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  1. Solar Flare

    the fk is that trash? use this.
  2. Solar Flare

    Ty for the amazing love and support you two <3
  3. Solar Flare

    I started doing these project about 1 year ago. Even since I found Dreamscape I loved the concept of custom models and the ability to create whatever you want. With the loads of free time I had I was able to sharpen my skills and I'm extremely proud to show you the outcome of 1 years worth of work. It's not anywhere near perfect or professional, but its good enough for me (for now). The comments and feedback is really what kept me going, for all you guys that supported my work gave me the drive to continue. Had it been any different I doubt I would be here at this stage today, Thank you for your kind word and support <3 Here's whats poppin these days: (All made by scratch, outlines images were used) + loads more. Here are the shameful trash models I had starting out: I think everyone should give modelling a go. It's great fun and amazing to see what creativity dwells within you.
  4. Solar Flare

    We do like the stars in the solar system and plan it out ;( Ty for your amazing service, buddy boi <3
  5. Solar Flare

    I voted no because I dont want anyone to steal you from me
  6. Solar Flare

    Reported for luring, gl on appeal.
  7. Solar Flare

    The day has finally come for me to step down. It sucks leaving this great community but I must move on. My passion is not as strong compared to when I started and this was inevitable. Although there are many other factors I want to leave them out and focus on my thanks. I enjoyed every minute of being part of the staff team and having the opportunity to be with the community and letting me serve you. I've come a long way and I'm proud to make it this far, and I was not able to go this far without the community and the help of my friends and staff team. If you're expecting a list of people who meant the most to me don't bother. Everyone deserves a shout out. Thank you everyone who have made my Dreamscape career what it is today. Thank you community for believing in me to be a helper, thank you staff team for helping me become a moderator, thank you friends for helping me along the way and being there when I needed you the most. Don't be sad that I'm leaving because I'm sure you will become filled with joy and happiness of those who are around you. I will always remember each and every one of you and never forget my experience here.         Who knows what the future holds for me, I must set out and explore it. Thank you for everything dreamscape. Thank you Staff team and community for having me.
  8. Solar Flare

    Tried my best:  
  9. Solar Flare

    yoyo is the OG young thug mista slar up in here, flow so sick it would leave you in a LAKE of your tears.   (yes this was used but im dumb to realize that)
  10. Solar Flare

    oooh can't wait for these updates, we appreciate the dev team for all of their efforts! Thanks for the heads up.
  11. Solar Flare

      The best drop I would say is elemental legs. That is the most cash item drop i had. If we want to look at the drop that meant the most to me it would be piano i got from super m box
  12. Solar Flare

    Be safe man, we will miss you. Sucks you gotta go but life is life. Be strong!
  13. Solar Flare

    Can I use this as my wallpaper? This is amazing......
  14. Solar Flare

    Really did not want this day to come. I hate seeing you leave because we love you so much. You've done so much for the server its crazy. Countless hours you must have spent with the coding and developing... must have been a huge pain but super rewarding ;)   We, the community of dreamscape, would like to thank you for your time and effort spend on making dreamscape what it is today. Without tyrant, this server would be extremely different  and I cannot stress enough how important you were for the success of DS.   Thank you so much my friend. I'm really going to miss you but IK I'll still talk with you from time to time <3
  15. Solar Flare

    great video man! Thanks for making this, we really appreciate it!