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  1. filosoof

    Can't wait to hear about the 1st prize. I'll just save my purple 5 oak for the finals. Better practise guys, you gonna need it! BTW: great to see a gamlbe iniative, Could really use it since gamble took some hits lately.
  2. Check out my new pic! 

    Only tried once, i swear!

    1. Blueoptic
    2. filosoof


      I actually had to pay someone 400t to get me a 5 oak :(

  3. filosoof

    Well-made, in my opinion a couple back ground image's would give it the finishing touch!
  4. filosoof

    Very detailed ! Looovvee the gossip
  5. filosoof

    I'm starting right away! ill probably save the potions i got trough spins, they look cool on my bank!
  6. filosoof

    This looks awesome! I might start collecting loot pics on my ironman. Great post
  7. filosoof

    See you soon tho! - Nr1. spinner
  8. filosoof

    Nice! Too bad some skills are only do-able with lamps for a decent rate.
  9. filosoof

    I didn't see any kangaroo tho. Does this mean im the only ironman with a kangaroo? :D Very nice bank , but ill beat you soon! xxx -future nr 1# iron
  10. filosoof

    Welcome/welkom back man! I see you got allot of activity on the forums, so you got me curious.
  11. My new ironman:D

  12. filosoof

    I was aware of that. Putting the price next to the item-wiki would hit 2 bird's with 1 stone. If i can be of any help pricing things just let me know!
  13. I hope i get some rewards! :D Could you asko check the items on the left? its hard to indetify without names! keep up the good work!
  14. filosoof

    Great initiative It will help allot of players who just started, Will item-prices also be added? And i may ask how do you want the community to help? Looking forward to see the results.
  15. filosoof

    Very nice! for only 700 spins! I've decided to dedicate an ironman account to spins only, so all items on the bank are from spins . I will be keeping track of the spin count here, and reupload the total loot: spin count: 489 spins: total loot: