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    BevilM Give away!

    60 invictus I give away for free all you have to do is enter you gamers name here and like ;-) and I will pick random 3 people that I will contact in the game for their price haha 6 players will win 10 box this will take place every month with different prices enjoy Winners have been selected. registration now is no longer counted sorry The winners ------ ['Megatronas', 'bellatrix', 'Zoldyck', 'Emileee', 'yelawolf', 'Hlwx HC'] a program will pick 6 names of the list randomly will end on 28/02/2018
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    TigerZ's Giveaway

    800t Giveaway All you've got to do to enter this giveaway is; 1. Like this thread. 2. Comment your in-game name. (if your in-game name is different than your forums name) 3. And hope that you win. Prizes 1st place: http://prntscr.com/io93jp 2nd place: http://prntscr.com/io938c 3rd place: http://prntscr.com/io92xi Giveaway Ends Once We Hit 12+ players
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    Don't reply to this thread

    The aim of this game is not to reply to this topic... Good luck. Leaderboard 1st. Bent Boi69 2nd. Bellatrix 3rd. Nova Bomb List of failures: JordanRSPS YOda Is here Bellatrix Yoda Is Here Doubt YOda Is here tman786 YOda Is here chilladinyt YOda Is here hcmaximum YOda Is here Doubt YOda Is here listy420 YOda Is here monobeast YOda Is here pvm pvm YOda Is here lastchancer YOda Is here Inject Notable Mentions: Anton Chekhov Tony the Tiger Dong Lertz Mary Smith David Swartz JAJAJA Baller420 Auto Win: Not Yet Claimed To auto-win this game, simply reply with the words: GAME OVER
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    BevilM Give away! March

    9 Donator ticket's I give away for free all you have to do is enter you gamers name here ;-) and I will pick random 9 people that I will contact in the game for their price haha 1st prize of 2 player = extreme donator ticket 2nd prize of 4 players = super donator ticket 3rd prize of 3 players = donator ticket this will take place every month with different prices enjoy Winners!! 1st prize = @Runitebar @Maxasv2 2nd prize = @slayurr @Hc Blaze @domedbybrin @balloul04 3rd prize = @Poogle @Showsh @hard breaths a program will pick 9 names of the list randomly will end on 31/03/2018
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    BevilM Give away! April

    April all you have to do is enter you gamers name here ;-) and I will pick random 5 people that I will contact in the game for their price GL-HF 1st prize soul flare + Super donator ticket 2nd prize 100t + Super donator ticket 3rd prize 75t + Super donator ticket 4th prize 50t + Super donator ticket 5th prize 40t + Super donator ticket this will take place every month with different prices enjoy I would be happy with a like it is not mandatory the winners will be posted here !Attention! the giveaways will stop after this 1 the winners will be picked at the end no changes in that but Bellatrix will give the prices ingame! WINNERS OF THIS GIVEAWAY PLEASE SEE @Bellatrix in game, msg me on Discord or Forum plz Or ingame when you see me log in 1st place : @Haven 2nd place : @King sga 3rd place : @currencies 4th place : @ayn sof 5th place : @xx00xx ty for all fun times and have fun see you all next time peace a program will pick 5 names of the list randomly will end on 30/04/2018
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    Hey guys, welcome to my 500 set of partyhats, halloween masks, and santa hats giveaway. To enter, please refer to the How To Enter section below. The winner will be chosen once I reach the 500 set goal. I buy all rares in game for 50x 1bil tickets. The unnotable/rare ones prices vary, but I will give you good offers for them. Winner will also receive various other high priced rares. HOW TO ENTER: First, like the post! comment below with the following format: In-game Name: Why you want the sets: Extra Info[Optional]: Here is the collection:
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    General Server Integrity

