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  1. AWESOME WORK! Continues to separate DS from any other servers- keep up the amazing work y'all! Looking forward to using.
  2. Dreamz40

    Congrats everyone!!!!!
  3. WOW!!! Another insanely spicy update- can't wait to farm for those new items!!! Thanks again bois for the hard work- love the plat prayers too!!! Thanks a million, Dreamz40
  4. Dreamz40

    HYPE!!!! So pumped for this loot box--- Infinity Aura, my dream!!! Thanks again, very much looking forward to see what is in those Tactical boxes and in the Infinity Chest as well, more suspense Greatly appreciative, stay awesome and fresh as always!!! Warmest Regards, Dreamz40
  5. Dreamz40

    So fresh and so clean!! Freeze by the Dreamz! Gl everyone
  6. Looking forward to this one-- going to try to make it!! Sound exciting!! Appreciative, Dreamz40
  7. Dreamz40

    Username: Dreamz40Rank In-game: Platinum RankProof (screenshot): https://gyazo.com/8d882c26ca72ced78173eb15fd158a6a
  8. Another impeccable update--- keep being amazing with the updates! Very pumped for the new code key and dsgo items!!!
  9. Dreamz40

    Congrats Bodhi--- very impressive, especially the prestige part of achievements! Great work man- keep being awesome!
  10. HYPE, AND SO MUCH VALUE!!! A truly remarkable, once in a lifetime trip with the DSGANG fam. Super pumped to meet the legendary staff and plat champs! DSGANG for life, and shout out to those sexy #planknation folks that may be there too! Thanks, see everyone soon!!! Appreciative, Dreamz40 P.S. Also, Drax- that calendar better be extra spicy . Chuck- looking forward to kicking back a cold one with you brotha!
  11. Will not be able to make this one (work)- wishing everyone the best though!!!
  12. Another sexy update staff- keep up the amazing work!!! Especially like that Icy Glaive Off-hand Job (I wonder whom donated for that custom-teeeheee). Stay Fresh, and classy bois!! Warmest Appreciation, Dreamz40
  13. Dreamz40

    Love the dreamers Monthly!
  14. Dreamz40

    Thanks a million man- this is so AWESOME!!! HYPE!!!! Very much a happy customer
  15. Dreamz40

    Thanks for looking into these bugs! A doodle's raider set looks EPIC!