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  1. Ralle

    This time it's real.
  2. Ralle

    Hello Everyone. First of all. I've never seen a community that good as this is! Everyone is so nice and sweet for new players! But we all know someday some person migh quit for some reason... And here is mine; It's really not in the good way i quit this server, and i know i've done it before (Not 100% quit, but only a few breaks because of irl) But sadly enough this is for real.   I quit because i'm too busy to play this wonderful server, because i've been promoted on my job to Associate Director in the company that i work for.. It will take all my time because i will work 40-50 hours a week. :/ Also my dad just died and when he paste away the real life just started for me.. I have to but my life in first priority. But as many of you guys know i've appreciated to play this wonderful server and i've donated $100+ to this server and i HAVEN'T regret a single of these $!.   I know i've worked hard for staff and did my best to be promoted, but it couldn't happend for me and it's okay! I know there's a lot of good players that deserves the rank way more then i do. There's some people that i would like to thank for helping me out from the bottom! Brezel: You've been so nice to me and helped me out everytime i had some questions about ANYTHING! I feel we've been very good friends sinse i started play this server! :) Take care irl but also in game ;) It's not for fun when you're a staff manager on one of the biggest rsps servers! Hardcore v2: You've been an amazing guy who also helped me a lot! You're a cool guy and these promotions you got is really deserved!   Zeven: My man! We all know it's hard to make contact with one of the persons that are reason why this server is so amazing! But we've talked a lot about donation deals in the past! :D I've really enjoyed donate those $140 i think it is! And you were the guy who helped me with these donations :) I would like to thank you for such an amazing server and ofc I also would like to thank Chuck who also is a part of this! Licky: You were one of the first persons i sended a private message to in game about all these 100 of questions new players always have! You were relaxed and patient when I almost spammed you with messages all the time :) Thank you for being such an amazing person and keep up the good work you're doing ;) Keep going with these amazing donation offers all the time! :D           All for this time dear friends :) Hope you take care in game but also in real life which is most important! I'm gonna miss you all and each person who are on this server! Thanks for everything <3  
  3. Ralle


    Hello Anthony! Welcome to DreamScape! :) Hope you enjoying your stay. :P If you need anything feel free to pm me ingame @Ralle.     Or if you wanna hang out pm me as well ;)
  4. Ralle

    Hello Ryan! Welcome back to DreamScape. Hope you enjoyed your surf trip ;)
  5. Ralle

    Welcome on forum bud!
  6. Ralle

    No words.. This is very sad to hear :/ But you have to stay strong.... Rest In Peace
  7. Ralle

    Thanks Tariq!
  8. Ralle

    Thanks for all the comments buds! Looking forward to play with y'all again! <3
  9. Ralle

    Hello Dreamers! First of all I would like to apologize for being off for almost a month. Reason why is because I've been very busy in real life with job, new apartment and more stuff. I would like to say that I'm back on DreamScape! But it will only be for 3-4 hours a day because i work 43 hours a week :/ As some of you guys know I'm loyal and always here for helping you guys out if you have any questions! :) No I'm not doing it for staff but I do it because I'm very friendly and love to playing this server. Peace! Your guy, Kriger Ras ;)
  10. Ralle

    Nice video! Great technique as well! :) Very helpfull
  11. Ralle

    This is not because my application was declined, i know i have to work hard to be promoted, and it was a bad timing :) But as i told you guys, i didn't 100% quit. I just have a bigger break to focus on real life. :) Love you all, and we'll see you later on! ;) <3
  12. Ralle

    Time is in... I started playing DreamScape 21 Feb 2016.. These months has been an honor for me, i love the community, everything about the server.. A guy asked me yesterday "Do you never get boring playing this server so much?" I answered him "No i don't, reason why is because this server is so much different and more fun to play, because there is so many different kind of items that you won't see on other servers" I've made som very good friends in these months i've played. But i also realised that i have to go back to real life and focus on my job, my family and my future. I'm not saying i quit 100%, i migh come back some day, because i never forget this server. This is my "life" meant i spend a lot of time on this server. I would like to thank some people :) Staff: Brezel, LickyLicky & Zeven Brezel: Thank you for being such a good friend for me, we've been talking a lot together ingame and on forum as well.   LickyLicky: Thank you for helping me with problems that i couldn't handle 100% by myself. I learned a lot from you and i will remember it next time. Zeven: Thank you for being such a cool person! Everytime i would donate and we couldn't fix the timing correct haha, you're a great guy and i really appreciate it :) And to all i've been playing with, thank you for everything, and i appreciated the stuff we've done together. Best regards, Kriger Ras! C U in future! ;)  
  13. Ralle

    Good to know Zeven! :) Thank you very much!
  14. Ralle

    Sucks! :( But we'll see you back on when ur WIFI is back xD
  15. Ralle

    Great with some goals! Goodluck with all of them! :)

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