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    December Monthly Voting Winners!

    Dear Dreamscape Community, We hosted the monthly voting event, where people had to fill in a specific format. In this format, they had to fill in their top member on several roles/positions. This can vary from best staff member to best pvm'er. THE RESULTS: Most Kind @CylorV Best Dicer @HC Kai Best PVM'er @Athene Best Newcomer @kavraka Best GFX-Designer @Filth Best Youtuber @didyscape Best Livestreamer @didyscape Most Respected Non-Staff Member @HC Kai Most Active on Discord @CylorV  Best Ironman @Acidfreak2 Most Potential Shown @sk1l Best Event Host @CylorV Best Wiki Editor @K 0 X D Most Respected Trusted Host @HC Kai Most Active In-game @CylorV Most Active Forums @CylorV Most Active Overall @CylorV Best Helper @K 0 X D Best Administrator+ @CylorV Most Respected Staff Member @CylorV Best Staff Member @CylorV Congratulations all winners! To collect your prizes please PM me (Cylorv) In-Game!
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    CylorV Feedback

    Hey #DSGANG. Now this dude CylorV I want to say is great. I've been playing Dreamscape for around 2 weeks ish now and I want to say I absolutely love it. I want to thank CylorV for doing his little discord events every day if he can.. winning in these events really motivates you as a new player and people don't realize it. A lot of time and organisation goes into them and if you've been in one of the events you know aswel as me you don't stop laughing until the events over.. Keep it up CylorV, Great job brother. Thanks again. - Bowks
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    CylorV Feedback

    Always lovely to hear someones positive feedbacks on server/its player. I can agree with you, @CylorV is doing phenomenal job with everything hes been achieved in here, and I am sure he keeps doing that!
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    Recruiting new Editors!

    Sup noobs as you all may very know dreamscape is life and so it's our Wiki page now I need help from you the players!! The Wiki team and I are looking for new Price Guide Editors Any General Editors!!! If you think you can Price check and keep it updated feel free to pm in discord or in-game (discord-@Darklodrr#9928) (darklordrr IGN) Those who are reviewed and tested on their PC skills will be honored with the following Discord Tag With access to our sneaky Discord Chat! Forums Tag To let you know whos a real cowboy/girl in town Our Sexy Icon Soon new rank still be tested our new SAXY pet with the biggest stick you'll ever see AND MANY MORE CUSTOM FOR EDITORS TO COME! Come hop on this TRACK SON!
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    Eco Reset Suggestion feedback

    While I agree with a lot of what you said, here's some food for thought. ( This is gonna be a big ramble so stick with me. The new NPCs being coded in with juicy new drops (potentially OP items) don't NEED to be available to sponsor+. While it would seem that there is somewhat of an entitlement complex going on among people with those ranks, it simply doesn't make sense from a growth standpoint to allow those NPCs to be one shot in the first place. I'm not saying they should never be available, just simply not on release. Allowing sponsor + access to new content via their capes immediately upon release devalues the time and effort devs put into designing new content for the general population of the server. If cape owners don't agree with this, I suggest a simple solution. Give sponsor + access and the ability to one shot the new NPCs on release, but give them a 100 kc daily max for at least 3 weeks using their capes (they would still be able to kill the content as a member of the general population for more KC outside of their limit). This would ensure that sponsor + get some use out of their capes, while still maintaining the balance of luck and new content for the entirety of the server. Donation incentives haven't changed since my last break , and its tough to come back to a donation shop identical to how you left it. That being said, I don't necessarily see this as a problem, as the devs can continue to pump out unique and overpowered items for large amounts of money which somebody will inevitably pay for. The problem I see with the server is that there is no real viable way for players to take an "ironman" approach to playing the game without donating. I think the server can be realistically successful if there were methods in place for players to reach mid/end game level items and gear without spending a penny on the game, and leaving the extreme end game and OP items as either extremely rare drops, massive time commitments, or large monetary commitments via donation. By having such a large gap between the items which are obtainable via playing without donations, and those which can be bought, we are alienating a lot of new players. When the answer to the question "how do I make money", in the help cc is always met with clues first, then a close second and third between revs and donate, the server has an early game economic problem. For a player without decent gear, getting the 100t minimum to even attempt diglet to make cash seems to be a moon away, let alone getting enough money to purchase a collector's necklace to make the boss even easier. Some may say that those players can just camp revs for their necklace. Now we've taken a new player, with no money to their name, and told them to go fight over spots in the revenant caves in order to reach an EARLY GAME money maker. That is an alienating way to approach new players, and a irresponsible neglect in the challenge in growing the server. Would it be more efficient to foster a pleasurable early game play environment in order to spur the incentives of donation? Why are we going after the pocket books of players straight out of the gate instead of letting them get involved with the server and the community. We are shooting ourselves in the foot before we even give new players a chance. T.L.D.R. Sponsor + shouldn't be entitled to unlimited access to new NPCs Donation incentives VS game play attainable content is too wide of a gap The gap between new player - early game - mid game - end game are often too difficult to bridge without donating (which is kinda the point, isn't it.) We are inflicinting damage upon our own chances at growing by focusing on new and even more exlcusive donation and end game content, rather than fixing the early dreamscape experience for players. MISSING : a big rant about ironman mode and it's shortcomings, but I don't believe that the issue has a place on this thread
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    Just hoppin around to say hi :P Any og's alive?
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    Hc Snaup

