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    1 Year Staff Anniversary Event!

      Today is the day I celebrate my 1 year as a staff on this amazing server! It has been a unbelievable journey so far and I’ve meet lots of new people and gained lots of knowledge while being staff for all these months.       As a appreciate for celebrating this very amazing milestone I will be hosting two HUGE events! A Random Generator and a DROP PARTY! Both dates and information will be posted below!     Random Generator Event   How to enter?   Like the post and...   Reply using this Format:   In-Game Name: Number (1-10000): My favorite part of DS is.. (Write about 2 sentence)   Prizes   First Place!   New Years Anniversary Box!   Second Place!   Extreme Donator Ticket!   Third Place!   50T Cash + 2 Dream boxes!         Drop Party   NOW OVER!
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    Clue Scroll Guide.

    Hello everyone! As we have implemented ClueScrolls into our beloved Dreamscape last night, And after getting a billion of questions on how to do them, I decided to make you guys a complete guide, handling all of the locations and NPC’s that are related to our Custom ClueScrolls! You can obtain ClueScrolls by PVM-ing. Here is a list of all Monsters that drop Clue Scrolls. lvl 5 Goblin lvl 2 Cow lvl 8 Crawling Hands lvl 23 Banshee lvl 93 Dust Devil lvl 76 Bloodveld lvl 66 Infernal mage lvl 111 gargoyle lvl 115 Nechryael lvl 124 Abyssal Demon lvl 22 Skeleton lvl 470 Callisto lvl 27 Bat lvl 13 Chaos Druid lvl 33 Black Knight lvl 42 Magic Axe 127 lvl 82 Lesser Demon lvl 48 Chaos dwarf lvl 28 Hill Giant lvl 182 Dark beast lvl 48 baby blue dragon lvl 111 blue dragon lvl 172 Black demon lvl 122 Hellhound lvl 227 Black Dragon lvl 42 moss giant lvl 86 fire giant lvl 110 Jungle Strykewyrm lvl 210 Ice Strykewyrm lvl 130 Desert Strykewyrm lvl 13 Rock crab lvl 1001 Nex lvl 276 King Black Dragon lvl 624 General Graador lvl 170 Barrelchest lvl 285 Dragonbone Protector lvl 79 Green Dragon lvl 130 Forgotten warrior lvl 170 Sea Troll Queen lvl 267 Bork lvl 450 Tormented Demon lvl 107 greater reborn Ranger lvl 87 lesser reborn ranger lvl 124 Phoenix lvl 584 Icy Skeleton lvl 6996 Shadow King lvl 105 Pikachu lvl 255 Luigi lvl 315 Charmander lvl 420 Thugbob lvl 464 Venenatis lvl 225 Scorpia lvl 420 Flameking lvl 420 King Dreamer lvl 454 Vet’ion lvl 276 Mini King Black Dragon lvl 1337 Mini Graador lvl 72 Mini Barrel Chest lvl 596 Mini Zilyana lvl 580 Mini Kreeara lvl 10 Barbarian lvl 121 Spiritual Mage lvl 81 Cyclops lvl 115 Spiritual Ranger lvl 127 Spiritual Ranger lvl 107 Ork lvl 79 Aviansie lvl 69 Aviansie lvl 134 Spiritual Warrior lvl 115 Spiritual Warrior lvl 113 Saradomin Priest lvl 120 Spiritual Mage lvl 121 Spiritual Mage lvl 122 Spiritual Mage lvl 118 Spiritual Ranger lvl 103 Knight of Saradomin lvl 149 Gorak lvl 118 Spiritual ranger lvl 93 Werewolf lvl 148 Aviansie lvl 125 Spiritual Warrior lvl 159 Flight Kilisa lvl 580 Kree’ara lvl149 Flockleader Geerin lvl 143 Wingman Skree lvl 2000 Vorago lvl 1337 Gio’s Hoe lvl 45 Guardian of Armadyl lvl 785 Mini Corporeal Beast lvl 175 Mini Titan lvl 119 Mini Tormented Demon lvl 999 Wizard Grayzag lvl 115 Verac the Defiled lvl 115 Dharok the Wretched lvl 98 Ahrim the Blighted lvl 115 Torag the Corrupted lvl 98 Karil the Tainted lvl 115 Guthan the Infested lvl 113 TzHaar-Xil lvl 56 Cyclops lvl 575 Tank Boss lvl 21 Grizzly Bear lvl 420 Flame Pernix lvl 702 TzTok-Jad lvl 699 Nomad lvl 47 Angry Goblin lvl 305 Chaos Elemental lvl 785 Corporeal Beast lvl 624 General Graador lvl 142 Sergeant Steelwill lvl 141 Sergeant StrongSack lvl 142 Sergeant Grimspike lvl 9 Al-Kharid Warrior lvl 69 Hero lvl 46 Knight of Ardougne lvl 2 Penguin lvl 369 Steroid Penguin Tank lvl 4200 Party Minion lvl 8400 Party Boss However keep in mind, there are a few monsters who currently don’t drop Clue scrolls. The following Monsters DON’T drop Clue scrolls: Level 1 Chickens Level 53 Ice Giants Level 525 Avatar of Creation Level 21 Giant Rat Level 21 Guard You can also obtain ClueScrolls by Skilling, but keep in mind, these happen on a random occurrence. We currently have four difficulty levels added for clue scrolls. You can obtain the following Clue scrolls: - Normal - Hard - Elite - Dream All four different difficulty levels will have their own tier of rewards. Please do keep in mind, some of the items obtained from Clue scrolls, are untradeable. We divided ClueScrolls into 5 different categories/challenges. - Anagrams - Digging - Search - Equip and Emote - Riddles. Below, an in-depth guide will be posted, about Locations and NPC’s. You can use Crtl+F to easily navigate through this guide. Here’s a list of all the Anagrams we currently have! A Drizzly Coward---Crazy Old Wizard The Crazy Old Wizard can be found North-West of ::home LimeStone---MileStone MileStone can be found South-West of ::home Kid mom---Dommik Dommik can be found at the Summoning Teleport, under the Skilling Teleports. Ref Ram---Farmer The Farmer can be found at the Farming/Herblore Teleport, under the Skilling Teleports. Limbered Ionsas---MiniBoss Leader The Miniboss Leader can be found at ::home, in the building that holds all the shops. Raving Pickle---King Percival He can be found in the house with the Regular Prayer Altar, at ::home U May At---Tamayu He can be found at the Hunter Teleport, under the Skilling Teleports. Finer Mash---Fisherman He can be found at the Fishing/Cooking Teleport, under the Skilling Teleports. Ark Aid---Kardia She can be found at ::edge, or at the Edgeville City Teleport. Not Aids---Notsaid He can be found in Canifis, accessible through the City Teleports. He Cocktail Hero---Charlie the Cook He can be found at the Fishing/Cooking Teleport, under the Skilling Teleports. Scroll Hi Go ---Schoolgirl She can be found West of Barbarian Village, which is accessible through the Beheld Rare ---Herb Dealer He can be found at the Farming/Herblore Teleport, under the Skilling Teleports. Seagulls or Lad ---Solus Dellagar He can be found at the Dungeoneering Teleport, under the Skilling Teleports. Minosah----Shanomi He can be found at the Warriors Guild, under the Minigames Teleport. Nae Kdly----Lady Keli She can be found in Varrock in the tent. Here’s a list with all the current Digsites. Please do note, you need a Spade for these Clue Scrolls. Amidst the Circle of Flames, Dig below the Southern part of the Circle. This location can be found at the Barrelchest Teleport, under the Bosses Teleport. Dig infront of the holy altar, where duels are held This location can be found at the Duel Arena, under the Minigame Teleport. There where the Brothers have their final resting place, Dig amidst the Middle Grave. This location can be found at the Barrows Teleport, under the MiniGames Teleport. Dig in the Middle of Ahrim’s Grave. Dig infront of the Staircase, North of the Fishermen’s Town. This is the Staircase, north of the Farming/Herblore Teleport. You can also access this spot via the Catherby Teleport, under the City Teleports. Dig in the Middle of Seer’s Village Flax Field. This can be accessed by using the Crafting Teleport under the Skilling Teleport Section. You can also use the Seers Village Teleport, under the City Teleports. On Port-Sarim’s most Southern Penninsula, dig behind the Tree. This can be accessed by using the Port-Sarim Teleport, under the City Teleports. Dig infront of the GraveStone, at Port-Sarim’s Graveyard. This is the middle Gravestone at Port-Sarim, which can be accessed by using the Port-Sarim Teleport, under the City Teleports. There where the Northeners live, dig amidst the Stall Area. This is in Relekka, the Fremennik City, you can get here by Teleporting to RockCrabs, under the Monster Teleports, then Run South-West. Dig where the Trolls dwell, and Humans boil. This Area can be accessed by using the Burthope Teleport, under the City Teleports, Run North-West, until you are at the Death Plateau, then run South a little, to reach the Area with the Giant Cooking Pot. Dig in front of the Cooking Guild. You can get access to the Cooking Guild, by using the Varrock Teleport, under the City Teleports, then Run West, until you're at the end of town, then run North a little. Dig in the Middle of Lumbridge’s Graveyard. You can get access to Lumbridge’s Graveyard, by using the Lumbridge Teleport, under the City Teleport, then Run South a little. Dig at the Tree of Thugs. This is the tree next to the house North-West of home, where you can kill Thugbobs. You can get access to this location by using the ::home Teleport. Dig infront of the gate, at the City of Magic. This is the Gate, which is used to enter Yanille. To get access to Yanille, use the Yanille Teleport, under the City Teleport, then run West, until you hit the gate. Dig infront of the Cave, where the Big Kahuna lives. The big Kahuna is, of course, Jad. You can find the entrance to his lair at the ‘Tzhaar Caves’ Teleport, under the Minigames Teleport. Dig infront of the House at the Deslote Island. This island can be accessed by using the Yanille Teleport, under City Teleport, from here, run South-East, until you find a bridge, follow the path and it will lead you to the House. Amidst the Marsh, Dig infront of the Wooden Grave. This area can be accessed by teleporting to Canifis, under the City Teleport, and run all the way to the East, untill you run into a stream of Water. Map of the Road: Dig under the ‘Charms’ at Draynor Village. This area can be accessed by using the Draynor Village Teleport, under the City Teleports, From here, run North, to the square of houses. Stand underneath the ‘charms’ next to the door. Dig under the Fire at the Village of Goblins. This area can be accessed by teleporting to Falador, under the City Teleport, run North, until you reach Goblin Village, walk to the fire an dig on it. This part of the guide will cover all the Search Locations. Search the Crates in Varrock Castle’s Courtyard. You can access this area by using the Varrock Teleport, under the City Teleports, then run North, to the Castle Area, the Crates are a little to the East, from here. Search the Crate at Catherby’s Pier. You can access this area by using the Catherby Teleport, under the City Teleports run to the South a little. Search the ‘Dead Body’ at the White Wolf Mountain You can access this area by using the Burthope Teleport, under the City Teleport, then run South, all the way to Taverly, then make your way up to the White Wolf Mountain. Search the Crates on the Bridge to the Wizard’s Tower. You can access this area by using the Draynor Village Teleport, under the City Teleports, then run South, until you encounter the Crates on the Bridge. Search the Crate near the Docks a Port Khazard. You can access this area by using the Yanille Teleport, under the City Teleports, then run North-East, Until you hit Port Khazard, from here, run to the East, until you see the docks, Search the Crate in front. Search the Haystack amidst the Barn, North of Draynor Village You can access this area by using the Draynor Village Teleport, under the City Teleports, run North, Until you reach the Crossroads, then run to the North-East to the Barn, The haystack is at the Eastern Part of the barn. Steal from Draynor’s Market Stall. You can access this area by using the Draynor Village Teleport, under the City Teleports, Run to the North-West, to the Square, and steal from the Market Stall. Search the Boxes at Ardougne’s Harbor. You can access this area by using the Ardougne Teleport, under the City Teleport, then run South, until you reach the Harbor. Search the Crate at WitchHaven’s Pier. You can access this area by using the Aroudgne Teleport, under the City Teleports, then run to the South-East. Yes, we are aware that this Clue is incorrect, as it is actually Ardougne’s Pier. Pick a Thorn from the Thorny Bush, atop of the White Wolf Mountain. You can access this Area by using the Burthope Teleport, under the City Teleports, then run South, All the way to Taverly, then make your way up the White Wolf Mountain, the Thorny Bush is located Atop of the Mountain. Search the Coffins South of the Town of PK-ers You can access this Area by using the ::edge Teleport, you can also select City Teleports -> Edgeville. Run South of the Bank and you will encounter four Coffins. It’s the one at the South-West. Yes, we are aware that this Clue is currently glitched, and we will fix it ASAP. Search the Crate in Canifis’ Costume Shop You can access this Area by using the Canifis Teleport, under the City Teleports, Run North from here, into the shop with the Green Clothing Logo. Search the Boxes at the Entrance of the great Tree Village. You can access this area by using the Ardougne Teleport, under the City Teleports, from here, Run all the way North-West Until you get at the Entrance of Tree Gnome StrongHold. Map of the road: Search the Crate in the house at the Guild of Fishers. You can access this area by using the Fishing/Cooking Teleport, under the City Teleports, from there, run into the Southern part of the Building. Search the Sacks next to a Bar, in the Town of Magic. You can access this area by using the Yanille Teleport, under the City Teleport, then run to the West, until you see the bar. Search the Memorial close to a Waterpump, Somewhere in the Marsh. You can access this area by using the Canifis Teleport, under the City Teleports, from there, Run North-East, past Frankenstein's Castle, and You’ll encounter the Memorials. Map : Search the Chest on the Abandoned Ship. You can access this area by using the ::Magegray Teleport, or from the Canifis Teleport, under the City Teleports. From the ::magegray Teleport, run to the west until you encounter the Ship. Map : Search the Haystack in the Castle Courtyard. You can get access to this area by using the Ardougne Teleport, under the City Teleports, from here, run to the West, until you run into Ardougne’s Castle. Search the Boxes, amidst the Abandoned Camp. You can get access to this area by using the Ardougne Teleport, under the City Teleports, from here, run to the North-West Until you run into an Abandoned Camp. Map : Investigate the Mysterious CoalTruck, North-West of Seer’s Village. You can get access to this area by using the Seer’s Village Teleport, under the City Teleports, from there, run Nort-West along the Fence of McGrubor’s Wood, until you encounter the Coal Truck. Map : Search the Crate in one of the Tents in Al-Kharid. You can access this area by using the Al-Kharid Teleport, under the City Teleports, Run North, Until you reach the Scimitar Shop, search the Crate there. Search the Boxes North of the Great Maze. You can access this area by using the Yanille Teleport, under the City Teleport, Run Nort-West, Until you encounter the Great Maze, Run Nort along the Fence, then run west, until you encounter an Abandoned Camp. Map : Search the Boxes in a Tent in Burthope. You can access this area by using the Burthope Teleport, under the City Teleport, run South of the Castle, to the Southern Middle Tent. In this section, I’ll handle all the Equip and Emote Clue Scrolls. Equip a pair of Iron Platelegs, Iron dagger and a Monkey Lover, and Air Guitar in the middle of the Flame Torva Area. You can access this area by using the ::Flameking Teleport, then select Flame Torva. Stand in the Middle of the Map and Air Guitar. Equip a pair of Flared Trousers, a Black Cavalier and a pair of Ice Gloves, and dance at the bar of the Blue Moon Inn. You can access this area by using the Varrock Teleport, under the City Teleport, run South to the Blue Moon Inn, Dance at the bar. Map : Bow before the Statue of Saradomin, wear nothing at all. Beware of Old Men! You can access this area by using the Falador Teleport, under the City Teleport, and run North, to the Saradomin Statue just outside of the town. Dance in front of the Make-over Mage’s House, wear nothing at all. Beware of Old Men! You can access this area by teleporting to Port-Sarim, under the City Teleport, from there, Run North-West, until you find the house of the Make-Over Mage, and dance in front of the door. Equip a pair of White Wings, a Minecraft Helm and a Minecraft Pickaxe. Bow in front of the Shanty pass. You can access this area by using the Al-Kharid Teleport, under the City Teleport, Run South-East, into the Shanty Pass, Bow in front of the Gate. Equip a Glock, Vanguard Gloves, and Karil’s Skirt, and Jig in between the torches at the Ardougne Magic Trees. You can access this area by either using the Woodcutting Teleport, under the Skilling Teleport or via the Ardougne Teleport. I will handle this from the Woodcutting Teleport. From the Woodcutting Teleport, Run South-West, Until you encounter a Tower, run to the Southern Entrance of it, and Jig between the Torches. Map : Equip a pair of Barrow Gloves, an Elemental Whip, and a Drygore Offhand. Bow to the one who has no arms. You can access this area by using the ::home Teleport. The one without arms, is, of course, Ironman. Stand in front of him, and bow. Equip a pair of pirate boots, gilded platebody, gnome scarf and a brutal whip and dance right next to the range at the smithing teleport. You can access this area by using the Smithing Teleport, under the Skill Teleports. Stand next to the Range, and dance. Equip a Royal Sicle, a pair of Rainbow Wings and nothing else. Salute to the hidden wall at Dreamscape’s hottest place. You can access this area by using the ::flameking Teleport, then Select Flame Pernix. Run North, until you find the ‘hidden’ wall. Goblin Salute to the Wall. Equip a Rainbow Scarf, a pair of Rainbow Boots, and a Deathcape, Raspberry at the Bridge north of Canifis, beware of Old Men! You can access this area by using the Canifis Teleport, under the City Teleport, Run North, Until you encounter the bridge, Raspberry on the edge of the Broken Bridge. Map: Equip a Vesta’s Chain, a pair of Dharok Platelegs, and a pair of Flowers. Panic infront of the Haunted Mansion. You can access this area by using the Draynor Village Teleport, under the City Teleport, run North, until you hit the Crossroads, and run North from here. Panic at the front door of the Haunted Mansion. Map : Spin in front of the door that needs a Brass Key to be opened. Equip nothing but a Chaotic Whip. Beware of Old Men! You can access this area by using the Varrock Teleport, under the City Teleport, Run West of Varrock, until you reach the end of Town, Then run North-West, Until you encounter a small ‘Shed’. Spin at the door of this Shed. Map: Equip an Assault Rifle, a Gold Chain, and a pair of Steadfast Boots, Dance in front of Spectral Wall there where the Mage lives. You can access this area by using the ::magegray Teleport. From here, Run to the South, Slightly, and Dance in front of the Spectral Wall. Equip a Katana of stars, Vet’ion pet and a pair of White glass wings and do the zombie dance inbetween the 2 statues in front of the Slayer tower. You can access this area by using the Summoning Teleport, under the Skilling Teleport, run North-West Until you reach the gate of the Slayer Tower. Zombie Dance between the two Gargoyle Statues. This section of the guide will be all about the Riddles. Keep in mind you need a Spade for these. Come to the evil ledge. Yew know yew want to. Try not to get stung. You can access this area by using the ::edge Teleport, or by using the Edgeville Teleport, under the City Teleports. Run south, Past the Coffins, Dig Next to the Yew Tree, whilst standing on the Nettles. Covered in shadows, the centre of the circle is where you will find the answer. You can access this area by using the Barrows Teleport, under the MiniGames Teleport, From here, run to Mort’on, and dig at the CrossRoad. Map: A church laying staticly in the see whom has not seen much life in a while dig outside the rim of the window You can access this area by using the Port-Sarim Teleport, under the City Teleport. Run South-west until you encounter the church, dig at the glass window behind the church. This covers all the currently added Cluescrolls! I haven't aded the rewards yet, as we'd like to keep those a Secret for now! Happy Treasure Hunting!
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    Staff list [Updated]

