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  1. Best Position for ya man nothing but a good honest helpful friend since we met ,Gz brother earned it 100%

  2. Dreamscapes the place to be!

  3. BlackJack Table disappearing when I Dc'd against Td Nessan hopefully I get my table back and they fix the glitch! 😞 😕 

  4. Yo bro "CHECK YOUR PM!!!!


  5. YO are u still playing bro I haven't been on in 3 years I was trying to find you in the game I found "Jason" The admin and thought it was you ahah pm me

  6. DD How you been brother, haven't seen you since we used to play to hc richie

  7. YOOO BRRRROOOOOO I HAVENT BEEN ON IN 3 YEARS!!  I was going through the bottom to see the recently online players and I seen you were online in the last 24 hours, throw me a Private message bro its been a while

    1. Zulrak


      yea i popped in time to time but i could never get the client to work. till today xD right now im trying to recover my accounts, i am on a Comp account called lycaon right now.

  8. Irrelevent

    I know we've had our differences in the many months we've known each other but I'm happy to call you my friend and I'm sorry to hear that your leaving I wish you the best of luck in your life take care of yourself man
  9. Irrelevent

    Really interesting, glad to see you guys are having some fun with the dreamers weekly, can't wait for the next one!