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  1. DD How you been brother, haven't seen you since we used to play to hc richie

  2. Remorse V2

    Gratz Nerd
  3. Remorse V2

    well im out :P goodluck to the two nubs @Shelter @Papers
  4. Remorse V2

  5. Remorse V2

    According to my calculations, you've already been cleaned by yours truly :D gg. But welcome back
  6. Remorse V2

    welcome to the server! :D
  7. Remorse V2

    well... congratulations as i have told you already :) thanks for selling me most your drops :P
  8. Remorse V2

    Only bought one won the other two Blackjacking  :P
  9. Remorse V2

    As you can tell... The title says it all... [attachment=240:3 arcus phats!.PNG]
  10. Remorse V2

    What an amazing shop! I can't wait to see some of these items around game as most of them are only 1 in game's right now!
  11. Remorse V2

  12. Remorse V2

    wow! what an accomplishment!  250k when you get ownercape? :P
  13. Remorse V2

    Nice Drop.  Goodluck with all of your Goals!
  14. Remorse V2

    Wow! Congratulations! Lucky to get those at such a low killcount.. Everyone seems to be getting real lucky these days
  15. Nice accomplishment! goodluck on getting soulflare :D