    Hey man, Great to hear your thoughts on some 'hot topics' Thought I'd kick off with a couple of my own thoughts of these issues, both as a player and as a staff member. Issue #1 I agree, some may regard some of the items as 'junk' but in fact a number of the weaker items are not left in the donation store as mere relics of time gone by but rather for new players and iron men. I have handled a number of donations for ice katana's and iron men who are very happy with their ice katana purchase and I think its important we provide for those members. If they want to get a head start on the grind in an affordable way, more power to them! I find it quite hard to swallow some of your accusations in this post and am sure you meant nothing disrespectful about your comments, as you stated, although some of the language is very emotionally accusatory. - We do not "prey" on the misinformed, we publish extensive information about all items in the game, both donator and non-donator items. We have more resources then perhaps any other RSPS. A jam packed dedicated wiki, ::compare, forums gear guides to name a few that allow players to learn all about the DS items. As well as having one of the most active and dedicated staff team on hand to offer advice and tips to new players both on the game as a whole and on prospective donations. I get lots of pm's everyday asking for advice on donations and believe me when I say, this is given in a way that is designed to best help the player. I can vouch for our staff team doing the same too, both in the help cc which is always fully active and privately through personal message. The cost of these items is I think fair and justified. New players who want a little head start in the very early stages of their career can use them to get a little head start and they are at a reasonable rate for this very reason! I take great exception to the suggestion that we are merely trying to make our donation store look 'more full'. DS has well over 3,000 custom items now and any one of them could appear in the donation store. Whenever we add new items we always review to see what is there and what needs to be taken out. Our shop could be 10 x bigger if we wanted it to be, haha trust me. I have often looked at the donation store and thought... wow! what a lot of items are missing and this is a testament to the value of the items made by our modeller and developers. Issue #2 Another hot topic! Drop rates. Drop rates seem to cause some confusion among players. Let me give out some information about our drop rates here on Dreamscape. They are balanced and fair relative to the boss itself! For example, bosses aimed at new players have much lower drop rates as new players will kill them less quickly due to their gear. The end game bosses have higher drop rates as the expectation is that players will have better gear and thereby be able to kill more quickly. The expectation to go to an end game boss with medium level gear and get a drop is a precarious one. Much like you wouldn't try to kill a final boss on any game without being fully prepared and expect to survive the level or get the reward. As for one hit items. They are a main stay to Dreamscape. I can clarify for any donators worried about this issue. We will never follow through with either of the two suggested 'fixes' (and I put those in quotations for good reason). The owner capes and one hit items are game changers, not game breakers. They change the way you do pvm. As a player who grinder out at vet'ion in the early days for that elusive gold chain drop all the way up to a sponsor kicking ass at chaos elemental trying to get that double pet drop. The challenges are different but in no way lessened by one hit items. You still have to grind and it is still a challenge and likewise you are still gratified and rewarded for your dedication, grind and tactics. Another fyi, and I am sure this will come as no shock to many players is that drop rates did not change when we introduced 1 hit items. For example when I lead the development team on the production of the executive cape, we didn't change any drop rates to 'mitigate' the effect, we considered the effect it would have on our community, ran some extensive simulations (some thing we often do but rarely talk about) and discussed the restrictions and permissions of the item so that it would have the right effect for the players and the donator. One simple solution that you did not suggest is the increase of items in the upgrade chest, our own (and very effective) tool for bringing about item stability. I think this is a much more effective way of brining about some of the more sensible problems that you foresee. I'd also like to deal with the comment,"as the economy gets worse and worse". The fact of the matter is that, this is an old man attitude. The game has a lifespan and evolves over time. You can't look at dreamscape the same way as other games, we have our own currency. The second thing to note is, that prices go up relatively. As things become more expensive we make all round buffs to cater for that. Thirdly, the preconceived notions of how much cash is in the eco is a fallacy, I have seen the exact figures and the numbers are a lot less then most players assume. Finally, since the introduction of the well of good fortune as well as our crack down on rule breaking botters, the economy is not getting worse and worse, but rather on the contrary.... Truly though, there is no better or worse, its a living economy, but there is stability and we are reaching that goal now, more then ever. It may be hard to see without the data, but I have seen the data and I can say I am proud of the solutions the staff team has found to alleviate some of the issues players were having with the economy and allow for long term server stability. Your post was very thought provoking and at points hard to read. While I have strong thoughts about a lot of the issues you raised, I completely accept your opinion and am glad you raised them. We should always look in the mirror and reflect at where we at in terms of our long term growth and community satisfaction. The only thing that really pained me in your post was your use of 'us' and 'them' terminology. I don't see the community this way at all and do not feel there should, is or was an culture of us and them at dreamscape. We work as a team, the whole community works together on everything. From forum suggestions making it into game, the use of ::polls, the roles and responsibilities of our two community managers, our feedback sections on the forums and our use of a support system that gives out an average of 50 responses to players a day. We are more community focused then any other RSPS and always act with the communities interests at heart. We joke about being part of the DSGang. But it isn't a joke. We belong to something that is bigger then we all are, an extensive community of people from different places and different backgrounds united under one RSPS... here to kick ass and take names in the most custom, badass and interactive way. There is no us and them... there is only DSGang. Drax
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    Donation Scrolls

    Changes to Donations Recently we implemented the Custom donation scrolls. This had caused issues within the economy with some players overpaying to extroadinate amounts in order to donate for custom scrolls. The effect this has on the economy is extremely damaging and as a result we have chosen to favour the security of the economy over the donations. We initially thought we may be able to quell this, with capping the donation rate to 100t/1$ however due to community feedback, we decided to go back to the drawing board. As such we are removing Donation Scrolls from the donator store. The 100t/1$ rate will no longer apply. All donation scrolls that have already been donated for may be used as they have been used. The custom scrolls update was a passion project of mine and something I had wanted to do ever since I was a player myself and tried to get my own custom donation. Unfortunately we do not feel like it is an effective way for the donation/economy to continue.
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    Bench Press

    Staff list [Updated]

