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  1. INCREDIBLE UPDATE CJBEAR!!! Appreciative of these transparent updates! Thanks again!
  2. Till we see each other again Mr. Joez! Wishing you only the best in life, and prosperous success with every opportunity upon the horizon. Much luv and respect brotha, take care! Feel free to reach out anytime hoomie- the dms always open.
  3. Amazing update- so pumped to start working on that Easter quest!!!
  4. Keep up the great work CJBear and Staff team- looking forward to the future updates even more! HYPE! Humbly, Dreamz40
  5. IGN: Dreamz40 Hola, Como Esta! I say Kanichi Wa! ICE ICE BABY! HAVE A REMARKABLE DAY EVERYONE!
  6. Thank you Cjbear for hearing us out on the Elo and this is a great compliment making Elo even more incredible then before. Awesome that Shadow Pet has a buff too
  7. Hello CJbear and staff, Although, I believe there to be some promising updates within this thread for new players- new minigame/new player improvement support/some money sinks for the eco/new Battlepass uniqueness. Personally, I am still iffy on enchantments as I have seen other RSPS utilize this approach, then flop with certain limitations of growth further on items-nonetheless, if one server can do it, Dreamscape can (best wishes!)! Though, one specific thing that really grinds my gears...ELO/DMG Reduction. Humbly vocalizing my deep disappointment on the ELO/Dmg reduc
  8. BIG Fan of this update- thanks CJbear and staff! Looking forward to the future ones, and holiday ones around the corner!
  9. I like the ELO gainz, but not the reset... Also, game on @808raptor on Arcade !!! LOL
  10. Dreamz40


    Sexy Update- huge support! Great work staff team!
  11. Ingame Name: Dreamz40 ---- hoping I can make it during lunch for this LIT event!
  12. ***Lovely walks on the beach till you truly knows what Roids thinks! 😞Heartbroken- hopes and dreamz lost... bby come back!!! What Roids does not know is... Alpha is on one of those boats off in the distance @izuchi @Alpha01
  13. Fantastic idea- would be great if they can expedite the rates on deaths of npc. Awesome recommendation for quality of life update. 100% Support
  14. Endless Arcade grind is real--- Wave 100 is insane!!! Gonna get it, gootta keep going ! Thanks again Drax and staff for your dedication on this update!
  15. Thanks Staff for your attention to detail on this resolution and taking action! We shall see when the server comes back, and all the efforts with your host are greatly appreciative !!! Stay amazing as always!!!
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