    @Chuck @DRAX [Co-Owner] @DS Development Team [Game Developers] @Stuart [Web Developer] @MrUltimate [Game Developer] @alexdkk [Game Developer] [Ghost] [Game Developer] [Grant] [Game Developer] @Player own90 [Game Modeler] [Stan] [Game Developer] [Cjay0091] [Game Developer] @Lil Bowwow [Gambling Manager/Media Manager] @CylorV [Community Manager] @Feeds [Server Manager] @darklordrr [Wiki Manager] @DSRees [In-Game Administrator] @Apex [In-Game Administrator] @oma torva [In-Game Administrator] @K 0 X D [In-Game Moderator] @4 Real Irish [In-Game Helper] @sk1l [In-Game Helper] @Robin026 [ In-Game Helper] http://dreamscape317.wikia.com/wiki/Staff
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    [CENTER][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/gYDgatz.png[/IMG] [B][COLOR=#b30000]Dear DreamScape Community,[/COLOR][/B] We've got some great news to share with each other! We've got some new promotions for you today. All the people who are on this list, worked hard for their ranks, it's not that easy to achieve a rank! Our dear Forum Administrator [USER=5556]@Squishy[/USER] made an application for helper, and because of his great activity and work, he's also been promoted towards [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/SriVdUY.gif[/IMG][B][COLOR=#0000ff]Helper[/COLOR][/B]! Our other helper [USER=5713]@Gamersdlight[/USER] who was helper for a long time deserved to get higher up towards [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/fTkZF2h.gif[/IMG][B][COLOR=#4da6ff]In-game Moderator[/COLOR][/B]! I want a big congrats for this guy who also was working very hard for this rank! We've also gained alot a new trusted dicers within our community! I want to say thankyou to every new trusted dicer for being so trusted within the community and dicezone. That's always great to hear! Congrats to the following guys, on becoming a [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/77HvcZx.png[/IMG][B][COLOR=#666600]Trusted Dicer *[/COLOR][/B] [USER=4384]@Jon Rotten[/USER] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/77HvcZx.png[/IMG] [B][COLOR=#666600]*[/COLOR][/B] [USER=6530]@Rhys[/USER] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/77HvcZx.png[/IMG] [B][COLOR=#666600]*[/COLOR][/B] [USER=3146]@Gainz[/USER] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/77HvcZx.png[/IMG] [B][COLOR=#666600]*[/COLOR][/B] [USER=6583]@Scrub Jay[/USER] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/77HvcZx.png[/IMG] [B][COLOR=#666600]*[/COLOR][/B] [USER=1436]@suomitank[/USER] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/77HvcZx.png[/IMG] [B][COLOR=#666600]*[/COLOR][/B] @tskumisan [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/77HvcZx.png[/IMG] We've also have a new [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/Y94Rt.png[/IMG][B][COLOR=#4dffa6]GFX-Designer[/COLOR][/B] on Dreamscape! His name is [USER=7196]@Gergely[/USER] Everybody congratulate this awesome GFX-Designer! His shop is also very great. And at last, a player who deserves this fame more then anyone at this moment. He's been working so hard lately, there were some issues around this guy. But he's been working so hard, and he's active every day. He really deserves this promotion. Okay let's get to the point! [USER=2340]@Logical[/USER] has been promoted to [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/jliW8zW.gif[/IMG][B][COLOR=#4dffff]In-game Administrator[/COLOR][/B] !! Congratulate all these great people for their hard work! I'd hope to have everyone for a very long time on this beauty of a server. Regards, [USER=3783]@Bench Press[/USER] Staff Manager [/CENTER]
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    Respect + Maturity

