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Chuck’s & Nala Flower Poker Tournament
Come join Chuck the Owner of DreamScape317 on discord at this live event! You don't want to miss this EXCITING official DS tournament. The DS events are usually filled with 20+ Members and virtually everyone wins. Pinata's are dropped generously which means BOXES and JUICY ITEMS!! The Community loves these events and you will too. DONT MISS OUT!
Rewards (items dropped and winners) -
100M + Lots of Pinatas and Exclusive Rewards! Virtually EVERYONE Wins!
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Christmas Wishlist Event!
Have you been a good boy/girl this year? 
Have you always wanted that Bronze Fullhelm (G) for Christmas?!
Now is the chance to tell Santa what you realy want this year on Dreamscape!
So how does this event work?
The only thing you have to do is tell Santa 5 different items you always wanted for Christmas!
- Keep it Dreamscape Related so only Dreamscape items!
- Place only 5 items not more.
- Don't be the funny guy that asks for example an Executive Cape.
- And the most important rule off all: ENJOY!!
The 3 funniest Christmas Wishlists will be rewarded with the following prizes:
* First place: 5Q Cash
* Second place: 2,5Q Cash
* Third place: 1Q Cash
For the people that didn't made it into the top 3 don't worry, you will still get a prize!
The Results will be released on December 27th.
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Today we introduce the Dreamscape 2018 Community Survey!
A collaboration between Cylorv (community manager), Chuck (Owner) and Drax (Co-Owner) and of course our amazing community here at Dreamscape!

There are a few questions we really want to ask you guys to try and improve the way we do things here at Dreamscape HQ!
These questions deal with all sorts of issues, from content to community interaction, end game, starters and of course improvements that can be made!
We want to hear an honest and thorough appraisal from our players so we can make real changes to make dreamscape a better place.

Do not worry! You're help in this survey will be done anonymously and you won't go unrewarded!!
Every person who fills out the survey will win your choice of: 3 event boxes or 250t cash!
You really have no reason to say no!
You don't even need to be registered on the forums, simply click the link below!

Furthermore as we want as much details as you can provide the top 3 most detailed responses will win the following prizes.
Don't worry your answers don't have to be necessarily positive we are simply asking for feedback
1. An Icy Glaive (Worth 850$ or 140q)
2. Scythe of Virtur (worth 300$ or 50Q)
3. Diablo Jr (worth 300$ or 25Q)

The prizes will be give out after 100 responses have been filled.
The count of entries so far is: 100  / 100
Current status : Pending initial review of responses
Full read of all responses - To do
Report generated - To do
Rewards decided - To do
Report Published and Rewards given out - To do



The Arcade! Fully Custom Inferno Cave Minigame! Rare Scratch Card! Brand New Teleport Interface and More![Patch #90 - 00/04/18]
Today we introduce the biggest baddest PvM minigame you have ever seen! A brand new teleport interface! A new scratch card! as well as tonnes of fixes and our usual healthy dose of Custom Items!
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Click Here To Take Part!
Good Luck!

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