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  1. Dreamz40

    Love the dreamers Monthly!
  2. Dreamz40

    Thanks a million man- this is so AWESOME!!! HYPE!!!! Very much a happy customer
  3. Dreamz40

    Thanks for looking into these bugs! A doodle's raider set looks EPIC!
  4. Every update gets better and better!! New Graphical update on Diablo is LITTTTT!!!! Hype train on the emperor ring health buff too- recommend everyone to get it as soon as possible (the next op item with every update) ! :) Those BFG Customs, what up!!!! Thanks staff for the hard work and dedication to the community! Mad luv and respect as always! Warmest Regards, Dreamz40
  5. Remarkable work- always above and beyond each and every update! Scavenger skill is so much fun. Appreciative, Dreamz40
  6. Dreamz40

    Another amazing way to give back to the players and great added value all around- thanks Drax and staff! Aspiring to being in the group, and in person USA trip would be legit!!! As always, stay fresh and awesome- loving the new update as well. Humbly, Dreamz40
  7. Dreamz40

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