    15 minutes ago i started a big drop party which contained more then 100T+ worth on items. While i was dropping ofcourse i didn't got any complains. But 5 minutes afterwards i was getting angry private messages about people who a starting to call me faggot or other disrespectfull words. Because? They maybe didn't got a drop. Is it worth it to call someone who just hosted a drop party a faggot or dick? I want to make clear that this will NOT be appreciated at all. Being angry is okay. But don't let that be a reason that you can't play DreamScape anymore. That's not worth it! Be smart and act mature on that moment. I made an announcement of this to make you beware guys. I hope that i made something clear. This doesn't only is for me. This is for everyone who hosts a giveaway. If it is a staff member or not. Everyone needs to be handled with respect within this community [member=bench press]
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    Brand new achievements ! open 25 birdnests succesfully upgrade 5 items kill 100 pikachu Open 25 Super Mystery Boxes We fixed cut 75 trees & 100 Sharks NEW Ultra Rare drop Added to King Black Dragon !
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    Voldemort Guide

    Voldemort Guide   Introduction     Voldemort is a level 777 boss that has 66,666 hitpoints and can only be attacked with ranged or mage. Only the 3 players that inflict the most damage get the loot.   It was introduced in this update patch: Patch   Location           To get to Voldemort, all you need to do is type a simple command (it is not available under the 'boss' teletab):   ::joinraid1.   This will take you to Voldemort's dungeon, and, fortunately, the area is free, available and safe to everybody.   Getting ready   As i mentioned earlier, this boss can only be attacked by using mage or range. The most popular method is ranged.   Ranged method:   Welfare setup:   (Flame pernix set) (Assault Rifle) (Fury OR) (Ring of Wealth) (Vanguard boots & gloves) (Rainbow wings)   Medium setup:   (American pernix set) (Golden AK47) (Vanguard boots & gloves) (Row I) (Rainbow wings) (Fury OR)   Best setup:   (Elite pernix set) (Upgraded gold chain) (Blue death cape) (Dream gloves & boots) (Minigun) (Row I)   For the mage setup there really is only one option, however it is not very commonly used:   Mage method:   Soulflare:   (Shadow set) (Gold chain) (Blue death cape) (Soulflare) (Dreamwing boots) (Dream gloves) (Icy kiteshield)   Inventory   It is important to note that, to take down this boss, it is necessary to have a prayer level of at least 92 to use Soulsplit. In your inventory, you should have prayer potions and range potions (optional if you want to inflict more damage). Not a full inventory, however if it gets full the rewards get added directly to your bank.   Inventory:   Recommendations   I recommend a team of at least 3, with at least 1 person having a minigun (otherwise it takes too long) Stand 6 blocks away from Voldemort, this way he can't hit you with his attacks (not as much) Don't solo it if you don't have a minigun If you get outdamaged by a lot and don't receive loot, don't stay there   Loot (For the sake of not over-complicating, i decided to include only the rare and ultra rare drops because of the large amount of commons.)   Credits I want to thank Irongod7, [member=cooni] and [member=activate]. Also the entire wiki team for providing the drop table.     Thanks for reading!
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    Dear DreamScape community. After weeks / months of Developing, sleepless hours and countless of bug fixes..we finally have the update done ! This update is has been the most difficult one in the whole DreamScape history. For some of you players it might be different since its less of a "content" update and rather a performance, however for DS this is a big step.     Client update - rendering at 50 FPS   This was the most difficult part of the whole update. We've lost players due the FPS drops to 4, lagging out and freezes.  This has been resolved for 95% of every user. Client now addepts to the player their computer specs so it has optimised game play experience.    SUPER FAST DOWNLOADABLE CACHE!   We have moved all our storage locations from dropbox to a new storage location to increase the download speeds for players! We hope you enjoy the new speeds.    Drop rate simulator  We now have a drop rate simulator that shows you how much drop rate bonusses you have from your armour / pets / player mode.      Revamped American torva    Since we've introduced lots of torva sets, the popularity of american torva has been decreased. We have revamped the armour set. by Equipping american torva completely, you will now have a drop rate increase.    Complete American Torva set ( U ) -- 6.99 % Complete American Torva set -- 2.99 %      Dust / wishes has been fixed. You can now claim your wishes without disconnecting. Goodluck on the rewards !   Nex boss  The Nex boss has now been fixed. Preventing it to wander off the map, and holding you from getting killed at 0 HP.  It still in beta mode, meaning we might have to do some tweaks on it.   Scrolling ability You can now scroll in the client by holding CTRL and scroll with your mouse.   Bug fixes. A numerous amount of bug fixes has been released upon this update.  We have followed alot of suggestions / complains from the community and made a list out of that. Ofcourse, it doesn't make the server bug free..but we are on the way !     Once again, this update contains rather performance improvements instead of content. Stay tuned, because it won't take too long before we have another update ( with new content ! ) 
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    Bench Press

    A new Rank!

      Dear Dreamers,   It's seems that a new rank appeared on the Dreamscape Forums...   With the whole Forums & Web Development team we've been working on a new rank on our forums. With this rank we would like to say thanks to people who've been and are a big part of Dreamscape.   Some people have been with us for a long time now, they've seen a lot happening on the server and they putted countless hours in the server.   On that note, we want to thank those players with this rank.   But how are we gonna choose who deserves this rank? Well, after a good chat with all the forum team members. We came up with a requirements list.   We need to cross a border at some point, and that's why we came up with the following requirements, on achieving the: Legends rank.    * The account needs to have a 1 year+ register date on the Dreamscape Forums. * You need to have a 800+ post count on your account. * You need to have 400+ reputation points. * You need to have 50+ days in-game playtime. * Once you apply for the rank, you must have been active for 3+ months (In-game / Forum wise)     Yes, those requirements are not easy. But, it's also not easy to become a true Dreamscape Legend.   It takes hard work and dedicatin to become one of them.     'Legends never die'
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    Dear DreamScape Community, yet we have another update to present ! Virtus is now upgradeable, upon succeeding you will receive Elite Virtus ! Drygore of -hand is now upgradeable, upon succeeding you will receive Drygore off-hand ( U ) Bork & Barrelchest bosses are now available in the Iron man Instances ! Try your luck at the revamped Mage Grays, earn a fortune by grinding the powerful mages of DreamScape !
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    Logicals Resignation.

