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  1. Brezel

    Hi, I'm Brezel and I used to play DS back in 2016. I have seen a few familiar faces around which is great, I'm hoping to see more. Things have changed so much since I last played, not only the staff team and playerbase, but also the game itself. I really look forward to getting to know all you newbies and exploring the new features DS has to offer! My new account in-game is "og brezel" if you wanna chat!
  2. Sup homie 😛 

    1. Brezel


      Oh shit, hey man, how have you been!?

    2. Vaider


      Been alright, wbu?

    3. Brezel


      Good thanks man

  3. Brezel

    Hello, old friend 🙂
  4. Brezel

    The one thing I remember about the Dreamscape staff team is they take their job too seriously. It's amazing to see the dedication you all have, but you really need to sit back and look at yourself. Why are you apologising for not playing a game for 10+ hours a day? The community appreciates any time you spend helping out on the server, and just because you don't put in a ridiculous amount of hours into the server doesn't mean your contributions are any less or that you're letting people down. Play when you can, help when you're free, and never apologise for only playing for a few hours per day.
  5. Brezel

    Pretty sure that's wrong since I've been banned from the server for over a year lol.
  6. Brezel

    @Squishy said everything I was going to. No need to create a helper rank for the forums, their permissions would be too restricted making the rank pointless. Yes there is a helper rank in-game, but you can't compare the staff ranks on a game to those on a forum. Each platform has different responsibilities for the staff, with in-game having a broader range of commands thus the ability to have more ranks with the commands and privileges more spread apart. If more people need to be moderating the forums, simply accept forum mod apps instead of declining them lol
  7. Brezel

    Here's a bit of a unique question. Do you think Runescape Private Servers should pay a percentage of their earnings to Jagex (runescape developers) considering they are using Jagex's intellectual property to make money?
  8. Brezel

    "The return of a number of high profile players" Considering most of them are banned, I find that unlikely lmao. Hope the ones still around enjoy the event!
  9. Brezel

    Rigged Most Respected Non-Staff Member should have been Bozo. Rip you sweet angel
  10. Brezel

    Looking forward to seeing you back on the development team in two months. Enjoy your break mate.
  11. Brezel

    When I read honest guide I thought it was gonna be something along the lines of "You have to donate because the RNG of drops was specifically chosen to make the drops very hard to get (but not hard enough that it's unfair) so players have to donate more to get ahead". Although, still a nice guide.
  12. Brezel

    and the longest serving staff member of Dreamscape is gone. Although the higher ups probably couldn't give a crap about all the hard work you have put in, the community does. Thank you very much for the hours upon hours of free time you've spent working hard to make Dreamscape a better place <3
  13. Brezel

    Run while you still can Kai
  14. Brezel

    From your response it sounds like it NEEDS to be another person on the second account, like it previously was. Perhaps this should be put in writing, so people aren't confused.

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