    @Chuck @DRAX [Co-Owner] @DS Development Team [Game Developers] @Stuart [Web Developer] @MrUltimate [Game Developer] @alexdkk [Game Developer] [Ghost] [Game Developer] [Grant] [Game Developer] @Player own90 [Game Modeler] [Stan] [Game Developer] [Cjay0091] [Game Developer] @Lil Bowwow [Gambling Manager/Media Manager] @CylorV [Community Manager] @Feeds [Server Manager] @darklordrr [Wiki Manager] @DSRees [In-Game Administrator] @Apex [In-Game Administrator] @oma torva [In-Game Administrator] @K 0 X D [In-Game Moderator] @4 Real Irish [In-Game Helper] @sk1l [In-Game Helper] @Robin026 [ In-Game Helper] http://dreamscape317.wikia.com/wiki/Staff
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    I wanna see how many people actually remembers me. Leave a reaction if u do
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    June FORUM Event

    A NEW RULE HAS BEEN ADDED. REMEMBER TO READ IT! VICTIMS OF THE DAY PKANT18 and MONOBEAST Any questions please direct them to @Bellatrix
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    Dreamscape is famous for having the widest selection of high quality custom designed items of any RSPS! Players can donate to have their own custom item made, personalised, modelled, coded and given to them in game. These items are truly unique! not only will you be able to personalise the item every step of the way, but you will be the only person in Dreamscape with that item. There is some confusion about how such customs are organised and how much they cost, the purpose of this thread is to give some guidance in these areas as well as showcase some of the items that you can have made for you! 200$ a piece (full set 600$) Add 150$ a piece to make tradable (450$ to make whole set tradable) Full tradable recoloured torva set - $1050 Stats and Drop rates are extra (see below) Emperor Set- 450$ Re-colored Emperor set- 1450$ (Depending On coloring) Tradable - extra 150$ a piece (2100$ total) $1500 These sets are fully animated, tradable and only 1 can donate They have gorgonite stats (Best Armour stats in game) 10% Drop Rate 20% Double Drop Untradable - Boxing gloves/American Boxing gloves + 200$ Tradable - Boxing Gloves/American Boxing gloves + 350$ Untradable Recolour – Owner Cape + 200$ Tradable Recolour – Owner Cape + 400$ (Add Glaive permission’s to ownercape) Untradable (no recolour) - Owner cape +1000$ Tradable - Ownercape + 1150$ Recoloured - Ownercape + 1200$ Recoloured and tradable - Owner cape + 1350$ Untradable - GMG / MG + 200$ Tradable - GMG / MG + 350$ Untradable - Weapon Donation + 200$ Tradable - Weapon Donation + 350$ Untradable - Glaive + 200$ Tradable - Glaive + 350$ (these prices are block colours, for more complex recolours see prices below) Untradable - Glaive + 350$ Tradable - Glaive + 500$ (e.g. Range Glaive) Untradable - Glaive + 350$ Tradable - Glaive + 500$ Untradable - $250 Tradable - $400 This includes custom Santa hats and custom Partyhats (block colours) Recoloured Untradable recolour - Icon + 200$ Tradable recolour - Icon + 350$ Remodelled Untradable recolour and remodel (e.g. change icons to $ symbols) - Icon + 450$ Tradable recolour + remodel - Icon + 600$ Untradable Recoloured pets - pet + 400$ Tradable recoloured pets - Pet + 550$ Custom pets (not currently in game) quotes are available on request All custom donations get the ability to name the item and add a custom examine info - free 200$ for a recoloring. (block colours) More complex recolours, e.g. multiple colours 250-350$ Lettering (e.g. cape with name) $300 for 4 letters, $400 for 6 letter name. Complex designs or icons (e.g. Batman Cape) - 450$ 150$ To make the Item tradeable (not owner capes) 150$ to add drop rate per 5% 150$ to add double drop rate per 5% 150$ OP stats to add to an item (these stats are based on existing items in game - not 1 hit stats) To increase attack speed – 250$ - this gets 0.6 speed - Fastest speed possible on custom weapon Please note: Just because you don't see an item here doesn't mean you cannot get it made... In dreamscape the possibilities are endless! If you have an idea for something you want added contact Drax for a quote and info! HOW TO BUY A CUSTOM ITEM 1. Contact Drax for a quote/price confirmation (prices may differ to this thread depending on your request and complexity) 2. Organise payment (either paying yourself or buying the donation in game) 3. Contact an admin+ and say you wish to pay for your custom item 4. Donate for the items they specify 5. When donation goes through, trade the items over and the admin+ will take full details of your custom and send to the modeller 6. Your item will be modelled and coded into the game. It will then be thoroughly tested by our beta testing team. 7. When it is ready your item will be added to the next update and we will hand it to your personally to show off your dedication and personality to all of Dreamscape! Here are some of our custom sets, all these sets have been custom made for players and are posted here to display the kinds of things we can do! They have already been sold and are unavailable to purchase at this time. Dragon Santa Suit! Zodiac's Icy Outfit and Custom Icon Tyrantito's Set World Eater Set Feeds' Set
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    I Willy I

