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  1. NovemberSky

  2. NovemberSky

    @Unicow for all of the above: most active, most Friendly, most Helpful & other skills. VOTED
  3. NovemberSky

  4. NovemberSky

    The current login screen is perfect cant improve it.
  5. A guide on how to make your first 100t on dreamscape

    1. Squishy


      I might make this into a YouTube video, nonetheless I love the idea!

  6. Is it a possibility that we will see leaderboards for dreamscape? ... Its a dream of mine >.<

  7. NovemberSky

    Idk about you guys but my OCD is driving me nuts. I can help fix the login screen with no missing pixels for the dragon's breath.
  8. NovemberSky

    I freaking love this game here are some brownies for your hard work
  9. NovemberSky

    Hey sorry HC Maximum I posted this for him i'll let him know. Cheers.

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