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  1. Blueoptic

    The first signature looks pretty good 9/10. I can't really wrap my head around some of the others. There is ALOT going on lol.
  2. Blueoptic

    Currently the trade screen is based off of inventory space. Which isn't a bad thing to know. My suggestion is to replace the inventory quantity with a wealth quantity that is in a players inventory. This is just a random idea, so feel free to give feedback. Could assist in the future with gambling safety. (Dicing, Dueling) You can view how much a person has in their inventory (which in most cases people use instead of their money pouch) Makes trading more unique CONVERT INTO:
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    Welcome to the Dreamscape forums
  4. Blueoptic

    Welcome to Dreamscape
  5. Blueoptic

    it took me legit less than 5minutes to make my signature lol.
  6. Blueoptic

    7/10. Kind of boring.
  7. The higher level Slayer tasks such as "Hard Tasks/Bosses" inlcude up to 9 bosses. This includes: Dagannoth Kings, Sea Troll Queen, Chaos Elemental, Icy Skeleton, Wizard Grayzag, King Dreamer, Bork, Shadow King, and Phoenix. I believe the bosses are fine to be honest. Maybe even an increased Boss kill count. However, what I would suggest is to have an improved Slayer Prestige Shop. I feel that area could be improved as far as newer unique rewards. Although that be up to other suggestions to see if it's something we could head towards.
  8. Blueoptic

    My "farts" shoot out like darts.
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    Noice! Do you have any bank goals?
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    Welcome to Dreamscape
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    Welcome back :p
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    Nice updates. Looking forward to the new donator improvements!