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  1. Xtra25

    well ermmmm didnt see this coming haha, probably because i go till im either cleaned or someone else is haha
  2. until

    i came 😄
  3. Xtra25

    Username:xtraRank In-game: executiveProof (screenshot)
  4. Xtra25

    nice guide, even though ive been apart of ds for 5 and a bit years, i still have to think to my self how am i gonna make those few extra mil
  5. Xtra25

    congratz to those who won, nice to see events like this 😄 can never complain about chance at winning something cool
  6. Xtra25

    well i hate to say it but looks like you've got more luck than me... im about 2000 dry haha. lets keep it up see how many kills you can get
  7. Xtra25

    nice idea, wouldnt really affect me too much because i do not play iron man or do not really have much interest in playing it, but im sure there is a lot that would be
  8. Xtra25

    nice to see all this, now i know how unlucky im getting with all the items i thought were rare xD
  9. kinda makes me want to stop putting money into my cars and get my plat sorted haha
  10. Plenty of interesting updates for me to come back to, been on a break for a while while i was getting my drag car sorted, it is now on the last few stages of going together so ill be back to try out some of the new content
  11. Xtra25

    really looking forward to seeing what the items are :D
  12. Xtra25

    If anyone can rebuild that amount it would be you and of course doing it in style
  13. Xtra25

    holy.... gratz man :D
  14. Xtra25

    aha yess congratulations man :) long time coming :P looking forward  to seeing you at ::ownercape pvming :P

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