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  1. Zanna

    Both. I really like Pokemon but my PFP yeah my furry character~
  2. Zanna

    Hey. I'm back once again. Joined 2016, played a few weeks, left, came back a few months later... did this like three times. Now I'm back like a fourth time, haha. I'm Zanna, but you can call me Kyle. Joined back because of Didy's videos and I'm hoping to stay back a bit longer than normal. I used to do graphics here and there for people on the server but I don't really do that much anymore. I'm currently learning to draw and such. You'll probably see me no-lifing on my account Zanna or see me yelling on my account Izen. Who knows. Hello once again~
  3. Zanna

    Yo this is absolutely amazing. I love it! Thank you SO much!
  4. Zanna

    sexy as usual
  5. Zanna

    For a 3D Signature : Name : Zanna Secondary text : Pokemon Nerd Color : Blacks and Cyans Specific effect (Optional) : Could you do something like the Michael signature?   Please and thanks :3
  6. Zanna

    There's hope for me afterall
  7. Zanna

    Love these so much.   Teach me C4D senpai
  8. Zanna

    Welcome to the server and forums. :)
  9. Zanna

    It was actually your loot from 500(?) Icy Skeletons that brought me back, aha. Kind of ironic just watching someone kill an NPC made me wanna play again, then to actually GET a drop first day back.. Ahaha. Keep going. You'll get it soon ;)
  10. Zanna

    I've heard that as well. But it's so relieving to get another so quickly, especiallly when you're using D Bone and a Sicle, haha
  11.   FINALLY.   I didn't feel like getting on but I was like "Meh, why not for a few kills..."
  12. TFW you wanna make a YouTube intro but don't do YouTube.. Dx

    1. Squishy


      I'd be interested in obtaining a new intro for YouTube.
    2. Zanna


      I can make one for ya! Check out my shop here for it:
    3. Squishy


      Once I have a decent bank I'll make sure to make a request!
  13. Zanna

    I'm super salty.
  14. Zanna

    And here I was thinking me going 900 dry on Icy was bad.. But 3K.. that's a massively deserved Shadow! Congrats!
  15. Zanna

    Wow, congrats! Haha