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  1. losadico

    +1 is really bored make every day 1 point and the shop need more items.
  2. losadico

    cool😁 +1
  3. losadico

    the percentages of the jewels do not have to be so high and even the slot of the items may vary, it is just an example that I put, and it could be limited to not use the same jewels in the same item.
  4. losadico

    👻 HELLO DS FAMILY 👻 A long time ago I have been thinking about an idea to improve the statistics for the items in the game and I think I have it, there are many people trying to improve their statistics for a better combat and we are always limited and wanting more items, I think this is the solution and I hope you like my idea. 💎 SOCKET ITEMS 💎 My idea consists of the socket item method, it is very simple to create a platform for the best items in the game including pets, each item would have 3 - 5 socket spaces, in these spaces you can add jewels with different characteristics, example: 10% drop rate, 20% double drop, restore heal, restore prayer, 10% more chance in soulroom chest, 10% lucky, 20% more defense, etc. And to finish if you have added a jewel and then you want to change it for another, to be able to remove it to put a new one. 😖 HOW TO GET THEM 😖 How to obtain these precious jewels, they would be put in the store, in a category called jewels, in the different minigames within the game to motivate the players and also to obtain it through a box, it would be something like a jewel box. WHAT I THINK OF THIS IDEA❔ I think if you implement this idea you would solve a big problem that is to improve our items according to our ideas and needs apart from this they would have more time to create new items to implement in the game and I assure you that I would call the attention of many players because this is not in any server and if our dreamscape is so unique now with this would be crazy, I hope your support and I believe that I will see this idea implemented in the game very soon, I can only say thank you for such a good server and such a good family what we are, distraction if you do not understand something, my English is basic and the rest of the fault is google translate xD. #DSGANG😎
  5. Losa check discord:3


  6. losadico

    Happy Halloween Family! :P
  7. losadico

    Congratz mate good job
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    omg finally magic item Yess Thanks!!  :D  :D  :D  :D
  9. losadico

    show stats please and gz!!