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  1. VOUCH 1000% Another thing that should be taken note of when it comes to the exec raids. Killing the npcs within the raids does not count towards dailies. The exec raids has its own kill count and I feel that there should be an additional kc in place for the individual npcs, thus giving us an alternative spot when doing dailies & sponsor slayer. Speaking of sponsor slayer, exec zone should have its own slayer master similar to that of the sponsor slayer master. A 3rd suggestion to add to Bodhi’s, exec zone needs a wider variety of npcs, sponsor zone has twice the number of npcs as executive zone. Npcs that could be added to further benefit exec are listed as follows: Chaos Elemental (that way we don’t have to go take up space at sponsor zone) Hades (not 1 hit) Riley Raid (not 1 hit) Undead Lancelot (not 1 hit) The npcs that cannot he 1 hit could be added on the same side as the Corp & Executive Dragon so we don’t accidentally aggro those with a thumper. Great suggestion Bodhi, you beat me on making an overhaul post for us first.
  2. Wasabii

    Dope guide bro! Easily understandable! Very informative!
  3. Wasabii

    Congratulations to all the winners! Keep up the hard work 🤘
  4. Wasabii

    Congrats bro!! 😁
  5. Wasabii

    IGN: Wasabii Rank: Executive
  6. Wasabii

    What is the content called Dark Link Set How does it work? Upgraded (10% chance?) Link Set bought from the Arcade Shop What rewards does it give? As a PVM gear: stats somewhere between Am'orth & Undead, as those two sets are pretty far apart when it comes to melee stats. Additional 15% drop rate on top of the 50% double drop rate Link Set already provides. or Add arcade related bonuses to the set such as 10% chance to receive x2 tokens upon completion. Possibly a 10% damage increase while inside the arcade. Also allow the Link Sword to be upgraded into a dark variant with stats in between Sword of the Protectorate & Graceful Rapier, with or without aoe abilities. How will it benefit server/players? Additional incentive to grind up some arcade. Increase value and trade occurrence of Links Set. As well as offer a decent and grindable outfit that doesn't rely on pos or trading from players to obtain. This also closes the gap between some of the melee gear, offering more options to choose from How could it be expanded in the future? Maybe add a dark variant of the current Hylian Shield to the shop for same price as Link Pieces (50k arcade points). Could provide additional melee stats comparable to the Dragonfire Ward; or just be a cosmetic to complete the set for aesthetic purposes. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) I'm not seeing anything negative that this would cause, only provide players with an additional option when it comes to selecting their gear, and increasing the value of a current arcade reward. May the Force be with you all 🖤
  7. Dope update!! Keep it up everyone! 🤘
  8. Wasabii

    Called H’ween Boots. Like the mask and gloves. But the only thing that’s tradable is the lantern and the pet
  9. Wasabii

    Outfit pieces are from 2016 or 2017s Halloween event, can't remember which it was. Called H'ween Hat / Gloves / Boots and along with the H'ween Lantern and Pumpkin Pet. May the Force be with you all🖤
  10. Wasabii

    Best place I've found so far to stand at Revs And I recommend spending 500k for a Rev Ticket so you have your own area Clip below showing it in action https://gyazo.com/9c7ac5aef31a02176601eb66b98eeaea Happy grinding!!!
  11. Wasabii

    In game name: Wasabii
  12. My giveaway is getting closer and closer! If you have no idea what I am talking about check out the following link!!!!



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