    Hey guys as you may have noticed I havent been as active this past few weeks as I usually am. I have been going through a lot in real life recently and haven't been able to focus on Dreamscape they way I should be. Dreamscape deserves someone who can be there for it all the time and I just cant do that anymore. I am thankful for everyone I have met here and I know that Dreamscape is only going to get better and better as time goes on. I will make sure to stop by every now and then to see how everything and everyone is doing but for right now I need to clear my head and get a few things straightened out in real life. Dreamscape has been a huge part of my life for the past year and I just wanted to say thank you to you guys for making it enjoyable. <3     -Logical
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    [CENTER][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/Jbxc1N6.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/E8o8PJm.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/hphxGIT.png?1[/IMG] [B]Welcome to the Dreamers Weekly! [/B]The Dreamers Weekly is going to be the the Official Dreamscape RSPS Newspaper. In this newspaper we’re going to highlight important information for you guys with recent events going on in Dreamscape. Think of the following; In Game Updates/Staff Updates/Interviews/Event Winners/Video’s and way more! This newspaper is going to be your weekly newspaper that you’re going to read with a cup of coffee in your left hand and your PC mouse in your right hand scrolling down this newspaper! [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/Olhse8o.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/hphxGIT.png?1[/IMG] If you didn't already checked out the staff update thread. Then you can always find it here. We'll keep this in the Dreamers Weekly so everyone can see again who has been promo to a staff member this week! Our previous [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/hXWV3qp.gif[/IMG][B][COLOR=#bfbfbf]Server Manager[/COLOR][/B] [USER=2197]@Prod Dice[/USER] has resigned this week. He served our served more than well! I want to have a big applause for this guy cause he was an excellent Server Manager! Now, our beloved Administrator. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/hXWV3qp.gif[/IMG][B][COLOR=#bfbfbf]Server Manager [/COLOR][/B][USER=2340]@Logical[/USER] , will be in his footsteps! We're positive that Logical will do wonderful with this position! Since [USER=2340]@Logical[/USER] has been promoted to Server Manager, we needed another [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/jliW8zW.gif[/IMG][B][COLOR=#00ffff]In-Game Administrator[/COLOR][/B], and the next person in line for that promotion is none other than [USER=5713]@Gamers[/USER] He has been doing wonderful at the Moderator position, and we expect amazing things from him as an Administrator! Along with a new Server Manager, we’ve also received a new [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/9Up8PYU.gif[/IMG][B][COLOR=#ff8000]Community Manager[/COLOR][/B] [USER=4242]@Man Cleave[/USER] has taken the position of Community Manager! He's such a dedicated staff member and he has worked very hard for this great promotion! He was our previous Gambling Manager, but he has been promoted to a more suitable rank for himself, make sure to congratulate Man Cleave on his promotion! Because of Man Cleave being promoted, and losing his rank as [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/zQ3pBO8.gif[/IMG][B][COLOR=#ffffff]Gambling Manager[/COLOR][/B], we needed to promote someone to take over his position as Gambling Manager. Our dear Sponsor, [USER=4555]@Tskumi[/USER] , who is nearly a king in dicezone has been promoted to Gambling Manager! He's already taken great initiative make dicing on DreamScape safer. We've also got two new In-game Moderators! [USER=2315]@Bale[/USER] and [USER=5556]@Squishy[/USER] , who both were doing a great job as Helpers, but they were ready for the next step, and that step is, [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/fTkZF2h.gif[/IMG][B][COLOR=#0080ff]In-game Moderator![/COLOR][/B] Because of Bale, and Squishy being promoted to In-Game Moderators, we needed some more [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/SriVdUY.gif[/IMG][B][COLOR=#0000ff]Helpers![/COLOR][/B] [USER=573]@Zeven[/USER] who is our dear Forum Moderator, and [USER=7104]@Searwen[/USER] , a very active player in the DreamScape community, have been promoted to the [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/SriVdUY.gif[/IMG][COLOR=#0000ff][B]Helper[/B][/COLOR] position! We expect amazing things from both of these promotions! [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/Cs3mRhe.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/hphxGIT.png?1[/IMG] This is the first ever Dreamers Weekly! The idea originated from our beloved Staff Manager, Bench Press. This inspired both Bench Press, and Squishy to take an initiative into creating an overall view for it. Next week we will be interviewing two amazing Staff Members, Gamersdelite (Administrator) and Bale (Moderator). They both know of this, and are awaiting the questions from you! If you’d like to submit questions for Bale or Gamerdelite please send them in a Private Message to Bench Press or Squishy. We will be doing giveaways revolving around the Dreamers Weekly as well! Each week will be the overall same thing, but you’ll be able to enter! Each week if you wish you can send a random story about DreamScape to Bench Press or Squishy to have a chance for it to be featured in the Dreamers Weekly! You must write the story yourself! Each week, the winner will receive a prize of at least [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/MTkZLxm.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/hphxGIT.png?1[/IMG] [B][COLOR=#ffff00]Interview with our lovely helper: Judge[/COLOR] [COLOR=#ff8000]Interviewed by: Persiano.[/COLOR][/B] [COLOR=#ff8000] [B][IMG]https://i.gyazo.com/41da2915e959206d45342a2c14075388.png[/IMG][/B][/COLOR] [B][COLOR=#ff8000](Persiano): [/COLOR][/B]First question, Tell us something about yourself. [B][COLOR=#ffff00](Judge): [/COLOR][/B]That’s quite a vague question. [B][COLOR=#ff8000](Persiano):[/COLOR][/B] It’s to help the community get to know you a bit better! [B][COLOR=#ffff00](Judge):[/COLOR][/B] Alright, I’m 19 years old, full time land surveyor who has always enjoyed video games as a past time. [B][COLOR=#ff8000](Persiano):[/COLOR][/B] Next question, what would you consider the best time you’ve ever had in DreamScape? [B][COLOR=#ffff00](Judge): [/COLOR][/B]I was in teamspeak with Prod dice, and he was on the phone with a member of the community speaking about a support ticket. The unusual thing about that is you usually wouldn’t leave your phone number on a support ticket. So Prod left his mic on and let us hear the conversation. It was really funny! [B][COLOR=#ff8000](Persiano): [/COLOR][/B]Is there an event in your life that you would ever want to live again, what would it be? [B][COLOR=#ffff00](Judge):[/COLOR][/B] I think it would be fascinating to relive my highschool years with, all the knowledge i gained over the years. Just to see different things could turn out had I gone down different roads. [B][COLOR=#ff8000](Persiano):[/COLOR][/B] Who do you think is the most respected Staff Member right now? [B][COLOR=#ffff00](Judge):[/COLOR][/B] With all the changes in the staff list, aside from Gio of course, I think Bench Press holds the most respect at the moment. [B][COLOR=#ff8000](Persiano):[/COLOR][/B] What do you consider to be the most awesome staff position, right now? [B][COLOR=#ffff00](Judge): [/COLOR][/B]Haha that’s an interesting question! I think the most “awesome” position is the helper position. [B][COLOR=#ff8000](Persiano):[/COLOR][/B] Why the helper position? [B][COLOR=#ffff00](Judge):[/COLOR][/B] This group of players volunteer to aid the community. For no personal gain. [B][COLOR=#ff8000](Persiano): [/COLOR][/B]If you could had to choice to upgrade your helper position, would you do it? [B][COLOR=#ffff00](Judge):[/COLOR][/B] I think most people aspire to grow within the community, I’m no different! [B][COLOR=#ff8000](Persiano):[/COLOR][/B] What inspired you to join the helper position? [B][COLOR=#ffff00](Judge): [/COLOR][/B]I always loved aiding the players who needed it he most, So naturally this position would help players come to me. Not only me actively seeking players in need. [B][COLOR=#ff8000](Persiano): [/COLOR][/B]Thanks for the interview Judge! It’s the first one in Dreamers Weekly history! [B][COLOR=#ffff00](Judge): [/COLOR][/B]No problem, it was a pleasure! [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/h7Muni1.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/hphxGIT.png?1[/IMG] Last week, we had some winners for different events going on. The first event that ended last week was Aria and Bench’s Song/Poem Giveaway. They requested players from the community to write a poem or a song that revolved around humor, here’s the winner! [I][COLOR=#ffffff][B]Now, let me tell you bout this little game[/B] [B]It's called Dreamscape, makin rsps hall of fame[/B] [B]We got the best weed, hell there's a cape for it[/B] [B]Got glocks and AK's but only if you can pay for it[/B] [B]It's a lot like RS, the one in '07[/B] [B]I remember logging in, felt like my own piece of heaven[/B] [B]Now I'm sittin’ here writing this song before I rest[/B] [B][/B] [B]It's Pornografiti signing out, you already know that I'm the best.[/B][/COLOR][/I] What a song! [B][COLOR=#4da6ff]Congratulations to [USER=7194]@pornografiti[/USER] for winning a Bandos Pet![/COLOR] [/B]Next up, we had Squishy’s Tenth Forums Giveaway ‘Posts to Likes’ end! This event required players to fill out an application, and the player who had the highest percentage of their posts liked, won! The winner for this event was [USER=6530]@Rhys[/USER]! Clearly stating that he absolutely loves the forums! Next, the Staff Feedback event has finished as well. Our Staff Manager Bench Press hosted this to get a review on Staff Members, to see how they stand. But, knowing Bench Press, he has to make a giveaway out of it! [COLOR=#a64dff][B]And the winner of that giveaway/event was: [/B][USER=7483]@Send Me Pics[/USER] ! [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/vADsjgp.png[/IMG][/COLOR] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/hphxGIT.png?1[/IMG] [B][COLOR=#ff8000]About me Event - [/COLOR][/B]This event is hosted by our Forum Moderator Zeven. The title almost says it all, it’s all about you! So if you want to participate then do the following: You need to create a thread in the spam section, there you need to provide information about yourself! Prizes that can be won: 15T Cash (First prize), Shasta Whip (Second prize) and Assault Rifle (Third prize). It’s worth participating lads! [B][COLOR=#ffff00]Weekly Donator Giveaway - [/COLOR][/B]This event is hosted by our Community Manager Man Cleave. The subject is about donating of course! But how can you participate on this event? It’s about a goodiebag. You need to donate an amount of money and then you’ll get one pick in Man Cleave’s goodiebag! Maybe with some luck you’ll win the uber ultra prize! Check it out as quick as you can! [B][COLOR=#00ff00]Eleventh Forums Giveaway ‘Costume Contest: [/COLOR][/B]Hosted by our Forum Administrator Squishy. You have to make a picture about your outfit in the theme that we’ve got in this event. This Events theme is: Halloween! Don’t forget to join this event! [B][COLOR=#00ffff]Costume Contest (Man Cleave) - [/COLOR][/B]The theme of this Costume Contest is: Ugly. Make your most ugly outfit and take a picture of it. You need to put the picture below the thread and you’re in! [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/tTWAprX.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/hphxGIT.png?1[/IMG] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uru-QXHEQIw[/media] [B][COLOR=#ff0000]This video is made by our only Youtuber at the moment, [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/A32fWhP.png[/IMG] [/COLOR][/B][USER=2524]@Walkchaos[/USER] ! Customs is a huge part of our server! and this is the video who’s in the Dreamers Weekly for this week. Do you want to have your video in the Dreamers Weekly next week? We’ll pick a random video posted on the forums so, post it quickly! [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/yfF6Vl7.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/hphxGIT.png?1[/IMG] [B][COLOR=#00b3b3]This weeks item is, the famous Ice Katana![/COLOR][/B] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/TSzbZ8J.png[/IMG] [B][COLOR=#00b3b3]Stats:[/COLOR][/B] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/tUnFcdD.png[/IMG] The Ice Katana, one of the most famous custom items on our server. Everyone who is a member of Dreamscape or who has been a member of Dreamscape knows about this item. It’s a strong symbol of Dreamscape. [B][COLOR=#00b3b3]How to obtain it?[/COLOR][/B] The Ice Katana is a pretty rare item. This is because the stats are great, and it’s a fast hitting weapon so it is great for PvM! The Ice Katana can be obtained in different ways, here they are! [B][COLOR=#00b3b3]*[/COLOR][/B] You can get it as a ultra rare drop from the Sea Troll Queen. [B][COLOR=#00b3b3]*[/COLOR][/B] You can try to find someone who wants to gamble the ice katana for cash or any other items you got to gamble it against the Ice Katana [B][COLOR=#00b3b3]*[/COLOR][/B] Or you can buy it. The price for the Ice Katana is just about 5T, get it now! [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/vt5eENb.png[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/hphxGIT.png?1[/IMG] [B][COLOR=#00ff80]P.O.T.W.[/COLOR] [/B]recently got started up by [USER=3783]@Bench Press[/USER] . It’s an event which is held on the Forums. It has a different theme every single week. You need to take a picture in-game about the theme and then send it to Bench Press on the forums to be included in the event! [B][COLOR=#99ffcc]I’m not gonna announce the theme yet but i’ll show a quick picture about it! Maybe you can figure it out![/COLOR][/B] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/kF40bAF.png?1[/IMG] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/IcXFUFo.png[/IMG] [USER=3783]@Bench Press[/USER] Founder [USER=5556]@Squishy[/USER] Founder [USER=6625]@Persiano[/USER] Interviewer [USER=5926]@Judge[/USER] Interviewee [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/wyv5l0Y.png[/IMG] [/CENTER]
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    My Appreciation to DreamScape