    [UPDATED] Drop Rate Boosters

    Currently Up to Date (7/16/18) Drop Rate Boosters Armour Rouge Set [Obtainable: Battlegrounds Store] Drop Rate Bonus : 2% Double Drop Bonus : 20% American Torva Set [Obtainable: Donation Store, Clue Scrolls, Dynamic Box, Mega Crate] Drop Rate Bonus : 5% American Torva (U) Set [Obtainable: Upgrading American Torva Set] Drop Rate Bonus : 7% Shadow Torva (U) Set [Obtainable: Upgrading Shadow Torva Set] Drop Rate Bonus : 9% Chaos Set [Obtainable: Upgrading Elemental Torva Set] Drop Rate Bonus : 10% Double Drop Bonus : 7.5% Devious Set [Obtainable: Drop by Diablo] Drop Rate Bonus : 10% Double Drop Bonus : 25% Emperor's Set: [Obtainable: Emperor's Box or Forging 250 Emperor Souls] Emperor Boxes currently discontinued Drop rate bonus: 0% Double Drop Rate Bonus: 50% Link's Set: [Obtainable from Arcade] Drop Rate Bonus: 0% Double Drop Rate Bonus: 50% Weapons: Bazooka U [Obtainable: Using Camo Pack on Bazooka (Donation Store) ] Drop Rate Bonus: 10% Golden Mini-Gun [Obtainable: Donation Store or Dynamic Mystery Box] Drop Rate Bonus: 0% Double Drop Rate Bonus: 10% M4A4 Asiimov [Obtainable: Donation Store] Drop Rate Bonus: 5% Double Drop Rate Bonus: 10% AWP Asiimov [Obtainable: Donation Store] Drop Rate Bonus: 5% Double Drop Rate Bonus: 10% Ak47 Asiimov [Obtainable: Donation Store] Drop Rate Bonus: 5% Double Drop Rate Bonus: 10% Khione's / Eternal Khione's Staff [Obtainable: Donation Store] Drop Rate Bonus: 10% Double Drop Rate Bonus: 10% Rings Ring of Wealth [Obtainable: Mystery Boxes, Crystal Keys, Minibosses] Droprate bonus : 3% Epic Rings (Seers, Archers, Berserker) [Obtainable: Drop by Dagannoth Kings] Droprate bonus : 5% Ring of Wealth (I) [Obtainable: Bird Nests, Eagles Nest, or Donation Store] Droprate bonus : 10% Avery's Ring (i) [Obtainable: Using Avery Incantation on Avery's Ring] Drop Rate Bonus: 10% Ring of Fortune [Obtainable: Upgrading Row(I) ] Drop Rate Bonus: 10% Double Drop Rate Bonus: 10% Pets Snowman Pet [Discontinued] Droprate bonus : 5% Double drop bonus : 3% M'Box Pet [Obtainable: Mystery Box] Drop Rate Bonus: 5% Double Drop Rate Bonus: 5% Knuckles Pet [Obtainable: Arcade or Loyalty Shop] Drop Rate Bonus: 7.5% Double Drop Rate Bonus: 7.5% Pacman Jr [Obtainable: Arcade or Loyalty Shop] Drop Rate Bonus: 7.5% Double Drop Rate Bonus: 7.5% Phoenix Pet [Obtainable: Drop by Phoenix Boss] Drop Rate Bonus : 10% Shadow King Pet [Obtainable: Pet Mystery Box] Drop Rate Bonus: 10% Chaos Elemental Pet [Obtainable: Drop by Chaos Elementals or Pet Mystery Box] Drop Rate Bonus : 15% Rick Pet [Obtainable: Donation Store or Pet Mystery Box] Drop Rate Bonus: 15% Double Drop Bonus : 5% Morty Pet [Obtainable: Donation Store or Pet Mystery Box] Drop Rate Bonus : 15% Double Drop Bonus : 5% Diablo Pet [Obtainable: Donation Store] Drop Rate Bonus: 15% Healing Per Hit Vorago Pet [Obtainable: Donation Store] Drop Rate Bonus: 15% Prayer Point Restore Corporal Beast Pet [Discontinued] Droprate bonus : 15% Damage increase : +15% Damage taken : -15% Yoda Pet [Obtainable: Donation Store] Drop Rate Bonus: 15% Double Drop Rate Bonus: 5% Helicopter Pet [Obtainable: Donation Store] Drop Rate Bonus: 15% Double Drop Bonus: 15% Healing Per Hit Prayer Point Restore Auras: Fortune Aura lvl 1| [Obtainable: Box of Wisdom or Donation Store[ Drop Rate Bonus: 5% Fortune Aura Lvl 2 [Obtainable: Box of Wisdowm or Donation Store] Drop Rate Bonus: 10% Lucky Stars lvl 1 [Obtainable: Box of Wisdom or Donation Store] Double Drop Rate Bonus: 5% Lucky Stars lvl 2 [Obtainable: Box of Wisdom or Donation Store] Double Drop Rate Bonus: 10% Dream Potions: Dream Drop Rate Potion (4hr. 8hr. 24hr) [Obtainable: Dynamic Box] Drop Rate Bonus: 6% Dream Double Drop Rate Potion (4hr, 8hr, 24hr) [Obtainable: Dynamic Box] Double Drop Rate Bonus: 6% ::Poll Rewards Poll Reward [Obtainable: Participating in ::Poll] Drop Rate Bonus: 5% Double Drop Rate Bonus: 5% Note: You have a chance of receiving Drop Rate, Double Drop, or Thieving Boosts These rewards last 1 hour Game Modes Hardcore Mode [Harder XP rates than Normal Mode] Droprate bonus : 15% Ironman Mode [Cant trade, Same XP rates as Hardcore Mode] Droprate bonus : 25% If I am missing any DR/DDR items please leave in the comments below Missing items will be added ASAP!
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    Tag for Treyway

