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  1. id rather put pineapple on pizza than have white fourms >:c

  2. akaReplays

    Hello Dreamscape,  Its Been So Long Ago When I Started Here December 7TH If You Remember A Little Tiny Account Named Foxed You Will Know, But I Quit Came Back In April or so Bye Dreamscape...Bye Thanks to all of the staff and players to help me get here
  3. akaReplays

    Ahh Gz Everybody that was promoted most of all CONGRATULATIONS TO THE BIG MAN   Brezel  I do believe hard work was put into this rank, and was deservered   GZ To  SDP and  Redaeran on their donation manager ranks,  Redaeran a hard working man a amazing stripper, nipple rubber and an amazing player   SDP I have never seen you on dreamscape, but no insult congrats on youre new rank! I think you will do good things with it :)  Potentials Our new gamble manager, helped me in dicing situations and really is helpful in dicezone, active and think he could do a good job catching scammers, giving ranks, and being a good guy,                                              GZ TO ALL OF OUR NEW STAFF AND STAY DREAMING
  4. akaReplays

    Great FeedBack,  And GRATS! to all of our new staff members, and our staff promotions, some of these people really fit into their rank You all earned it, and you deserve it :)
  5. akaReplays

    Hello Dreamers, today i will be requesting something called the "Starter Store"  It will be an addition that contains good starter items like  DeathCapes 50 Points TorvaBox     85 Points DragonBone "Melee" Box 105 Points Sicle 175 Points                                                      "Note" If Wanted To ANYTHING in here can be tinkered  Monkey Lover 70 Points                                                  With Like The Costs And The Point Drops Ring Of Wealth 25 Points How do you obtain these items? Well, It can be added to ::Train, there you can find "Pikachu, Luigi, Charmander, Thugbob, BarrelChest, And A Penguin, The Penguin will not give any points due to the penguins at ::Mbox, But Heres What The Others will give "Points Wise" Pikachu - 1 Point Luigi - 2 Points Charmander - 3 Points Thugbob - 4 Points BarrelChest - 5 Points                          I Hope This Will Be Added, Good Luck Dreamers, I miss you DreamScape, Bye!  
  6. akaReplays

    GZ i see that your ownerscape and ROW I get along
  7. akaReplays

    @Gainz good idea, maybe there shouldnt be a boss dropping am torva, maybe it could have some other drops, i just dont want to waste the devs time :P
  8. Hello, Dreamscape!!!, today i want to request a new boss for extreme donor, theres a donor boss, super, but wheres the extreme? What the possible bosses could be are, Abby Sire, Cerberus , Chaos Finatic, But Heres For NORMAL players, i didnt forget about you :D, we could add some of some of the fun bosses like Arraxor, Barrows Rise Of Six,  The Drops can drop some of the customs, like arraxor can drop something like a Ice katana / a ultra rare drop of some american torva peices, barrows rise of six, could drop a baby barrows brother, with a drop rate of +5%, i hope you devs like it!   BTW, the reason that it should drop am peices is because of AM peices can olny be dropped from SMBS as far as i know, so i think it would be good for some people to get out there kill arraxor is because am peices are good, and we need a boss to drop it
  9. After 317 (Dreamscape317) kills on magegray i have to recieve NO soulflare... im getting unlucky... i need your guys help.. you must all throw your luck at me...        At 600 Killcount another post will be made but now im grinding grinding hard... for that soulflare that everyone has nowadays getting on 10, 15, 73 kc... K3 dreamers K3
  10. akaReplays

    Wow, If olny XD 1705 kc and no chain grats on this!
  11. akaReplays

    i didnt think i was gonna get this XD i was like, lol kangaroo... or phoenix... very rare comeon... -BANDOS- but its ok 
  12.  Great Time Akare... :D
  13. Hello Dreamers, Today I Set A Goal, My Third Ultra Rare, SOULFLARE!!              I have been hunting soulflare for weeks, AND Yesterday on the 16th i decided, i really want one bad now :P, and now its begins, i have a MONTH to get this soulflare and if i dont... Im quitting... Jasst Kidding im never quitting thi... well you never know, but today i stand proud at magegrays, slaying slashing, for my 3RD ultra rare...... SoulFlare GL me and dream on 

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