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  1. Awesome too bad i cant make it but you guys will love our DSGANG Familia
  2. Player own90

  3. Player own90

    @Bellatrix has been Mac, Iped, Uk and banned just for having bella in his name and being a disgrace to it
  4. Player own90

    A New HD Client where my models would look 10000x better
  5. Player own90

  6. Player own90

    Hes a talented noob individual that needs to learn a lot of shit :P
  7. Player own90

    @Drax Has Been Banned For Being The Staff Teams Hoe!
  8. Player own90

  9. Player own90

    I like the idea ill make something for that
  10. Player own90

    it happens but it taught you a lesson that would help you out in the future and shows you how easy it is to get compromised thanks for posting this :) stay positive man.
  11. Player own90

    gl to all