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  1. Blueoptic

    About a few weeks ago, I had gathered all infinity stones and combines it with the infinity gauntlet. I was really surprised to know that nothing happened upon doing so. Personally, I see something like that being a big deal. My suggestions is to add: An animation upon combining all stones. An announcement on yell ----- "Player" has just snapped their fingers!
  2. Blueoptic

    cool event idea, i like it!
  3. Blueoptic

    Or just have the experience of the xp lamp buffed so you dont have to go through 1000. That also opens the discussion for different tiered xp lamps?
  4. Blueoptic

    I know im inactive af. So when I come online after a couple weeks - 1 month, I have no idea what was in my pos when I goto collect and see that I just received 50m. It would be extremely useful to see the history of my items that have been sold.
  5. Blueoptic

  6. Blueoptic

    The newest addition of Cerberus is pretty good for just getting straight cash. You can make most of the time 100-200b a kill. Althoguh some corners of ::ownercape are good too for just smacking the chaos eles, shadow kings etc which is what I tend to do. Then use your souls at the ::soulroom for even more loot.
  7. IGN: Blueoptic Happy holidays reeeeeee
  8. Blueoptic

    Remove the worthless drops from announcing on yell such as Primal maul, Doctors hat, Dual haloswords, Bandos spear, etc (Reason, shouldnt be yelled as a rare/ultra rare) Remove the "talk to" option and the "pickup" option on all familiars/pets and enable the summoning tab to work with custom npcs so you can dismiss etc. (Reason, so your pet doesnt distract you when accidently clicked) Remove the "talk to" option on all Shop NPC's that dont do anything or have a dialogue. Remove the "Barrows fixer" at home, and beging eliminating the ways to earn barrows items. (Reason, junk armour that none wears or is beneficial in any way) Remove the 2B optional shop at home. (Reason, exactly same as 1B and the currency of 2B isn't even used anywhere) Remove the "rares shop" at home. This shop could purpose something new entirely such as seasonal rares. (Reason, been around since 2014 and isnt unique anymore) Remove or convert old immortal key fragments from the original $1000 event. Change the Mega world boss color in the chat from yellow to anything else (Reason, so you can read it without having to tilt your laptop upside down) Change everything in the "Prestige Shop" / "Achivement shop" (Someone suggested, and I'd suggest adding a Quest cape to it) as it is all outdated. Change the "Wilderness PK Shop #3" extreme donator ticket to a pvp protection pack redeemer and increase its costs. Change the Chaos alter at the homes location to beside the white altar inside the room. Change the yellow portal name at home to fun-pk (Reason, Many portals at home that need to be labelled) Change the red portal name at home to battlegrounds (Reason, Many portals at home that need to be labelled) also change the chests name instead of being called closed chest. Change the Monsters Teleport to "Train" , "Penguins" , "Torquat" , "Mr Krabs" , "Charizard" , "Minibosses". (Reason, easier to understand/find beginner teleports instead of the use of commands. Also the current training locations are not used except slayer tower which a command exists)
  9. Blueoptic

    Honestly you should mention every other shop in that corner of the home area too. The shops havent been updated in forever. Big support.
  10. Blueoptic

    support I also like the idea of a box and pet
  11. Blueoptic

    I cant tell what the render is supposed to be
  12. The pet mystery box, squeal of fortune were both overdue areas. Wouldnt mind seeing a future update for crystal key revamp too. Some items like Barrows, Dragon, spotted cape, sythe etc are completely useless. I like the new diglet area. I also think its pretty incredible how you were able to code the gear viewer. That must've been very difficult. I was trying to do something very similar on our wiki as I've seen this somewhere else non rsps related. Some forum suggestions were also implemented which is good to see that they arent going unnoticed.
  13. Gz on Global Admin. That is a great achievement!