    Another pending request is finished. Enjoy the new tag @Treyway
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    Ayy lmao my boi Didy thanks for sharing Good luck to everyone and let's see some funny memes out there. This is my entry
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    Reputation Farm

    How about you earn your reputation?
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    I Willy I

    Avengers Raid Guide

    What is Avengers Raid: Avengers Raid is a safe mini-game that requires a team of 5 players to begin. The first step of the raid is to kill the nine bosses throughout the maze to then gain access to the final two bosses in the boss room; Ultron and Thanos. The raid is completed most efficiently with a balance of range and mage attack gear; Example: 3 players wear mage gear and 2 wear range. How to get to Avengers raid: ::avengers Requirements: Team of 5 Mid-Level/ High-Level Gear American Pernix / American Pernix U / Devious + Minigun / GMG / M4A4 American Virtus / Inga / Infernal / Crystal + Soulflare / Soulflare U / Oblivion Scythe / Khione's / Eternal Khione's Soulsplit Prayer Potions / Super Restores Not Required but helpful: Healing Pet Regain Aura Avery Ring Rewards: Successfully completing the raid will award the people who survived points based on the damage leader board as follows: 1st Place: 5 points 2nd Place: 4 points 3rd Place: 3 points 4th Place: 2 points 5th Place: 1 Point These points are used for the Avenger Store located north of home in the NPC Shops. All items except the Infinity Gauntlets (2,000) and the 250B (1) cost 1oo points. Avengers Walk-Through All Credits to Host Dean's for this video! Check out his youtube channel here Like and Subscribe to his channel! Pray Soulsplit during the entirity of the raid First Boss: Ant Man This boss has a healing effect; whenever this boss shrinks down to his miniature form DO NOT HIT HIM. When hitting him in his miniature form all of your hits will be blue hit markers and all damage will heal him instead. TIP: When he shrinks go kill the Vision nearby to save some time Second Boss: Vision Nothing special about this NPC; just kill it and move on to the next one. Third Boss: Iron Man Head North from Ant Man and you will find Iron Man in the corner; this is a single-target zone. Soloing Iron Man will require high-level gear and soulsplit to withstand the high damage from Iron Man. Tip: Lure Iron Man out to multi-level combat area so the rest of your team can help kill Fourth Boss: Dr Strange Nothing special about this boss; just kill it and continue down the path on to your next target Fifth Boss: Hulk Hulk is a heavy-hitting melee boss Trap him in the corner of the tunnel and you will be able to kill him without taking damage Sixth Boss: Spiderman This boss has high DPS and the team should send in the player with the best tank gear to try and survive his attacks while the rest of the team attacks. Seventh Boss: Captain America Nothing special with this boss, just mow it down with your team. Eighth Boss: Drax the Destroyer This is right around the bend on the southern path- no special effects Ninth Boss: Black Panther North from Drax you'll find Black Panther- nothing special about this boss either. BOSS TIME! Ultron: Kill Ultron first due to the fact there is no prayer protection. Thanos will sometimes drag you in but just run back out on the floor when this happens. Pray soulsplit during the entirety of the fight Thanos: Second step of the boss room is killing Thanos; He switches prayers frequently so having a mixed attack style team will benefit you here. (Range/Mage) When Thanos yells "MIND!" he will drag you towards him, no need to panic just run back out into the zone away from him and continue your attacks. Thanos will heal throughout the fight; outlast him and you complete the raid! Raid Map: Ant Man- 1st Kill Vision- 2nd Kill Iron Man- 3rd Kill Dr Strange- 4th Kill Hulk- 5th Kill Spiderman- 6th Kill Captain America- 7th kill Drax- 8th Kill Black Panther-9th Kill (Black Panther)
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    Lil Bowwow

    Resignation Bowwow

    Whats going on Dreamers, its yo boy bowwow. I want to take this moment to thank all the staff member, and the community for allowing me to be part of the staff team for 4 and half month. I had very good journey while at it, meeting new players, built a friendship and also got into making Youtube Video for the server. It has been very stressful past month for me, where i am in process on moving back to the state side, finding new home, and new unit that i will be working with. I wish and hope that i was a good helper to Gambling manager while i had the opportunity to. THIS ISNT A GOODBYE, I will continue to play the sever on Lil Bowwow, Iron bowwow and Bowwow JR (Rags to richest) and will continue to bring guides and video for you guys. I like to thank every single member of Dreamscape for letting me love the server and the community. Don't be a stranger and always feel free to PM me in-game for any questions etc. P.S. No begging for fr33 st0ff -Bowwow
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    301 visitors! We did it dsgang, my forums goal #1 reached! So glad everyone's loving the new forum activity, keep visiting. Keeping hanging with dsgang community!
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    Staff Feedback by Chilladin

