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  1. BIG Fan of this update- thanks CJbear and staff! Looking forward to the future ones, and holiday ones around the corner!
  2. I like the ELO gainz, but not the reset... Also, game on @808raptor on Arcade !!! LOL
  3. Dreamz40

    Sexy Update- huge support! Great work staff team!
  4. Dreamz40

    Ingame Name: Dreamz40 ---- hoping I can make it during lunch for this LIT event!
  5. Dreamz40

    ***Lovely walks on the beach till you truly knows what Roids thinks! 😞Heartbroken- hopes and dreamz lost... bby come back!!! What Roids does not know is... Alpha is on one of those boats off in the distance @izuchi @Alpha01
  6. Dreamz40

    Fantastic idea- would be great if they can expedite the rates on deaths of npc. Awesome recommendation for quality of life update. 100% Support
  7. Juicy juicy- that rainbow minigun = pure sexiness! Appreciate it y'all!
  8. Dreamz40

    Mr. Papi Mambo- YUMBO Drax, Within this time, it has been an honor seeing DS grow with you leading the co-owner role, and your amazing dedication served within Discord/Forums/Ingame Content/Behind the scenes future content... the list goes on and on! As a community, we are blessed and incredibly thankful for your attention to detail and humble support day-in, and day out, especially when you knock out over 1000s of discord pms! Meeting you on the plat trip further gave me a perspective into your passion-development/impeccable modeler work (very excited to see the future items/ingame content shine out even further-you are da bomb dot com in this department). Looking forward to our future plat think tanks with the man, Mr. DS himself... the Brilliant, inspiring Drax! Best wishes on your future law endeavors, you are gonna straight dominate in the field! Much love and respect, and a cheers goes out to you man! Warmest Regards, Dreamz40, aka the uber plat nub
  9. Endless Arcade grind is real--- Wave 100 is insane!!! Gonna get it, gootta keep going ! Thanks again Drax and staff for your dedication on this update!
  10. Dreamz40

    Thanks Staff for your attention to detail on this resolution and taking action! We shall see when the server comes back, and all the efforts with your host are greatly appreciative !!! Stay amazing as always!!!
  11. Dreamz40

    Remarkable guide for new players, and really well developed. Tremendous support and thanks! Stay awesome man!
  12. Sexy as always, thanks again Drax!
  13. AMAZING WORK AS ALWAYS!! So excited to see some of those think tank plat and staff ideas come alive!!!
  14. Dreamz40

    This is awesome! Gotta get that NITRO life!!!
  15. AMAZING update as always Dev team, thanks for your support and dedication! Keep up the terrific work!