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  1. Dreamz40

    Awesome to see these rates, thanks Cjbear! I remember back in the day (2015-2016)- Anytime you entered a zone, the "x in ##### drop" would show in the game text. Would be another great addition with above transparency!
  2. INCREDIBLE UPDATE CJBEAR!!! Appreciative of these transparent updates! Thanks again!
  3. Thank you CJbear and Dev. team for this remarkable transparency, and your continuous dedication to drive content growth! Your efforts do not go unnoticed, and are greatly appreciative by #DSGANG #Platgang #Planknation. I send my sincerest gratitude to everything you do! HYPE TRAIN for this announcement, and this opens to the door to even more amazing things to come in time.. Much respect! Stay INCREDIBLE!
  4. Dreamz40

    Till we see each other again Mr. Joez! Wishing you only the best in life, and prosperous success with every opportunity upon the horizon. Much luv and respect brotha, take care! Feel free to reach out anytime hoomie- the dms always open.
  5. Amazing update- so pumped to start working on that Easter quest!!!
  6. So excited that I am at x2 plat membership as I am over $10k donated !! Keep rolling out these juicy crates! Thx bois!!
  7. Keep up the great work CJBear and Staff team- looking forward to the future updates even more! HYPE! Humbly, Dreamz40
  8. Dreamz40

    IGN: Dreamz40 Hola, Como Esta! I say Kanichi Wa! ICE ICE BABY! HAVE A REMARKABLE DAY EVERYONE!
  9. Thank you Cjbear for hearing us out on the Elo and this is a great compliment making Elo even more incredible then before. Awesome that Shadow Pet has a buff too
  10. Hello CJbear and staff, Although, I believe there to be some promising updates within this thread for new players- new minigame/new player improvement support/some money sinks for the eco/new Battlepass uniqueness. Personally, I am still iffy on enchantments as I have seen other RSPS utilize this approach, then flop with certain limitations of growth further on items-nonetheless, if one server can do it, Dreamscape can (best wishes!)! Though, one specific thing that really grinds my gears...ELO/DMG Reduction. Humbly vocalizing my deep disappointment on the ELO/Dmg reduction...Respectfully, Elo was a fun way to drive folks further to play daily, and gave a competitive edge for those dedication on logging consistently (getting those 100 kill gainz). Additionally, some plat crates were previously awarded some extra ELO + perk was 2% faster, which is frustrating as these perks are now voided in essence per to the nerf as there is a cap (please see below)... Context: Quite honestly, Elo was already nerfed within Raids/turtles alone (if anyone checked their stats after doing one raid/they would see their stats reset to normal--this was never fixed as noted). Secondly, Elo allowed a competitive advantage and extra initiative to PVM further working on specific bosses where this perk was not nerfed (arcade/strykewryms/standard slayer). Kindly a better approach should have been increasing the cap of 1% elo--- maybe to 500 or 1,000 npc kills daily? Or More? All due respect, I strongly do not like the justification of reducing ELO (do not fix what is not broken). Those whom grinded out and reaped the enjoyment of this expectation of higher DMG output are now left in disarray. **If you ask me, I do not seek to PVM again, and will just be walking around talking to people going forward. God bless the direction of DS, not a fan of this decision + makes my custom set essentially useless without the added Expected DMG output support with it (I know a few people can speak to this as well). Thanks for hearing me out... my best wishes as always, and really hope ELO/DMG output decision is reverted or taken into further consideration.
  11. Thanks Cjbear and team for this plat crate-this was a very well designed one. Custom Scrolls/useful items to be used in daily game play, so very much appreciated! Humbly, Dreamz40
  12. BIG Fan of this update- thanks CJbear and staff! Looking forward to the future ones, and holiday ones around the corner!
  13. I like the ELO gainz, but not the reset... Also, game on @808raptor on Arcade !!! LOL
  14. Dreamz40

    Sexy Update- huge support! Great work staff team!
  15. Dreamz40

    Ingame Name: Dreamz40 ---- hoping I can make it during lunch for this LIT event!

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