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  1. TIL not every heroes wear the capes

    1. HC Kai

      HC Kai

      Heroes never die.



  2. Cooni

    @CylorV is always on point with his answers. So cool dude and always replies fast. This guy for sure doesn’t sleep.
  3. Cooni

    No vouch. You would of been decent candidate for sure but since I haven’t seen you online since you made this application it’s no vouch. Nice and clean application tho. Good luck.
  4. No vouch. Oh, why would I No vouch for someone who has been Legacy host, is 100% trusted, knows everything about gambling, rules, how to handle everything and such ? I have seen you in-game like 2 times within 2 weeks period, and both times you've been there chatting for an hour tops and left. You can't expect to just hop back in and get the rank, although you'd fit in that position just perfectly. My feedback for your application is only purely because of that you haven't even played this game for ages, and you just hop back in and apply. By no means this is not negative towards you, because I dont have anything against you. But this is just not acceptable. Good luck with your application anyways.
  5. Cooni

    Its great to have you as making events. Keep it up my man, looking forward for another event
  6. Cooni

    Juicy goals dude, looking forward for you to achieve them! Please keep us updated.
  7. Cooni

    Whatever happens, DO NOT reply to your own application. Leaving my original feedback when I have observed a little.
  8. Cooni

    Theres really not much to do. Something that worked for me couple times is just encourage them to hop on ::dicezone for those juicy gambles. One time Dicezone was empty for almost 30minutes when I started yelling and advertising but then suddenly dicezone was full, very busy and we needed to mm after mm after mm, no breakd haha. Hope you can figure something out!
  9. Cooni

    Dang better work more this year to achieve this. Looking DOPE!
  10. So freaking content packed and juicy update! Really feels good and waiting to train that scavenger skill which seems amazing. Keep up the good work everyone and lets show some respect towards staff teams hard work and dedication!
  11. Cooni

    No offense my man, but I couldnt read whole topic properly because not lying my eyes started to hurt so much haha. Maybe its because of my too bright phone screen but damn. To the suggestion: What I understood you’re suggesting is one that shows every loot you’ve gotten from every single boss. I 100% like and support the idea without the reward system tho. I like to see something like this implemented, but it may be hard or atleast take some serious time to code that into the game. We already have ::drops command (or something similar can’t recall) to show all rare drops you got so far but if it would be for every single drop it drops, I don’t think we need that. Collection log for rare drops would be cool to see. Support!
  12. Cooni

    Why Sarah fell of the swing? Because she didnt have arms. Knock knock. Whos there? Definitely not Sarah. Good luck to participant! What an amazing and productive event idea to have. Looking forward for some more forum events made by you! E: Ign: TD Cooni
  13. Cooni

    Appreciate your kind words my man! I'd like to point out that we as a Trusted host are here to help anyone with whatever they are inneed of, and I am kinda enthusiastic with my current roles, so I am always trying to give out my 100%. These kind of feedback keeps us motivated to do what we are doing, and I'm glad I'm doing something good.
  14. Cooni

    Thinking that gaming is a big part of my life, I would buy some MTX on games, donate bunch to dreamscape just to flex, buy me and my girlfriend huge house. All leftover I would save and invest. Save for my kids and invest to get even more cash. Also I would still keep playing poker but just in a big boy tables
  15. Cooni

    Lmao you’re right. Damn I miss those times so much!