    2017 has been such a eventful year so far for me and I wanted to take some time explaining why. Where do I start? Well let's start on January 2, that was the day that you, the community and staff, accepted me onto the team as a helper. Honestly I have been so overjoyed with the experience it has thought me and the different perspective it gives to better understand and appreciate what makes DreamScape (in my opinion) the best, most unique server anyone could ask for. The way our community sticks together, through thick and thin, making it enjoyable to all who are looking for a safe haven they can call their own. DreamScape is all about being who you wanna be and being where you wanna be, meaning everyone is equal in every way and together as a community, make us believe in our self, ability to make friends, having someone always there when you need it. When joining DreamScape I was so amazed at the energy, time, dedication that everyone puts in and now being apart of the staff team, there is never a dull moment only moments of excitement, joy, and thrills. I personally enjoy helping players out and the other members of the staff team, it makes me feel a sense of pride knowing that they can depend on me and put their trust in me. I try to do my best whenever I get online so other players can enjoy everything that DreamScape has to offer and then some more. I believe "you are what you put into the world" whether its in real life or playing DreamScape, meaning I always try putting my best foot forward in every actions I do and have a positive attitude in doing so. I want the future of DreamScape to have the same in-pact that it has had for me and so many others so I wanna leave my footprint in a positive, optimistic way. I enjoy being happy, seeing the glass half full, thinking theirs always hope. DreamScape has though me so many things during my total of three months since my first log on. Now its been a month, going into February and there have been so many updates, events, staff additions, and new adventures to explore! It makes DreamScape grow and be more interactive so that new players join and veterans have a new perspective on the why they enjoy this server so much. I truly am excited to see what else is in store for us in the coming months and where the future of DreamScape takes everyone. I look forward in helping make the future along with everyone in our community. @Chuck, @Zeven, @Sini, @Stan, @Potentials, @Stuart, @Adrianped, @Aliengod420, @Unicow, @Searwen, @Mirage, @Dafire, @Detoxify V2, @RedDiamondTV, @Bale, @Bodhi, @Racinedionx, @Uzi, @Bman, @Capri I want to say what an honor it is being apart of the staff team, thank you all for the opportunity you have given me it truly means more then you know. #DSGANG4LIFE! Sincerely,
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    [CENTER][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/W9Ux8n3.png[/IMG] [B]This is the Dreamers Weekly newspaper of the past week! (Monday the 12th of October - Sunday the 18th of October) [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/sE7cmUd.png[/IMG][/B] This week in the Dreamers Weekly we will discuss things such as player/staff promotions, Dreamers Weekly News, Event Winners and much much more. Everyone at the Dreamers Weekly team wishes everybody a happy and enjoyable time with reading the paper this week! [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/2YUNNYm.png[/IMG][/CENTER] [CENTER]Throughout this week we have had many promotions, from many well deserved people in DreamScape’s community. This week, we have 7 staff promotions, and 3 player promotions! [B][COLOR=#ffff00]WOW![/COLOR][/B] We've gained 2 new [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/p08Gt5a.png[/IMG][B][COLOR=#4d4dff]Developers[/COLOR][/B] in the Dreamscape Development team! The names of these 2 great guys are: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/p08Gt5a.png[/IMG] [USER=7951]@Tyrant[/USER] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/p08Gt5a.png[/IMG] [USER=8150]@Christian[/USER] I'm sure they will come up with amazing content and stuff to improve our wonderfull server! Welcome to the team! Our very dear Forum Moderator and Helper [USER=573]@Zeven[/USER] got promoted towards [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/cSi6MEB.png[/IMG][B][COLOR=#00ff00]Global Moderator[/COLOR][/B] because of the amount of time he takes, and how much he pushes himself to over-achieve to help and be a part of DreamScape’s community over-all. So a huge congratulations to [USER=573]@Zeven[/USER], keep up the good work man! [B]We are very proud of you![/B] Next off, we have our very dear Helper [USER=7104]@Searwen[/USER] who got promoted towards [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/fTkZF2h.gif[/IMG][B][COLOR=#0080ff]In-Game Moderator[/COLOR][/B] because of how much effort and time she puts into Dreamscape. From getting no sleep, to staying up countless hours just to watch over everything. She definitely deserved this rank. So once again, a huge congratulations to you as-well. Very much deserved! Then, we have one of our famous Trusted Dicers, and a guy that is part of DreamScape’s Newspaper [USER=7483]@Send Me Pics[/USER] who got promoted to [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/ID5sbAg.gif[/IMG][B][COLOR=#ff8000]Forum Moderator[/COLOR][/B] because he would always do great by putting himself out there by commenting the truth on many threads. Also, he would constantly help out by doing anything he could, for anyone that needed it! That’s why he was promoted to Forum Moderator. Congratulations to you [USER=7483]@Send Me Pics[/USER]. We know you won’t let us down! Last but not least for the staff positions. We have two people that were always trying to help out in Help clan chat, and were putting themselves out there for anyone to use! They would always be active with helping people, through Private Messages, to any sort of question. They had the answer. That is why we promoted [USER=6540]@Nala[/USER] and [USER=4455]@King Riku[/USER] to the position: [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/SriVdUY.gif[/IMG][B][COLOR=#0000ff]Helper[/COLOR][/B]. Congratulations to you two, and a job well done! We trust you, and know that you both will do a great job out there! Next off, we have our very dear Helper [USER=5642]@Phoenix[/USER] who changed the Helper rank for [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/4Xyw6qK.png[/IMG][B][COLOR=#ff0000]YouTuber! [/COLOR][/B]He would always upload stuff about DreamScape, and he would always promote us, so that is why we promoted him to YouTuber! Congratulations man! Keep uploading those wonderful videos, and don’t let us down! We are looking forward to watching your videos! Next, we have our very own [USER=7072]@LickyLicky[/USER] who got promoted to [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/77HvcZx.png[/IMG][B][COLOR=#b3b300]Trusted Dicer[/COLOR][/B]. He got promoted because he was always at Dicezone, countless hours throughout the day, and he would always help when it was needed. That is why we promoted him to Trusted Dicer! So a big congratulations to you man! Don’t let us down, get out there and start Middle-Manning, and hosting. Last, but certainly not least, to end all sort of promotions, we’ve also got a new [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/Y94Rt.png[/IMG][B][COLOR=#4dffa6]Graphics Designer[/COLOR][/B]. His name is, [USER=168]@Cliqs[/USER], he changed his name from ifoxxyfox to Cliqs cause he liked this name more than his previous one! Let’s congratulate [USER=168]@Cliqs[/USER] on his GFX rank! [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/mjGP0LD.png[/IMG][/CENTER] [CENTER][B][COLOR=#ffffff]Do you want to apply to become a Dreamers Weekly Reporter or Editor?[/COLOR][/B] Apply here now! [URL]http://dreamscape317.net/forums/new/posts/73771/[/URL] [B][COLOR=#ffffff]If you would like to submit a Story to the Dreamers Weekly you can do so, by messaging[/COLOR][/B] [USER=3783]@Bench Press[/USER], [USER=5556]@Squishy[/USER] or [USER=7483]@Send Me Pics[/USER]. [B][COLOR=#ffffff]Do YOU want your video featured on Dreamers Weekly? [/COLOR][/B] Send a message to [USER=3783]@Bench Press[/USER], [USER=5556]@Squishy[/USER] or [USER=7483]@Send Me Pics[/USER] and we will see what we can do for you! [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/5SFrEeH.png[/IMG][/CENTER] [CENTER][B][COLOR=#ff8000]We have one very special interview that happened this week. And, that is one of our very own developers, [USER=7951]@Tyrant[/USER].[/COLOR][/B][/CENTER] [CENTER][B][COLOR=#0080ff]Persiano[/COLOR][/B] - Hello Tyrant and welcome to my interview session! I want to start off by asking you, what inspired you to become a developer? [B][COLOR=#ffff00]Tyrant -[/COLOR][/B] Hey Persiano, well ever since I’ve known Chuck and Dreamscape, which is a very long time now. The server would grow every single day. So, I decided to help with developing a unique gameplay for the community. [B][COLOR=#0080ff]Persiano -[/COLOR][/B] Dreamscape is indeed very old but it is famous now. What was the first programming language you learned to code? [B][COLOR=#ffff00]Tyrant - [/COLOR][/B]Java all the way. [B][COLOR=#0080ff]Persiano -[/COLOR][/B] Went with the hard stuff since the beginning, haha. [B][COLOR=#ffff00]Tyrant -[/COLOR][/B] Yes, don’t remind me of it, I started at a very young age and it has become a hobby ever since. [COLOR=#0080ff][B]Persiano -[/B][/COLOR] You were very curious for it I see? [B][COLOR=#ffff00]Tyrant -[/COLOR][/B] Yeah, I took the liberty of practicing on it and got better from time to time discovering new things to do. [B][COLOR=#0080ff]Persiano -[/COLOR][/B] So, before Dreamscape, did you have any experience in developing? [B][COLOR=#ffff00]Tyrant -[/COLOR][/B] Well, I used to work on a project of mine that later on became a competition to Dreamscape but due to the lack of time I gave up and let the project go to waste. [B][COLOR=#0080ff]Persiano -[/COLOR][/B] That’s quite some sad news to hear. [B][COLOR=#ffff00]Tyrant -[/COLOR][/B] I know but, everything happens for a reason and I am happy where I am now. [B][COLOR=#0080ff]Persiano -[/COLOR][/B] That’s great buddy. Now, are you willing to learn new programming languages in the future? [B][COLOR=#ffff00]Tyrant - [/COLOR][/B]Well right now, I am planning on studying Computer Science and increasing my java knowledge a bit more. Then, I would eventually learn C++ and C# to create my very own game. [B][COLOR=#0080ff]Persiano -[/COLOR][/B] Wow, I am a Computer Engineer student myself. Since there are probably some programming students in the game, are there any tips you would like to give them? [B][COLOR=#ffff00]Tyrant - [/COLOR][/B]I would say you have to practice everyday, I know it’s not easy but if you are up to it you will become a professional in the future. For example, I started from knowing nothing and thanks to the practice I am what I am today. I would also add that if any of the players need any help on programming I am there to teach them what they want. [B][COLOR=#0080ff]Persiano - [/COLOR][/B]Thank you for that tip and request to help my friend. As a developer what do you consider to be the hardest thing to do in developing? [B][COLOR=#ffff00]Tyrant -[/COLOR][/B] This might sound funny but, the hardest things are usually the easiest things to solve because you don’t expect them to be hard yet. You end up getting stuck with them for a while. [B][COLOR=#0080ff]Persiano -[/COLOR][/B] I have to agree with you on that Tyrant. For this very last question, can you give us any hint of what updates will come for Dreamscape in the future? [B][COLOR=#ffff00]Tyrant -[/COLOR][/B] Well, I really don’t want to ruin the surprise but the future updates will bring something players are not used to seeing. I want to surprise them and make them happy. [B][COLOR=#0080ff]Persiano - [/COLOR][/B]That already made me excited for the update. Anyways, Thank you for taking your time to share this information with us. [B][COLOR=#ffff00]Tyrant -[/COLOR][/B] Anytime my friend, I enjoy participating in these kinds of things.[/CENTER] [CENTER][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/UpkW1XU.png[/IMG][/CENTER] [CENTER][B][COLOR=#ff8000]To start off with this week's event winners we had the “improvement Event” hosted by [USER=573]@Zeven[/USER].. [/COLOR][/B] There were three prizes, [USER=5920]@hausaa[/USER] taking the first prize of, “15T Cash”. Second prize with [USER=8006]@m3n1ce[/USER] taking, “10T Cash”. And lastly, third prize with; [USER=7400]@Sweetdreamer[/USER] taking, “5T Cash”. [B][COLOR=#ff0000]Next up we had [USER=5642]@Phoenix[/USER] who hosted a “Youtube Event”. [/COLOR][/B] There were three winners that took part in that. [USER=7160]@rexpiear[/USER] who won a, “Lime Santa”. Second place with [USER=7423]@squirrel756[/USER] who won, “Dreamwing Boots”. Lastly came [USER=7951]@Tyrant[/USER] who won a, “Ice Katana”. [B][COLOR=#00ff00]Lastly was the biggest giveaway that we had this week. [USER=3783]@Bench Press[/USER] decided to host a, “Pick a number 1-56”.[/COLOR][/B] He had two inventories full, some slots were empty, and some slots had items. These were the winners for this event; [USER=573]@Zeven[/USER] won a “Ice Katana”. Next, [USER=7104]@Searwen[/USER] won a “Shasta Brutal Whip”. Next, [USER=6918]@milfslay[/USER] won a “Steel Party Hat”. Next, [USER=1436]@suomitank[/USER] won a “Godly Sword”. Next, [USER=5556]@Squishy[/USER] won “500 Crystal Keys”. Next, [USER=7248]@lukeyboy[/USER] won a “Gold Chain”. Next, [USER=6542]@beastfromh3l[/USER] won “Third Age Platelegs”. Next, [USER=7107]@k2k[/USER] won a “Gnome Scarf”. Next, [USER=7479]@EliteTony[/USER] won a “Blue Fallen Deathcape”. Next, [USER=7496]@Run Angel[/USER] won a “Brutal Whip”. Next, [USER=7160]@rexpiear[/USER] won a “Lava Santa Hat”. Next, [USER=7072]@LickyLicky[/USER] won a “Bronze Party Hat”. Next, [USER=5661]@Bozo[/USER] won a “Blue Party Hat”. Next, [USER=6583]@Scrub Jay[/USER] won “Dreamwing Boots”. Next, [USER=8020]@Deere[/USER] won a “Prime Torva Body.” Next, [USER=5920]@hausaa[/USER] won “100 Mystery Boxes”. Next, [USER=6795]@Tai[/USER] won a “Red Party Hat”. Next, [USER=5072]@betabehemoth[/USER] won a “Lime Party Hat”. Next, [USER=5819]@Purple Mist[/USER] won a “White & Red Jester Scarf”. Next, [USER=8036]@Dude[/USER] won a “Bass Guitar”. Next, [USER=5906]@wheezyds[/USER] won a “Lava Party Hat”. Next, [USER=5593]@whysogood[/USER] won a “Mithril Party Hat”. Next, [USER=7951]@Tyrant[/USER] won a “Adamant Party Hat”. Lastly, finally! The final winner, with [USER=7413]@Shahrozz[/USER] won a “Blood Lust Godsword”. We want to thank all of the people that hosted Events this week, and we also want to say congratulations to all of the winners! We hoped you enjoyed the giveaways, and you prizes! [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/3XsyNJg.png[/IMG][/CENTER] [CENTER][B][COLOR=#a64dff]We have two events that are taking place right now in the Dreamscape Community.[/COLOR][/B] They happen to both be held by our very own [USER=4555]@Tskumi[/USER]. The first one is a, “Designer Contest”. [USER=4555]@Tskumi[/USER] is looking for people, anyone, targeting GFX’ers mainly, but anyone can participate! The idea is to make a GFX title, that has the word “Dreamscape” in it. Of course there are three prizes involved! But, we aren’t going to share that here, so go check out his event! The second event is targeting everyone as well, but mainly dicers! It is a HUGE dice duel event. [USER=4555]@Tskumi[/USER] is going to be making a family tree roster with everyone randomized, and if you make it all the way, you have to face him for the BIG BIG prize. The phoenix pet. That is all I’m going to release, so go check out that event as well. [B][COLOR=#a64dff]Also, thank you [USER=4555]@Tskumi[/USER] for hosting these wonderful events! We can’t wait to see the winners.[/COLOR][/B] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/HViFhyZ.png[/IMG][/CENTER] [CENTER][B][SIZE=5][COLOR=#ff8000]The boss of this week is going to be the very famous: Dream King ! [/COLOR][/SIZE][/B] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/gN5kxWZ.png[/IMG] [SIZE=5][COLOR=#ff8000]Stats:[/COLOR][/SIZE] [B][COLOR=#ffff00]Combat Level: [/COLOR][/B]420. [B][COLOR=#ffff00]Attack style: [/COLOR][/B]Melee. [B][COLOR=#ffff00]Weakness: [/COLOR][/B]Range and Melee. The Dream King, or King Dreamer as people like to call it here in Dreamscape is a very difficult boss. It drains your prayer super quickly, in a matter of just two or three hits actually. In order to kill this boss, there is a couple things you might want to take into consideration. A fast hitting weapon, for example; A Spacejam. 92 prayer, so you can pray soulsplit. And of course, prayer potions, or something that will always keep your prayer up, so that you do not die. Another thing that you might want to consider, is bringing a brutal, just so you can use its “Special Attacks” to bring it down a quite some-bit of health. You can teleport to this boss by typing in ::dreamking. [B][U][COLOR=#ff0000](You must be a donator in order to teleport here.)[/COLOR][/U] [SIZE=5][COLOR=#ff8000]Recommended gear: [/COLOR][/SIZE][/B] This gear is not needed. But it’s highly recommended to wear gear similar to this. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/kZ4pdaF.png[/IMG] [B][COLOR=#ff4da6]American Torva Helm. American Torva Body. American Torva Platelegs. Gold Chain. White Glass Wings. Dreamwing Boots. Spacejam/Brutal Whip. Offhand Drygore. Ring of Wealth. Gloves.[/COLOR][/B] [B][SIZE=5][COLOR=#ff8000]Drops from the Dream Kings (King Dreamer):[/COLOR][/SIZE] [COLOR=#00ff00] Death Cape (Common) Basket of Eggs (Common) Drygore Offhand (Common) Divine Spirit Shield (Common) Chaotic Staff (Common) Candy Cane (Common) Minecraft Helm (Common) Dragon Claws (Common) Amulet of Fury (or) (Common)[/COLOR] [COLOR=#ffff00]Steadfast Boots (Uncommon) Ragefire Boots (Uncommon) Glaiven Boots (Uncommon) Fox (Uncommon) Chicken (Uncommon) Top Hat (Uncommon) Black Cane (Uncommon) Gnome Scarf (Uncommon)[/COLOR] [COLOR=#ff8000]Rainbow Kiteshield (Rare) Wolverine Torva Helm (Rare) Wolverine Torva Platebody (Rare) Wolverine Torva Platelegs (Rare)[/COLOR] [COLOR=#ff0000]Dreamwing Boots (Very Rare) Assault Rifle (Very Rare)[/COLOR][/B][/CENTER] [CENTER][B][U][COLOR=#ff0000][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/IEN4DRL.png[/IMG][/COLOR][/U] [/B] [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oyo8m6Gnq14[/media] I know we had one of @Phoenix’s video up last week. But, he is going to have another video up this week in recognition of him Becoming a Youtuber! By the way man, congratulations on that once again, well deserved, and keep producing those videos for Dreamscape! [B][COLOR=#00ff00]But, without further-a-doo, here goes nothing![/COLOR][/B] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/cxnmSlv.png[/IMG] [B][SIZE=5][COLOR=#ff8000]This week's Item Breakdown is going to be the very famous: Dreamwing Boots.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/PCLHNkT.png[/IMG] [B][SIZE=5][COLOR=#ff8000]Stats: [/COLOR][/SIZE][/B] [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/2flZhl5.png[/IMG] The Dreamwing Boots are a very famous DreamScape item. It’s not only the most famous boots on this server. It also has some good stats and good perks to it. You’ll get +202 Strength, and +200 Prayer if you wear it! Just because of those extra stats that it features, it is being showed up a lot more in PVMing (Probably more than any other boots.) [B][SIZE=5][COLOR=#ff8000]How do you obtain it?[/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][/CENTER] [LIST] [*][CENTER]You can obtain the Dreamwing Boots as an (ultra rare drop) from the Dream Kings. You can find the Dream Kings teleport by simply typing “::dreamking”. But here is the catch, in order to teleport there, you have to be a donator. You can try all day by typing, “::dreamking”, it just won’t work, unless you are a donator.[/CENTER] [/LIST] [LIST] [*][CENTER]You can also obtain the Dreamwing Boots by dicing. It is a very easy way to get an item such as this, as DreamScape is known for Dicing! Also, just to let you know, Dreamwing Boots go for around 8-10T In-Game depending on buyer and seller.[/CENTER] [/LIST] [LIST] [*][CENTER]The third and final way to obtain the Dreamwing Boots are by donating. The Dreamwing Boots cost $15 in the Dreamscape donation store. To obtain the Dreamscape donation store, type ::donate In-Game, or access the store from the website. After you have donated for that particular item, type ::donated, and BAM![/CENTER] [/LIST] [CENTER][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/bPoVFlm.png[/IMG][/CENTER] [CENTER][B][SIZE=5][COLOR=#ffff00]For the next event, we’re heading to a special event. It’s going to be a birthday event! But who will it be? We’re not giving big secrets this week! [/COLOR][/SIZE][/B] [B][COLOR=#ffff99]Happy birthday to ….[/COLOR] [COLOR=#ffff4d]Happy birthday to ….[/COLOR] [COLOR=#ffff00]Happy birthday dear ….[/COLOR] [COLOR=#b3b300]Happy birthday to you! [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/RvEYIbi.png[/IMG][/COLOR][/B] [B][COLOR=#b3b300][USER=3783]@Bench Press[/USER] - Founder. [USER=5556]@Squishy[/USER] - Founder. [USER=7483]@Send Me Pics[/USER] - Chief Editor. [USER=6625]@Persiano[/USER] - Reporter.[/COLOR][/B][/CENTER]
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    Bench Press