    Before you start reading The feedback is based on my journey around Discord, in-game and the forums. It's also based on my past and current knowledge of all of the staff members. Thank you for taking your time to read your own and others feedback. I appreciate it as I've spent a lot of time to research these lovely individuals. Now your journey of reading will begin. I hope you enjoy it! Owner: Chuck - @Chuck I haven't seen a lot of Chuck since I've rejoined, but I think he's working really hard behind the scenes or is online when I'm not online. He's a really good owner and I couldn't wish for a better owner than Chuck. If he had the time I wish he could do some fun stuff like he did in the past such as the Tinychat events. I wouldn't mind him joining our lit Discord conversations. Would also be nice to hear his voice again to see if it's still the same. Only if he has time though, cause I think he has gotten busier because of the growth of DS and perhaps doesn't have time to do it anymore. If I'm lucky I sometimes see him at ::home chilling. I often see him on the staff channels so based on that knowledge I guess he's working and is busy. Anyways good to see you're still doing well and that DS is growing. Random knowledge: He used to make events on Tinychat. Co-Owner: Drax - @DRAX One word to describe Drax "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious". This guy can literally make watching grass grow fun. He's always active on the game and when you see him join your channel in Discord you already know it's going to be LIT! He likes to joke around, but can also be very serious if needed. Lovely, lovely guy his charisma and charm is just out of this world and he handles new players really well. I think Drax really loves what he does and couldn't wish for anything else. He's active on the forum, discord and in-game so I couldn't ask for more. He practically lives for DS. He's very fair and hosts events where almost everyone gets a prize. When he joins the discord chats he sometimes has some JUICY info that he tells us on Discord, but don't worry it's not something that he's not allowed to tell. I really love that he sometimes comes on Discord and just lightens up the mood. He always has a fun story to tell us when he joins and even though he's quite busy he replies fast. Drax is truly the mood maker of Dreamscape. He is a great addition to DS. I don't know where you came from Drax, but you're doing a great job, keep up the good work and thank you. I hope you stay forever and see you soon on Discord. RK: Drax doesn't play video games and has a thing for Nutella. He walks around with a banhammer/meat tenderizer so be careful out there haha. Managers: Stuart - @Stuart I think Stuart likes to be socially active on DS. He loves the community and wants to communicate with most of the members through various apps. I've only typed with Stuart once and he was quite friendly. Haven't met him on Discord yet, but he's also online when I'm offline. Our timezones are probably very like night and day so nothing to do about that really. I've seen him a lot in-game, but mostly when he does deals. I also see him on forums. RK: Hissnapchat is "Plzstu" and you better add him and he makes some juicy burgers. Feeds - @Feeds Haven't had any conversation or communication with Feeds. Based on some of the old posts I've read he's a very friendly and nice guy. He is also on the forums from time to time and gives out forum ranks. I would like to see you on Discord sometime. RK: His name comes from "Feed me more" I guess he's a foodie. Mark - @MarkDS When I first rejoined Mark was probably my favorite staff member, he helped me with a lot of stuff in the cc channel. He has a very kind soul and is super friendly. He helps the community in many ways. Even though he isn't Helper he still helps a lot of people in the help cc. He's usually the first to reply to questions and gives out free trivia points to everyone on yell. He also good at treating new players and is a bit "softer" on them as they are new. Mark is literally too cute, on Discord I always get this pure feeling from him and that he is a very happy individual. He's a very active Staff member and I see him in-game, Discord and forums everytime I log on. He responds to your private messages very quickly and doesn't hesitate to go out of his own way to help others. A really lovely guy. Stay the way you are Mark! RK: He's one of DS biggest weeaboos. Is the Trivia GOD, this guy types trivia answers faster than I can read them or type them in myself. A teacher once threw a chair at/near him and after that, he suddenly disappeared. You've probably heard this a lot, but "Oh, Hi Mark" Amonn - @Amonn I see him in the game and discord, but I don't think I've ever had a conversation with him. He usually helps people on Discord or in-game. He's also on Discord every time I log in. RK: His name was made by a random name searcher and he's known as "Mr. Potatoe Head" Lil Bowwow - @Lil Bowwow He reminds me of Drax, he's socially active and likes to joke around, but can be serious. He's very active around the gambling community of DS. I've seen his activity on the forum rise, he also hosts some of the most awesome events on Discord. I've seen him a lot on Discord he's a friendly and a very funny guy. RK: He's a great clan leader #Asian Persuasion and I've heard he's the God of Gambling Guru - @Guru (I've heard he wasn't officially staff, but I chose to include him as well) Very very active on DS Discord. He's mostly the first one to help people on the Discord help channel. He's active on the voice and text channel on Discord. Super nice guy and he likes to have fun with memes. Guru gives out some juicy news on the forums! I would love to see some more news. RK: His name came to his mind out of nowhere and he's also known as the Kanguru Administrators: Bellatrix - @Bellatrix This is probably one of my most favorite staff members, the reason being she's really active on forums. I've seen her work around the forums, giving ranks, posting, moving threads QOTD