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  1. Hc Fanteria

    IGN: Hc Fanteria
  2. Hc Fanteria

    Really loving these, looking forward to seeing these penguins ingame!
  3. 1. New minigames 2. New bosses 3. New Raids 4. Revamping old content 5. New Skills 6.New beginner content 7.New beginner gear and weapons 8. New end game gear and weapons 9. Donator Content 10. Quests
  4. Hc Fanteria

    Username: Hc FanteriaRank In-game: ExecutiveProof (screenshot):
  5. Hc Fanteria

    Pvm god as your title says.
  6. Hc Fanteria

    Jesus christ.
  7. Hc Fanteria

    Username: Hc Fanteria Rank In-game: Sponsor Proof (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/a5cf110df8f96ad02cd784c9fde7f106
  8. Hc Fanteria

    Good luck for the rest of the kills. IGN: Hc Fanteria
  9. Hc Fanteria

    When an ironman is richer than you. Nice bank you got there.
  10. Hc Fanteria

    Thanks for the updates! Hopefully to see more activity at Castle wars.
  11. Hc Fanteria

    That is an huge achievement! Congratulations on 200 days playtime and I would like to choose number 157.
  12. Hc Fanteria

    Even thought I basically have quit the server, I still liked you a lot as a staff member (You even made me get extreme donator in a hide and seek event and I will never forget that). Thanks for your time @Licky, hope you had great time and you will be missed!

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