    [CENTER][IMG]http://i.imgur.com/18xlTrs.png[/IMG] As you all know i'm Staff Manager of this beauty of a server. And my main task is to choose staff members for our staff team, i always ask for other staff members opinions but i'm the one who looks at your application at the end. And i'd love to look at these applications, but the thing what got my attention was the vouching. I'm not very glad with the way some people give their vouch. If you see an application and you know that the person would fit great for that position, then it's good to give your vouch. But if you don't know who it is, then you're not gonna give your vouch right? Why would you give your vouch to someone you don't even know? From now on i'm gonna look closer to the reasons people give on someones application. I also write some simple rules in this thread where you can see what you need to use when you're giving out your vouch. [IMG]http://i.imgur.com/pB91NZc.png[/IMG] [B][COLOR=#b30000]1. [/COLOR][/B]Posts with: Vouch, no vouch, support etc. Are getting deleted. [COLOR=#b30000][B]2.[/B][/COLOR] If you're gonna give your vouch or no vouch. I want to see a valid reason. It doesn't have to be 3 sentences but i want a valid reason. [B][COLOR=#b30000]3. [/COLOR][/B]No rude comments. If you don't like the person then let me know instead of posting rude comments on his/her application. Thanks in advance, [USER=3783]@Bench Press[/USER] [B]Staff Manager[/B][/CENTER]
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    Well, where should I start?    Before I even start typing which is going to take me atleast some hours, I just want to say that i'm legit tearing up while typing this. And maybe you think that's something for weak minded people. But I can tell it's not, i have just enjoyed this beautiful adventure on this server.   A server which is unique, different from other servers. It's a once in a lifetime experience.  And it was awesome, it exceeded all of my expectations...   It all started when I had to drop out of my school, one of the moments I will never forget. I had to drop out because of a injury, a dream which I had, i had to let go.   It was me & the couch for straight 6 weeks. On that moment I realized that i needed something to entertain myself with, and within a day I started playing Dreamscape. A server which was going to change my life.   I can't really tell you guys all the details because that'll be a whole book to read. I've been through so many nice moments on this server which i will never forget.   I started with no knowledge about the whole internet, and with pride I can say. ' I started from the bottom and now i'm here'   I became Helper, got recruited towards Moderator, afterwards I got promoted towards Administrator and then it happened... A promotion I never saw coming. Staff Manager.   From being a noob on the internet, towards Staff Manager on a big server. That tells that everyone can become what they want to become. Some people say that i was lucky, but that's not it. I've worked my way up by showing dedication and loads of love towards the server.   But, all the good things come to an end, also being Staff Manager... I resigned a couple months ago, but with the thought that I wanted to start something else.   On that note I became Media Manager, a rank which would change my whole journey again. I got into a whole different way, a blurry way.. But i'd explore that way and with the mindset that I was going to be a great Media Manager for the server.   With being Staff Member for over 1,5 years on this wonderfull server. It's going to be a sort of an end, i will be resigning as a Media Manager.   The reason for this is, that I have a full time job, where i've got to work around 40-50 hours every week.  I have got a beautiful girlfriend which i also want to spend time with, and then lastly.. I have got fitness, a part of my life where i want to continue with, where i want to grow in and i want to become better! I am striving for a perfect body and i've got the confidence that i'm going to accomplish it!   I don't want to make this decission but i've got to.   I will never dissapear for ever, i will still be on the forums every single day and, I will try to hop on our teamspeak and have a great chat with you guys. I will still be making videos for the server every now and then because i love doing that. And you've got to admire the things that you love.   I would love to say thanks to specific people. But that list would become to long, i've met way to many people on this adventure that i can't write a personal message to everyone.   If you read this story, and you have goosebumps or you have the feeling that you will miss me. Then you know that i will also miss you, cause then we're friends.   I have loved this community for over 2 years. I've been addicted to this game for such a long time. It is time for me to become an adult, to become a better person in life. Think about what the future will bring me. I'm thankfull for every single moment that i've been on the server and that i've enjoyed myself with all of those lovely people which i've met on the internet.   With tears rolling over my face, dropping on the keyboard. I can tell that i've met a second family, people who supported me those 2 years, who motivated & inspired me to become better and stronger.   As the title says: 'How lucky I am to have known a community, who was so hard to say goodbye to' It says that it's hard for me to write this. Cause i've met so many amazing people and it's hard to leave them this message.    It is time for me, to step up my game as an adult.  And it's time for me to pass this beautiful rank towards someone else.   But...   I'll be back.
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    Anniversary Event

