the suggestion!

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