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  1. Cooni

    Yes! Amazing idea! I’m actually impressed that we havent had one before. I just had to fill that out. Good luck to all!
  2. Cooni

    I’m not banned. I wish I knew.
  3. Cooni

    I’m here. Every. Single. Day. Lurking. Edit: Better question would be. WHERES BOZO AT???
  4. Cooni

    You’re exactly what dicing community ever needed or requested. Genuine guy with so much to offer. I’m impressed you played it so long, and more impressed of the feedback on my end. Have a good one my man!
  5. Cooni

    Good luck on kills and to all participants! ign:Hc Cooni
  6. Cooni

    It's 6 months to 1 year in Finland. I am no longer in military yeah, serviced 6 months because I didn't really enjoy it.
  7. Cooni

    So, where to begin... I am Cooni, 21 years old dude from Finland. I used to be Media manager in Dreamscape, and I really enjoy making videos so you can expect me returning into youtubing scene soon (most likely). I played Dreamscape like 14 hours per day back in the days, and maybe I will be back for that anytime soon, but not now. I am forum addict, so I will be lurking here and there on forums, maybe posting something every now and then. I was afraid of making this topic before I know for a fact that I'll be back, and now I have been playing for few days, enjoying, so I can say that I'M BACK! This may be bad news for some dudes, but hey, can't please everyone right? Ign: Hc Cooni Ironman: Iron mies Cya around guys.
  8. Luck in that video was pretty crazy! Good luck to everyone decides to participate in that event. Rewards are so good I am waiting to see alot of entries!
  9. Cooni

    Interesting thread mate. What is your favorite item, or gear in Dreamscape?
  10. Cooni

    You have good videos indeed, but I think as of now you should stick of doing videos about gambling, since you're Gambling manager. If you feel like you have some spare time to spend on making videos, make one of those videos you're starting from scratch and slowly build yourself up for some goodies. Do remember to make yourself some kind of rules to make it last longer and journey be cooler.
  11. Cooni

    @Sk1llrs R Us has kangaroo on an ironman. Nice bank bro.
  12. Miss you brother <3

  13. Cooni

    Nicely detailed guide you got there mate. Keep it real