    Anniversary Event   Recently was my 6 Month Graphics Designer & 1 Month Forum Moderator anniversary! So I have decided to make a complimentary event as a celebration & to give back to the amazing community that we have in DreamScape!   The event will be very standard and simple: RNG (Random Number Generator) event.   How to participate?   Simply copy this format and fill it out.   In-Game Name:  Number:  In-Game Rank & Time Played:  What do you like most most about DreamScape?:  How and why did you join DreamScape?:    Example Entry:   In-Game Name: Activate Number: 50 In-Game Rank & Time Played:  What do you like most most about DreamScape?: I love the community and the community and the forums. How and why did you join DreamScape?: I was browsing RSPS private server toplists and came across DreamScape. I instantly loved the community and decided to stay.   Rules   1. You can only post once. 2. Your number has to be 1-795   Prizes   1st Place Prizes:     1x Sled 1x Extreme Donator Ticket 100T Cash   2nd Place Prizes:     1x Ring Of Wealth 1x Super Donator Ticket 1x Scoped Rifle (U) 50T Cash   3rd Place Prizes     1x Gold Brutal Whip 1x Ice Off-Hand 1x Regular Donator Ticket 2x Shasta Brutal Whips 30T Cash   If someone chooses one out of 10 specific number combinations they will win a secret mystery prize!   Best of luck to all participants.
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    I made a video, but I didn't realise it had a huge watermark over it. You can barely see it, but oh well lol.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULop-vX2tTU&feature=youtu.be   Dreamscape, a fantastic place with the best gaming community I have ever been a part of. I joined this lovely server back in January of this year, and since then have been on a great journey to my current rank as the Staff Manager. I’ve been a helper, forum moderator, global moderator, global administrator, donations manager, and not staff manager. I have had a great time in these positions, with the community and the staff team, but all good things must have an end. I cannot believe how far, achieving my current rank is a dream come true Since I joined, I have been quite active, clocking up over 12 hours each and every day. I skip my university classes, haven’t been in for the whole semester, and I am failing. This isn’t a good habit to get into, even though I am going to be swapping my courses at the end of this year. For that, I am resigning from my position of the dreamscape staff manager, and a staff member for good. Video/computer games are supposed to be for fun, and to me, it seems like more of a job/a chore. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as a staff member, but I think it is time for me to wind up.   I can’t put into words how much this community means to me; it is incredible to feel this way about a community. Each and every one of you is amazing, and I will never forget you all. I am extremely sorry for letting the community and the staff team down, I know I have been recently promoted to Staff Manager but I stood back from everything and realised that I can't keep letting my grades and real life crumble to help Dreamscape. Real life comes before a video game always.   I love you all, never stop dreaming.   - [member=brezel] <3
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    Bench Press

    Youtubers Alert!

    Dear Media Lovers,   Are you also the guy who’s watching countless videos on Youtube every day? From PewDiePie to JustBieberVEVO.   But have you ever thought about starting yourself? Creating a channel isn’t that hard and it’s something you can really bite into!   Currently we’re offering some extra’s towards our potential and new Youtubers. I want to get our Youtube Squad up and running again!     You maybe will think this is going to cost me a bunch of time! You indeed can’t get this done in just 15 minutes, it’ll take an hour or 2 to investigate about Youtube/ Your channel / And recording software.   But once you’ve got it settled it’ll become easier every single day and every video. And it’ll become a lot of fun once you see that people actually are enjoying watching the content that you’re producing.   For beginning tips like: - Where can i find recording software? - How can i start up my Youtube Channel? - How can i gain subscribers? - And other Questions.   You can contact me throughout a Forums private message, and i will hand you a detailed guide about how you can start of. I will also make spare time to plan meetings in our Teamspeak about Youtube and Channel start-ups. (This will be announced)   Don’t be afraid to send in questions, cause there are no dumb questions. Im willing to help everyone out to start up their own channel.     Once you'll create the video, the title has to contain: - Dreamscape RSPS      2.The Description is important, cause that's the place where players will find the link to the website, So in your description you've got to have the following things: (You can copy and paste it in) ► Become a Dreamer today and come play with us! http://dreamscape317.net/ ★ Don't forget to join our Forums! http://dreamscape317.net/forum/ ♥ Find out about our latest updates here! http://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php/forum/5-updates/ ► You need to know something? Check out our Knowledge base! http://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php/forum/12-knowledge-base/ ★ Don't forget to vote for our server! http://dreamscape317.motivoters.com/motivote/   For all the effort you’ll put into video making and starting up a channel we ofcourse will reward you. Starting off once you’ve created your channel and your first video, you will be rewarded with 10T cash in-game. (You can claim this in-game at me: Bench Press)   So after creating your channel and your first video, it would be awesome to see if you create more Dreamscape content. And therefore you’ll be rewarded aswell.   We’re going to pay for viewcount, which will mean: - For the amount of views you will get on your videos you’ll be paid an x-amount of money. (Can be viewed down below)   25-49 views = 1T cash 50-99 views = 2T cash 100-199 views = 4T cash 200-299 views = 10T cash    300-499 views = 15T cash 500+ views = 25T cash   I will review on weekly basis, and your videos will get around 7 days to gain views. After this time i’ll review it and you’ll be paid the amount for your views! You’re getting paid by: [member=bench press]     If you have any further questions regarding Youtube and on how to start your channel. Then don’t hesistate and send me a private message throughout the forums!   I will answer your question with a detailed explanation, and if it’s not detailed enough we’ll meet up in Teamspeak and we can talk there.   Around the 7th of August, i will pick the two best video makers. And these 2 people will be rewarded with the Youtuber Rank! So it’s 14 days away from the end of July. Maybe you will be the next person to join our Youtube team?   [member=bench press]
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      Dear DreamScape Community, It's finally there ! The new automated dicing system.   The system is easy to understand and is very efficient. All you have to do is send a "gambling request" to another player, the opponent player can accept this challenge and start putting in their bets. Both players will then roll up to 5 times ( or up to 3, w.e you choose ) It's the exact same outcome, the only difference is that you do not have to type either ::roll or click the dice bag. The system is designed to surive a disconnection of any kind. For example if a player were to disconnect in the middle of a dice duel, the rolls would go on. If the disconnected player were to win, the items would go to a deposit box inside the Dice zone. As soon as the Player logs back in he can then claim the items. If the server disconnects and both parties are offline, then a system will make sure to refund both parties.   Now we are aware of the fact that we have some players around who would think this would take away the fun of gambling. There for we have added another gambling game.   This game is called Flower Gambling. Due the fact of a lot of player will play this gambling game, only Extreme Donators & Trusted Hosts ( Trusted Dicers ) can host this game.   The Main game of Flower Poker will be explained here :   Hot or Cold Other name(s): H/C General Gist: H/C is probably the biggest flower-game. Hot or cold runs off the the concept of hot and cold colors. After you've placed your bet, you'll say either "hot" or "cold." The host will plant the flower, and you'll either win or lose. Step by Step: 1. find a host ( needs to be extreme donator or Trusted Host ) -- prefer Trusted Hosts 2. Place a bet with your host. 3. After the bet is placed, decide whether you want to bet on a hot or a cold flower. 4. Pay careful attention to the host planting the flower and see whether you win/lose. 5. If you win, collect your money/items, if you lose, better luck next time! Hot Flowers: Cold Flowers: Host Wins: Replay:       Flower Poker Other name(s): FP General Gist Unlike Hot and Cold/Frosty Flowers, FP is not based on the concept of the hot/cold flowers, and the person betting also plants seeds. It's played basically the same as real poker. Step by Step 1. Find a TRUSTED host. Hosts offering x3 are generally scammers. 2. Place a bet with your host. 3. After the bet is placed, you will most-likely walk to a less-crowded area with the host to play. 4. You will each plant 5 flowers. 5. Compare the flowers to each other, 2 of the same color is a pair, 3 of the same color is a pair of 3, 2 set of the same color is 2 pairs, etc. Black and White flowers is an auto win. 6. If you win, collect your money, if you lose, better luck next time! Replant Flowers:   Ofcourse there are more games of Flower Gambling, but that's something that will progress in the process itself.   This will hopefully prevent any suspicious thoughts that some players might have had about dicing.   I hope you guys have fun and enjoy the new system.     .     Besides the whole automated system we have another amazing update to announce. Full screen & resizable screen !   Yes it's true, you can now resize your client ! All you have to do is type ::resizable ingame and you can make the client as big as you want. Everything is lined out and fully working.   Hope you guys enjoy this huge & new update.   Regards, DreamScape Development Team & Staff Team.     Being able to play BLACK JACK !     Dear Community, we are currently Developing a new way to play Black Jack so that everyone has the odds of 55x2 keep in mind, you could also achieve this with hot or colt with FLower poker !
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    # Generator Giveaway by Dr L

    Very simple, Write your in-game name and a number between 1-50, you will be entered in the event that way, the drawing will be tomorrow or possibly today. You will have a chance to win some sweet prizes. I will be using a random number generator and whoevers number gets picked will win 1st, next number 2nd, next number 3rd. There will be 3 winners, max 50 people can join. If not on and you win, I will hold your prize if you win. Please don't repeat any numbers. 1st place : 100t in cash/items 2nd place : 50t in cash/items 3rd place : 25t in cash/items I will have items and you get to choose which. Numbers Available 1 : Bigsmoke 2 : Bman00100 3 : Autumnleaves 4 : The Dildo 5 : V3stige 6 : Dafire 7 : Love Nutella 8 : Darkvls 9 : I Skill Ill 10 : Dropdead 11 : Half 12 : Marinecrops 13 : Turtlefrosty 14 : Two 15 : Okyle 16 : Ye Team 17 : Hc Iron Fam 18 : Potentials 19 : A nonyymoose 20 : Expeke 21 : B Stroy 22 : Carterstarr 23 : Bodhi 24 : Thefallout91 25 : RedDiamondTv 26 : D3vilsdivine 27 : Clatoris 28 : Esbias 29 : Thatsright1 30 : Crushgroove4 31 : C H E V I E 32 : Vl0ne 33 : Road to 500t 34 : Dead Lift 35 : Unicow 36 : Detoxify 37 : Tommy O 38 : Stokenut 39 : Defiant 40 : Forevermunch 41 : Sit and Smfd 42 : Papers 43 : Hc Pvm Pvm 44 : Keegosiam5 45 : Hc Pink 46 : Dlo 47 : Gabenator 48 : Medicured 49 : Paul 50 : Passion Winners: 1st Place : Dlo 2nd Place : Keegosiam5 3rd Place : Forevermunch Runner-Ups: 4th Place : Dropdead 5th Place : Thatsright1 6th Place : Marinecrops Thank you for everyone who participated, this was fun hosting and expect more in the future, thanks guys.
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    DS Development Team