and editing posts for the staff members. She's heavily active on the forums and props to her for that. She is one of the reasons for the rise of activity on the forums. Even though she's the only forum admin atm I think she's doing a great job of watching over the forum. Bella has recently acquired extra responsibility which is the responsibility of being an in-game helper. She manages to maintain two "jobs" pretty well. I've seen her active in the help cc when she's not busy with her other work. Even though she's busy in-game, forums or discord she has the time for a nice chit and chat from time to time. I would say she's a good role model for people aiming for forum mod or admin. She's very easy to converse with and also one of the few people who are active on the forum chat. Fun to talk with and doesn't mind doing silly stuff. Bella is a great addition to the staff team. I love your work and you should keep on doing what're you're doing. RK: Is literally The Goddess of QOTD and her favorite food is Tacos or Mexican food. Been in one of my recent videos and she likes to adult color. Moderators: Hc Bob - @hc bob A really nice guy. He does a lot of events and is active on Discord and the forums. I haven't really spoken to him a lot so I would love to have a nice chit and chat some day. RK: Loves all food, but he would probably go with burrito bowls and he owns the clan/movement BOBSPLAN Michigan - @Michigan Michigan recently was promoted from Helper to Moderator and he still does his fair share of helping in the help cc. He's very active when there are events going around on Discord. Very friendly to new players. I've seen him walking around ::train and ::mbox helping new players. He also takes over the "fort" (Help CC) when none of the staff are on or busy. RK: He played lacrosse in College. Helpers: (As I've already mentioned "Bellatrix" I won't mention her in "Helpers"') Hc Blaze - @Hc Blaze Blaze is active in-game, discord and the forum. Blaze is one of the first people I've gotten to know when I rejoined the DS community. Super helpful and friendly. Blaze is a very fun person to be around and is heavily active in the help cc. Blaze is one of the factors of the forum activity increasing, so kudos to you. Blaze is a very chill person and very easy to communicate with. RK: I still don't know if Blaze is male or female. Blaze's favorite food is Stuffed mac and cheese pizza. Blaze is always high and is a "Meme God" Yoda Is Here - @YOda Is here I've recently seen an increase of forum activity. He's one of the most active people in the help cc, in-game, discord and forums. Super fun guy to talk and type with on Discord. He's ready to help whenever he's online. RK: The force is with him and he once laughed so hard he pooped himself (it was wet) Listy420 - @Listy420 I don't know a lot about listy, but his events are pretty lit. He spends time at the gambling side of the community and that is the reason I don't know a lot about him. I also see him active in the help cc. RK: His favorite food is steak and crab legs and of course his famous and fearful quote -inhales- "N E X T" Pkant18 - @pkant18 Super friendly guy. I was spending time with him before he was helper and he's talkative while he's doing tasks. He helped a lot of people in the help cc. He doesn't mind going out of his way to help others. Very easy to talk to and responds quickly. RK: He loves to sing Developers Alexxdkk - @alexdkk DS development Team - @DS Development Team Stuart MrUltimate - @MrUltimate Ghost Grant Player own90 - @Player own90 Stan I don't know a lot about all of these developers, but I'll base my feedback on what I see in-game. First of all, I want to say "Thank you" all for your hard work and time you've spent on DS. The game is working and thriving because of you guys. The forums are with no faults too, so thank you again for that. I love all of the new and current content in-game, so you guys are doing a great job. Keep up the good work and if you guys wouldn't mind come and say hi from time to time if you got time to spare. Would love to hear stories, fun stuff or just about you guys. Wiki Editors: (As I've already mentioned "Feeds" I won't mention him in "Wiki Editors") Mrdoctor. - @Mrdoctor. I recently saw MrDoctor. On Discord. He's a nice guy. I've recently seen a rise of activity from him too. He joins discord chats, in-game chat and also one of the few who joins the forum chat. RK: He's the doctor, he watches over us and he was the first one to beat the arcade! Coffee Nut - @Coffee Nut I haven't been in contact with Coffe, but thank you for your work. RK: Hard to find random knowledge about him, but he has a fun profile picture on the forums. I haven't been in contact with these guys that much but based on their work on the Wikipedia site I have nothing bad to say about them. The only thing is that the Wikipedia seems a bit outdated on certain pages, but I know they're working on it so props to these guys. The DS Wikipedia has also helped me a lot so I'll say it again thank you for your work and making our lives easier on DS. Overall: Alright we're headed towards the end. Without you guys, DS wouldn't be the DS that it is right now. You're all doing your best at the "stations" that you're currently at. I hope to meet some of the staff that I haven't had that much contact with. You're all awesome and I hope you guys stay on DS for a long time. Mad respect to you all! End: If there is something knowledge on here that you want deleted feel free to pm me and I'll delete it. Also if you see some mistakes such as: Ranks, Names and missing people feel free to post them down below and I'll get to them as soon as I can. I would feel pretty bad if I missed any important staff member. (I took most of the people from the current staff list so if some people are missing or not supposed to be there, feel free to say so.) Again thank you guys for reading your or others feedback. Have a great day and as always #DSGANG4LIFE
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    FULL staff list feedback - hc bob

