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  1. sk1l

    I would waste it all in DS and still be poor irl but I'll get the best possible customs and a Big custom zone where players can come and chill with me lel jk jk probs would buy a big fat car and get some good looking gold diggers for some quality time hahahahah
  2. sk1l

    oh damn I won something! ? HYPED ❤️ Thanks everyone for voting on me!!
  3. sk1l

  4. Hello DSGANG!❤️ So what is my suggestion about? Well with the different timezones sometimes there is no staff online and people wanna buy/sell donations.. How does it work? add some kind of vending machines in the ::helpzone that has 2 options - buyer - seller player1 that buys the donation selects option 1 and can put the ingame items in and the name of player2 and also fills the amount player2 is donating. player2 selects option 2 and just puts the name of player1 in and also the amount he/she is donating on player1. After the donation is done player 2 can claim the items from the collection chest at home. What rewards does it give? Players also like extras in their donations so if player1 sellects the buyer option and after he put the ingame items and name and amount he will get a new tab with like the standard extras like these for example he/she can only pick 1. After the donation is done player 1 can also claim his extras from the collection chest at home. How will it benefit server/players? smoother donations even when there is no Staff online. How could it be expanded in the future? Instant banking the donated items/extras for example maybe this idea also good for ::dicezone when there is no MM online for big pots. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) So far I can't see any negative effect! if I am wrong please tell me in here Thanks all for your time reading this! With regards Sk1L
  5. sk1l

    looking forward to play again lel
  6. sk1l

    Gratzzz to the winners and also a BIG thank you for voting on me!
  7. sk1l

    Welcome back! hope you enjoy the server.
  8. +1 sounds cool! It is not only good for newcomers but also for the people who get cleaned at ::dicezone xD