    Banking Improvements

    Hello,   I was recently tasked with improving the banking experience. The OSRS banking system has acted as a blue print for this so you should expect a lot of positive similarities. The entire core foundation of item management is changing with this update as it is currently poorly written, unfortunately this will take a bit more time and a bit more testing but will be well worth it in the long run.   Players should expect a number of updates, include but not limited to the following; Placeholders Bank tab names All tabs displayed on main tab Item searching functionality All-but-one options X-cached value option Remove items on main tab Drastically improved deposit all speeds     Expect this large update mid November.
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    Wiki SAFESPOTTABLE Barrelchest The Barrel Chest boss is the boss who drops the famous “Barrel Chest Anchor”. This makes him an easy boss in DreamScape. It is recommended that you have at least 92 Prayer to use “Soul-Split”, this will make it a lot easier for yourself to kill him! This boss has a combat level of 170. Bork Boss Bork Boss just like Barrel Chest boss, the Bork boss is one of the easy bosses in DreamScape. This boss has a combat level of 267. Callisto The Callisto is the huge bear, this boss is located in the desert. There is more than one Callisto located there. You can get teleported there by talking to the “Crazy Old Wizard” (blue wizard) located North-West of ::Home, you will find him inside the Thugbob building. You will need to bring 75 Million in coins in your pouch to be teleported. This boss has a combat level of 470. Dragonbone Protector This boss is favoured from the new players after getting their Prayer to 92 and above. This boss will drop Dragonbone Melee armour! Which is great armour and can be a great starter for making money, as the armour can be sold upwards of 25B. BEWARE: Dragonbone can kill you in a single hit. This boss has a combat level of 285. Flame King This boss is one of the Intermediate bosses within DreamScape, he is mainly killed for his Flame Torva armour pieces! (Melee). Flame Kings are a custom boss. They have a very hard hit, and can drain your prayer tremendously if you are not careful! This boss has a combat level of 420. Flame Pernix This boss is just like its brother, he is another intermediate boss within DreamScape and it drops Flame Pernix pieces (Range). Flame Pernix boss can only be found by doing ::flameking. The boss uses a range-based attack and can drain your prayer tremendously! This boss has a combat level of 420. Forgotten Warrior This boss can be located by using your Magic Spellbook, clicking on Boss Teleports and going to the second page, then clicking “Forgotten Warriors”. Forgotten Warriors are an intermediate boss within DreamScape and is killed for his Primal and the rarer Prime Torva pieces. This boss has a combat level of 130. General Graardor This boss is originally from the God War Dungeon; he has now been introduced to DreamScape. The General Graardor uses Melee-based attacks and Magic-based attacks, so Beware! He hits very HARD! Beware, as he also has minions, also known as “Sergeant Steelwill”. He has a combat level of 142. The General Graardor has a combat level of 624. King Black Dragon The King Black Dragon is another easy boss to defeat within DreamScape, He is the most powerful of all the Dragons. He looks very intimidating with his three heads, but don’t be fooled, you simply just need to bring an Anti-Fire Shield or the Dragonfire Shield so you do not get badly burnt by his fire breathe! You can also use Soul-Split. He has a combat level of 276. Nex The Nex boss is one of the easiest bosses to kill as you cannot die! you can literally sit on 0hp and still manage to defeat this boss! He is killed for his Pernix, Torva, Virtus pieces and also the Zaryte Bow. Nex has a combat level of 1001. Scorpia Scorpia is a boss that is located in the Wilderness! To get to Scorpia, you will need to talk to the “Crazy Old Wizard” (blue wizard) which he is located North-West of ::home, you will find him inside the Thugbob building. You will need to bring 50 Million coins in your pouch to be teleported. This boss has a combat level of 225. Venenatis Venenatis is another boss that is located in the Wilderness! To get to the Venenatis boss, you will need to talk to the “Crazy Old Wizard” (blue wizard), who is located North-West of ::home, you will find him inside the Thugbob building. You will need to bring 65 Million coins in your pouch to be teleported. This boss has a combat level of 464. Tank Boss The Tank boss has been created just for Iron Man players ONLY! It is a very difficult boss to kill, though it has remarkable drops! To locate this boss, you will need to start at ::home and then click on the “Instant Manager”, which is a portal object, you will then have a list of NPC / Bosses to choose from, simply find and click on the “Tank”. Please note you will need to pay a fee of 8B (8 x 1bill checks) in order to be teleported here. Vet’ion The Vet’ion boss is a skeletal champion which is located at the “Old Ruins”. You can get here by talking to the “Crazy Old Wizard” (blue wizard), who is located North-West of ::home, you will find him inside the Thugbob building. You will need to bring 75 Million coins in your pouch to be teleported. This boss has a combat level of 454. NON-SAFESPOTTABLE Chaos Elemental The Chaos Elemental boss is a dark cloud with six tentacles. The Chaos Elemental is immune to venom – therefore any items that are able to inflict venom will inflict regular poison instead. You can find this boss by using the Magic Spellbook, clicking on the Boss Teleports, then going to the last page, and simply click on “Chaos Elemental”. This boss has a combat level of 305. Gio’s Hoe Gio’s Hoe, also known as the Donor Boss. He can be located by typing ::donorboss. The name for this place says it all, it is a donator + boss ONLY! Therefore you can only fight against this boss when you’ve got a donator + rank In-Game. Many players kill this boss for the famous EXP Lamp drops. He has a combat level of 1337. Icy Skeleton This boss in itself, isn’t very hard to kill, you just need to have 92 prayer to be able to use Soul-Split! He is killed mainly for his Icy Cosmetic items. This boss can be located by using the Magic Spellbook, then clicking on Boss Teleports, then going to the third page and simply click on “Icy Skeletons”. He has a combat level of 584. King Dreamer The King Dreamer boss is commonly mistaken for the name Dream King. He is a VERY strong boss to kill in DreamScape, due to him draining your prayer points quite rapidly. It is possible for this boss to drain your prayer from 99 to 0 in only three hits. King Dreamer is a donator + boss ONLY, and can be located by typing ::dreamking. He has a combat level of 420. Mini Bosses We will refer this as the Mini Boss zone, this zone/area has 1 of each Mini boss. To get to this zone you will need to start from ::home, run North into the Shops Building, go to the West side on the inside of the building and look for the NPC, “Mini Boss Leader”. You will need to have 500 Millions coins in your inventory to be teleported to the Mini boss zone. The Mini bosses are a very popular method for beginners, because they are very easy to kill and have decent starter drops. The Mini Boss Zone includes the following: Mini Corporeal Beast (level 785), Mini Titan (level 175), Mini Kree’arra (level 580), Mini Barrelchest (level 72), Mini Tormented Demon (level 119), Mini Zilyana (level 596), Mini King Black Dragon (level 276). Party Pete Boss The Party Pete boss, also known as Party Boss is one of the most festive bosses we have in DreamScape, and has Melee-based attacks. To kills this boss you must first kill twenty (20) of the Party Minions. Once you’ve completed this task, you can then enter the room via clicking on that Yellow Portal. This boss is restricted to Super Donator +, he can be found by typing ::pp In-Game. The Party Boss has a combat level of 8400 and the Party Minion has a combat level of 4200. Phoenix The Phoenix boss has three minions helping him out, which are known as: Lesser Reborn Ranger (level 124) and (level 84) and the Greater Reborn Ranger (level 124). They use Range-based attacks, and are quite easy to kill, so don’t be afraid of them. The Phoenix uses Range-based attacks and is an intermediate boss to kill. He very slowly drains your prayer. He is killed mainly for his little Pet which gives you a 10% drop rate bonus. The Phoenix boss has a combat level of 124. Sea Troll Queen The Sea Troll Queen lives in the water and she can only be attacked by either Range or Magic. Sometimes she sends out her “Cave Slimes” (level 24), these are very easy to kill. They’re more so just annoying and get in the way. The Sea Troll Queen is the ruler of the Sea Trolls, and she attacks the Pisatoris Fishing Colony along with her Sea Trolls. She has a combat level of 170. Shadow King The Shadow King is one of the strongest bosses to kill in DreamScape, he uses Melee-based attacks and is mainly killed for his popular Shadow items. He has a combat level of 6996. Tormended Demon This boss is unlike no other, with an attack style of all sorts, a protection prayer of all styles. You will need to bring a little bit of everything for this one! The Tormented Demon is mainly killed for its drop of the Dragon Kiteshield! He has a combat level of 450. Vendura Vendura has well over 100,000 Hitpoints. You are able to attack Vendura with Melee, Magic and/or Ranged. You do not have any limits unlike Voldemort. Vendura is a little like Voldemort, he scans players equipment every time you enter the raid or switch armour. He will detect your overpowered gear and will weaken the bonuses of those most of his attacks scale with the amounts of players fighting him. He has a combat level of 777. Voldemort The Voldemort boss has 66,666 hitpoints, making him one of the stonrgest bosses in-game. You will only be able to attack this boss using either Magic or Range. You can locate this boss by using the command ::joinraid1. He has a combat level of 777. Vorago The Vorago boss has been billed as the toughest boss in DreamScape. He is an ancient being, that caused chaos in the past, but was later defeated by a powerful weapon known as the “Maul of Omens”, prompting him to fall into a restorative slumber. Vorago used his remaining power to destroy the weapon. Towards the end of the Fifth-age, he awakened, now friendlierm albeit no less powerful. Can be located by using the Magic Spellbook, clicking on the Boss Teleports, going to the third page then simply clicking on “Vorago”, He has a combat level of 2000. BE AWARE THIS NPC IS LOCATED IN THE WILD. Wizard Grayzag Wizard Grayzag, commonly known as Magegray, is one of the most difficult solo bosses to kill in DreamScape. This boss has a ridiculous amount of hit-points, along with the very common prayer drain, this boss also has a powerful special attack. He can be located by simply typing ::Magegray. He has a combat level of 999.
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    Dear DreamScape Community,  Last month we had a ton of promotions, let's put them all together and list it up !   One of the big promotions was given to our dear Donations Manager (member=Cleave] After months of being Community Manager, weeks of helping people out, days of being online and hours of true dedication...we were amazingly happy when [member=Cleave] announced that he was willing to come back. There for, welcome back once again and congratulations on the position !   Another big promotions occurred not long ago,  Our dear Global Moderator [member=Potentials] got promoted to Global Administrator. This is a huge step and is usually not the way someone gets promoted ( first to in game admin - f mod )  However, [member=Potentials] has proven himself in the past months and is ready to take this huge responsibility. Once again, congratulations my man !   As if that wasn't enough, we got another amazing big promotion !! After months, months and months of dedication and help... we promoted our beloved staff member [member=Searwen] She got promoted to Forums Administrator & In-Game Helper. This is a huge accomplishment and we are sure that she will do an amazing job. (she already does ) Once again [member=Searwen], Congratulations !!   You would have thought we would be done with all these high ranked promotions...well no ! We also got our beloved In-Game Moderator Promoted to ... in-Game Administrator !!   Congratulations to [member=Megafun12], he has proven himself in the past months. You are an amazing and dedicated staff member, well deserved promotion my friend. once again, congratulations !   As for our beloved staff member [member=Brezel], he got promoted to Forum Moderator. [member=Brezel] was a In-Game Helper already, this means he has responsibilities at both sides of the server ! We are sure you will fulfill those responsibilities, congratulations on this amazing promotion !   Non the less we had some amazing promotions towards our new Helpers ! Congratulations  [member=Fotis]. [member=Boolean] [member=Searwen] The new helpers have proven themselves worthy by showing the community the true meaning of professionalism, dedication and enthusiasm.  Thank you for joining the team, once again ... Congratulations !   All with all... an amazing month to look back to and more importantly ... an amazing future for DreamScape ! Congratulations guys !
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    Promotions 5/9/15 Server Manager

    [B]Congratulations on [member=foxx] our new server manager. [/B] [B][member=foxx] has been a dedicated member since December 2014 and has been my staff member for months who's dealt with nearly every big situation that DreamScape has had. I really believe he has what it takes for this position and i know he has alot to offer for DreamScape and improving it for the better making it a smoother experience for everyone who plays. [/B] [B]Everyone please congratulate [member=foxx] when he comes online! [/B] [B]Want to take part in events and giveaways join the teamspeak today dreamscapeteamspeak.ddns.net [/B]
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