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  1. Blueoptic

    While this idea is unrelated to how construction normally works, I'm imaging a way for construction to have some easy use instead of using xp lamps. And maybe my idea can be implemented, or atleast create future discussion. The idea of this thread is to implement construction xp for collecting and constructing items. The term I use for constructing a item can be controversial as to why doesnt this fall into a category of crafting or smithing? This could also be an idea of its own but isn't the mindset of the thread. There are many things in Dreamscape that involve collecting and combining items together to make something. Such as: Collecting key fragments "1/2" to construct a key to be used on a chest. Collecting shard pieces to construct a armour piece. Collecting 200 souls to construct a key. My idea is to add construction xp inbetween these simple things you do. For the PVMers this is a constant thing at times that you actually could benefit from and maybe be rewarded by earning a custom achievement for "constructing items 100 times". I also want to add that this shouldn't be the only way that construction has to offer, but a new simplistic idea that contributes to the skills possibilities. Let me know your thoughts, or ideas of how this could be better.
  2. Blueoptic

    Support, sounds like a fun idea.
  3. Gz on Global Admin. That is a great achievement!

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    Sounds like a Community Manager may be needed?
  6. Blueoptic

    I don't think this staff position fits you. No vouch.
  7. The custom infernal emperor set is probably the nicest armour set ive seen yet. I think it would be tougher to top a design like that. Looks wicked. I think this update list is better than the previous. Good job.
  8. Blueoptic

    The first signature looks pretty good 9/10. I can't really wrap my head around some of the others. There is ALOT going on lol.
  9. Blueoptic

    Currently the trade screen is based off of inventory space. Which isn't a bad thing to know. My suggestion is to replace the inventory quantity with a wealth quantity that is in a players inventory. This is just a random idea, so feel free to give feedback. Could assist in the future with gambling safety. (Dicing, Dueling) You can view how much a person has in their inventory (which in most cases people use instead of their money pouch) Makes trading more unique CONVERT INTO:
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    Welcome to the Dreamscape forums
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    Welcome to Dreamscape
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    it took me legit less than 5minutes to make my signature lol.
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    7/10. Kind of boring.