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  1. lukethesick

    I agree with hardcore biceps idea with the idea they said "I feel like it needs to be a little more generalized. I personally feel like there should be points given to players who vote. For Example, a vote point for each book you open. With this said, then there would be a voting rewards shop with maybe a new pet, boxes, etc. the items were revamped recently and are better than before. However, I agree, my first priority is not voting at the moment due to the lack of reward." with that said i do believe less people are voting and that isn't helping the server get out there even more than it can, with just a few more things added to the voting system within the game it could add more benefits to the voting and starter players.
  2. lukethesick

    I think that you should update the vote books to give upto date gear and better rewards for new players and old players, i believe less people are voting because the rewards aint as great anymore.