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  1. Very nice and informative guide! Luv it
  2. sk1l

    178 What happens if someone posts the same number start from 1 again? Kappa
  3. sk1l

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  4. My goal was to make fun off a mistake from a admin+ so here it is ^^ btw @DRAX here is my report hahahahaha
  5. Hey there players of dreamscape This guide will take like 5-10mins of ur time. Here is my guide of getting 99 woodcutting!   1. we have to teleport to there   2. after we got there we have to buy our hatchet to cut the tree's    3. After we got our hatchet we can start woodcutting! 3x normal tree  10x yew tree  51x Magic tree  Once you have done all that Gratz with 99 Woodcutting!
  6. sk1l

    Omg this post is so cool xD   I'm a Pvmer, skiller, Gamber, Staff Hunter, Forum Addict and also Socializer   Pvmer ​Who doesn't like to get that epic drop without paying any gp. Yes, it takes some time to get the loot but atleast I become richer and I get to know the bosses like how hard they are and how to beat the fast. Skiller ​It is so cool to get those skills to 99 while my real rs account has like 22 summoning hahah I was always wanting max levels on some skills and here I can ^^ Gambler I never ever gambled in any rsps and today (yesterday) 02/13/2016 I started gambling for the first time in my whole rsps life. It is super cool to gamble but I lost like 35T for my first day.. I still gotta learn some trics to improve my gambling and yeah 35T means alot to me i"m not a rich guy in this game xD Staff Hunter For me helping a server to get better is my #1 priority actually beside having fun. finding bugs and trying them out and telling it to the staff is so cool they appriciate it so much. I surely want to improve my rank ingame, Helping people is so fun to do. Forum Addict I mean I need IT.. when I play dreamscape I also open the forums (priceguides, bosslogs, bosses) because when I struggle with some prices or when someone else asks a pricecheck in the cc I'll keep an eye on the priceguides :p Socializer I'm like 9hrs a day online on TS, its good to be social I can join some events during the TS last time I won 2gold chains and 1 super donor ticket (the one I lost xD) So i'm always updated whats happening :)   Thanks for taking ur time to read my topic  :D
  7. sk1l

    Hey, Those updates made my client broke.. I made an ticket but it takes so long.. So i cannot see the new bosses like flame pernix, shadowking,... Even their loot I have an flame pernix body in my inv but its invisible for me, when I trade it with someone they can see it but I cannot. I restarted client, deleted cache and redownloaded it like 5times but still the same problem.. I need some help plz