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    Awesome updates, but do you think we could get Solus at dungeoneering fixed? He needs a talk option and some dialogue for a clue. Lol
  2. Ogden Pk

    Pretty good. I don't have the patience to kill anything for more than like 50 kills
  3. Ogden Pk

    7 Days in TeamSpeak:       Followed by:       I hate you, Red. FYI.
  4. Ogden Pk

    Sometimes you don't get credit for the kill streaks, I haven't quite figured it out yet though.
  5. Ogden Pk

    At long last. 100 Kill Streak. Along the way, I had 1 death. Someone decided to 1 hit me with a dds -.- But the kills were refunded to me :P   the final shot    
  6. Ogden Pk

    Not too shabby. :P Congrats !
  7. Ogden Pk

    That's pretty wicked looking, we had something similar in Korea. Totally jealous!
  8. Ogden Pk

    Down with the man!     And then, the rematch     Crappy pic, I know, I wasn't really thinking about getting his name since I was almost dead too. Lol
  9. Ogden Pk

    That is a pretty sick achievement. I am totally jealous! Congrats!
  10. Ogden Pk

    Newest Victim :)
  11. Ogden Pk

    Done, and done. Knew I should have added something in!
  12. Ogden Pk

    I will try to update kills as I go, so they might not all be amazing loot, but they'll be on here. I will also post my deaths should they happen.   Current KDR:   200 Kills   30 Deaths
  13. So. If you know me at all, you'll know that I very much enjoy PK'ing. While there is very few opportunities to actually fight other players, I try to make the most of it.   Thus far, I've set a goal of obtaining a 100 Kill Streak. A few times I have been close, but due to careless I lost them.   I've reached 54 Kill streak and died to a slime from  Sea Troll Queen. ( answered door and got banged LOL)   Next I reached 66 Kill streak which was swiftly ended by Lickylicky. (I challenged him against Gorgonite) BIG MISTAKE   Lastly, I reached 44 Kill streak, died to Magegray, and lost it (Talk about pissed)   So I'm starting over from the bottom.   Going to start a PK Gallery, as well as track my progress to 100 Kill streak.   -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   GOAL COMPLETE     Current Stats       Kill streak: 100/ 100