    Hello all. I am going to try to make to make each description as brief and concise as possible. Please let me know what you think of the descriptions and the feedback, thanks Staff list - by rank: Chuck - The absolute best server owner I could ask for. He is an extremely hard working developer who dedicates unprecedented time to the server, and we all owe a sign of respect towards this fellow. I'm glad to have such a guy as the proud owner of Dreamscape. Feeds - One of the greats here on Dreamscape. Feeds has shown me nothing but respect as far as I am concerned, and he is one hell of a server manager. As hard working as he is, he still finds time to interact with the community, and for that, I thank him. Stuart - Without Stuart, I wouldn't be where I am today on Dreamscape. He very carefully selected me to be a part of the Dreamscape staff team on April 1st, 2018, and for that, I am forever grateful. He has shown me the ways of the helper, and has brought me up from the ground and created a legacy for me to fill in. As busy as he is, he always finds time to talk to me on Discord, and I am grateful for him. Drax - Ooooh Draxxy boy. One of my favorite members of the staff team, I have seen nothing but love and support from Drax. He is overly active in game and on Discord, and it is always a joy talking to Drax. His sense of humor compliments mine almost identically, and he is one of the best donation managers I have witnessed in action. I couldn't ask for a better higher-up, and I hope Drax continues to lay down this epic legacy of his. Thank you immensely, bud. Emperor Nick - REPRESENT BOY! You know what I am talking about . Nick is an extremely friendly guy, and such an interesting person to speak to. Personal qualities aside, he is the best gambling manager we could've asked for, and he handles every single gambling issue and inquiry with extreme professionalism, and he couldn't be a better fit for his position. Thank you Nick. Player Own90 - Although I haven't spoken to player own much at all, I want to take this time to thank him for the absolutely amazing dev work that he has provided for this server, and without him, this server wouldn't be anything close to what it is now. Amonn - A true friend of mine, since before I joined the staff team here on Dreamscape. Amonn is one of my favorite staff members, and he is the absolute best at ::deals . Jokes aside, Amonn has taken me in as his prodigy, and I strive to be as great as he is here on Dreamscape. Thank you Amonn, for being you. Flae - Flae is such a great server admin. He is quite a character, never fails to make me laugh, even when I am not in the best mood. Flae is very active in-game, and his sense of humor is so dry, I get dehydrated every time he speaks. Joking aspects aside, Flae is a great server administrator, and he will continue to be as long as he works with the DS staff team. Lil Bowwow - Rich boy Bowwow, you are quite the guy. You have helped me so many times in-game, and you are extremely active. I hope to see more excellence from you as one of our server moderators, and I hope to become closer as time passes. Thank you Bowwow. Road 2 Swag - Marky Marky Mark.... You know I am going to win this competition for longest active staff member right...? Haha, jokes aside, Mark is the absolute best fit for server Moderator, and he answers questions of all sorts from all players just as fast (sometimes faster) than I can, and he is one of the friendliest members here on the Dreamscape staff team. Keep working hard Mark, you've got a bright future ahead buddy. Hc Blaze - My helper in crime, my brother, we have grown as Helper ranks together, and I am extremely glad to have you by my side throughout this long endeavor, and I hope to see great things out of you in the future. Hc Blaze is extremely active in-game and possesses a vast knowledge about most things in-game. Thank you for your services buddy. Ni - My other helper in crime! Even though you are in a completely different time zone, I still find myself playing with you almost every day. You are a great helper, and have a bright future ahead man. Lots of work will reward us kindly, and I thank you for your activity, friendship, and services. Hc Bob - Noob. Demote.
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    Karanes' Staff Evaluation

    @Chuck - Oi, this guy. This man here is a true Italian stallion. Let's just say if I had to choose between this guy and a bucket of delicious golden crispy KFC chicken... I'd probably choose the chicken but he's a close second. @DRAX - I like this guy sometimes even though he's a cold-hearted jerk who steals my nudes from appear.in and sells them on the deep web. @Feeds - You're one of my favorite staff members for obvious reasons. @Lil Bowwow - I was going to write something positive about you and then I remembered you cleaned me, so.... I'll be taxing all of your positive comments from now on. All jokes aside you're a wonderful Gambling Manager and obviously the best asian in town. Now that'll be 4Q for both nice comments totaling 8Q. I expect to receive swift payment. @Emperor Nick - #Inactive @Stuart - You remind of a white version of my cousin, keep that up and you'll go far. @Flae - Get rid of the Justin Bieber, for the love of god! Also.. yeah... decent admin or whatever. @Road 2 Swag - I was told if I added you in this list there would free tater tots at the next event. @hc bob - Excellent addition to the staff team so far. I'm loving it. @Hc Blaze - You've always been my favorite TD and I knew you'd make a great helper so there's really nothing for me to say. @Guru - Guwu guwu guwu... It would be a travesty if I didn't add you to this list. You're top tier asf.
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