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  1. Park0ur

    Nice loots! im supprised you didnt get more troll items (magic logs, raw rocktail, ect.) but still no blk flowers :'( rip It'll also be nice to see if you can find any of the 'secret' loots that we apparently havent found yet!
  2. Park0ur

    Congratulations to all the staff and new helpers! Glad to see everyone getting rewarded for their hard work!
  3. Park0ur

    Love to see skulking getting more attention in this update! Great work again guys!
  4. Park0ur

    Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! Congrats on the achievement too. ;)
  5. Park0ur

    Congrats on the posts! Loved both of the videos and songs, the claymation one was just the right amount of dark for me :)
  6. Geeez! This is absolutely insane!!! I was on when it happened but didn't actually realize what had happened. I need to find this Scammery and have him run off some of that sweet sweet luck on me!
  7. Park0ur

    I absolutely LOVE this update, I'm personally a big fan of skulking so seeing more added to that part of Dreamscape is a big plus for me :) 10/10 on this one boys!
  8. Park0ur

    I love the idea of this, especially the idea of a 'fast' mage weapon, I think it would add a lot to the server  :blink:
  9. Park0ur

    Oh god, this sounds like it would be the death of me, but i actually kind of like these horror stories of when something new comes out. I feel the unite the community in a certain way, and its also something you can say you've been a part of. I've had my fair share of glitched clues as well, but luckily i haven't gotten an invisible one yet *crossing fingers*   Also, thanks @Tyrant for the update! Good to know that we have such a wonderful and active development team :D
  10. Park0ur

    Awesome guide @Searwen! Love the Ctrl+F capability, and the pictures are tons of help. Now just waiting for the few glitched ones to be patched so I can really start farming these bad boys :D   Edit: Also wanted to note that the clue where you need to equip a sicle and rainbow wings, then salute at ::flamekings is glitched. (This is only in my experience, haven't had anyone else confirm this one yet.)   Edit #2: Also just found a misstype @Searwen, The anagram "Kid Dom" is actually "Kid Mom"