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  1. Pvm Pvm

    Yea I would to see this but I'd rather have it for the time spent instead of post count since it would have a huge amount of people with vet rank ingame maybe like 2 years or more signed up on forums maybe?
  2. Pvm Pvm

    bruh this would be badass I would love to see this happen. VOUCH
  3. Pvm Pvm

    I agree this would be very helpful especially with the asiimov as it should be buffe VOUCH
  4. Awesome updates everytime
  5. Pvm Pvm

    It's a shame that youre all bots made to make this look like a real game smh
  6. Pvm Pvm

    Who will win this game of games
  7. Pvm Pvm

    How do I get to ::starterboss?
  8. Pvm Pvm

    Haha can't wait to get a pick on that goodiebag sorry jardon #TeamDrax
  9. Pvm Pvm

    Ohhhhh man I would love for this to happen maybe a majoras mask too hehe huge ass VOUCH from me
  10. As I am not too confident in making a suggestion for this weapon to have stats I have decided for this to be a cosmepic that can change how it looks like how the morph ring can change your appearance. As there are many weapons I believe making a morph weapon #1 and #2. As I have not had too many ideas for all the weapons that should be included please comment some weapons that you think would be nice along with your feedback. Down below are some weapons that I believe should be included. Minigun Golden minigun Soulflare/sf u Longclaw Golden AK Maul of omens Khiones Oblivion scythe Ice katana/golden katana Electric katana AND MORE
  11. Pvm Pvm

    If you could have one superpower what would it be?
  12. If you could choose 1 anime world to live in for the rest of your life what would you choose. What is your most embarrassing moment that involves anime?
  13. Pvm Pvm

    I would love to see this happen since I usually just chuck items into my pos and forget what I put in there //VOUCH//