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  1. Awesome updates everytime
  2. Pvm Pvm

    It's a shame that youre all bots made to make this look like a real game smh
  3. Pvm Pvm

    Who will win this game of games
  4. Pvm Pvm

    How do I get to ::starterboss?
  5. Pvm Pvm

    Haha can't wait to get a pick on that goodiebag sorry jardon #TeamDrax
  6. Pvm Pvm

    If you could have one superpower what would it be?
  7. If you could choose 1 anime world to live in for the rest of your life what would you choose. What is your most embarrassing moment that involves anime?
  8. Pvm Pvm

    I would love to see this happen since I usually just chuck items into my pos and forget what I put in there //VOUCH//
  9. Pvm Pvm

    Holy hell this huge man nicely done too gl in the future on drops!
  10. Pvm Pvm

    Middle one is from game of thrones tywin lannister "What do we say to the Lord of Death?' 'Not today." Syrio Forel
  11. Pvm Pvm

  12. Pvm Pvm

    9/10 He's great in bed
  13. Pvm Pvm

    Let's just agree to disagree everyone here is a trap
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