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  1. There are so many unread suggestions, or even suggestions that have said were going to be added but weren't. Dating month(s) back. I'd be more interested in suggestions being looked after then other updates. I think some of those are definitely priority even if they aren't good enough to be added. Atleast they can be acknowledged.
  2. Blueoptic

    I wish theyd bring back fasionscape and trivias. I used to host events along time ago and they were really fun.
  3. Blueoptic

    This was one of the reasons to even look at the forums back then tbh. Support!
  4. Blueoptic

    This is what I had in mind reading the topic too.
  5. Blueoptic

    Does gambling mean also not using the POS. Cause technically, that is gambling aswell..
  6. Blueoptic

    October or November 2014 I started. I remember pretty much every O.G player. I had a picture somewhere of my old friendslist of like 200 people but i cant find it. I remember almost every staff member, owner etc. Example: Wiz khalifa, mod kug, Prod Dice, Foxx, DeanMachine, Razta, suomitank, irish pride, bench press, primark etc. I remember some of the old developers too. I remember the first home area, and how ice katana, brutal whip, and 24k torva were the best things you could get. I remember how the dicezone in seers village was always LIT. Minimum 30 people everyday and all parts of the day. I remember when currency was really low, and 2t was like "youre the richest person ingame". I remember when people had (20 accounts with ownercapes, and ownercapes would be like 500t. only @Manny had this). I remember the big dicers too like Partyhard, father, the one guy who went to prison, dice hulk etc. There were so many scammers back then too. Everyday atleast like 10 people were reported. People not only scammed in gambling, but used to trade scam items too like assault rifle and the toy gun because they looked identical, but different name. I remember when there was a Dreamscape 2, but under a different name and was later shut down. I could go on and on about things. But I'll give it a rest.
  7. Blueoptic

    Welcome to DS
  8. Life is like a sandwhich. You put all the good stuff in it.

  9. Blueoptic

    The runescape text or whatever the small sized font is for the first one doesnt match. It would look better without it. The second image with the duplicate in the back I think doesnt need to be there. The Fallen one looks clean.
  10. Blueoptic

    Welcome to Dreamscape forums. Enjoy your stay
  11. Blueoptic

    Hey if you haven't already checked out the Dreamscape Wiki's Arcade page, you definately should! There are alot of guides that may also be useful to you. If theres anything missing on our pages, DM me and we'll have someone take a look
  12. until

  13. Blueoptic

    If this can be added onto your suggestion, Id want to see them fix item names so that they can be more accessible. For example, if you search for anything with Emperor armour, you have to type each piece in a certain way to find it or it doesnt show up at all. Emperors platelegs (it has an S at the end) Emperors helmet (it has an S at the end) Emperor platebody Emperor gloves Emperor boots
  14. Blueoptic

    Would it be effective if stats were reset for this change? That way players cant boost unfairly.
  15. Blueoptic

    Ive been playing the normal mode for my entire exeprience with Dreamscape. Before modes were even a thing. I think its very unfair having to pay real money for this change if I wanted to become Hardcore dont you think? And no its not like I can just create a new account, because I have Sponsor. I feel I am at such a disadvantage when it comes to PVM. I literally havent got a rare or better drop in over 1 year! Some people talk ways of removing money from eco, so theres been prompts already such as the market. I think this would help tremendously too. Suggestion 1: Have an option ingame to "::giveharcore". Once typed, you will have an option of paying 50M DS Coins. "::removehardcore" is already an option. Once typed, you will have an option of paying 25M DS Coins. Remove the hardcore gamemode option upon creating an account.

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