    CylorV Feedback

    lets give eachother yummy reps : p
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    December MOTM Winner!

    Another month down on the DSGrind and another member of the month! It's been a great month packed with community events, updates and juicy DS action. The votes are in and this month we are naming @HC Kai the member of the month! Keep up the good work! A massive shout out to the other nominees: @Cooni @Acidfreak2 Thank you all for voting and taking part once again in the Member of the Month process!
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    Best Ds Ever

    What to do when...

    I really hope people will read the guide, I love it. Great work buddy!
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    Hc / Fe Regis Wiki App

    Hey man thanks for applying! pm when you can in discord Darklordrr#9928
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    Christmas Wishlist Event Results! Hello everyone i hope you guys had a amazing Christmas! Sorry for the late response but Santa had a busy day to deliver all the presents to everyone! Santa enjoyed every single wishlist you guys made but unfortunaly there can only be 3 winners. Results: First place: @Its Mr Mg 5Q Cash. Second place: @Filth 2,5Q Cash. Third place: @Squidlin 1Q Cash. For The people that didn't won don't worry Santa has something small for you boys and girls aswell! ? Best Wishes: - Santa. ?
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    DsnickDS piece

    sooo amaziing ?
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    DsnickDS piece

    sexy I need me one of those xd
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    DsnickDS piece

    Noice captain
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    Owner Cape revamp

    if they do, they should add it to the ironman instance manager to. That would be great!
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    Recruiting new Editors!

    Take it from me, I love working on the wiki alongside my fellow editors!
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    showcase :)

    Pretty simple stuff but it definitely catches the eye, good shit man!
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    ::prestige revamp

    I agree that prestiging really does need a complete revamp. Would also be beneficial as it gives players something to grind towards something Stat boost would make sense as you progress through prestiges Prestige shop also needs to be revamped. I'm unsure if this is already implemented in the game however, if prestige shop does get revamped there needs to be a way to reset so you can keep gaining points. You can also make prestiging a new way for players to make money. Don't think it will hurt eco too much as it prestiging is already be a grind in itself. Kind of like doing revs in a sense.
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    Christmas Wishlist Event

    Have you been a good boy/girl this year? Have you always wanted that Bronze Full Helm (G) for Christmas?! Now is the chance to tell Santa what you really want this year on Dreamscape! So how does this event work? The only thing you have to do is tell Santa 5 different items you always wanted for Christmas! RULES: - Keep it Dreamscape Related so only Dreamscape items! - Place only 5 items not more. - Don't be the funny guy that asks for example an Executive Cape. - And the most important rule off all: ENJOY!! PRIZES: The 3 funniest Christmas Wish Lists will be rewarded with the following prizes: * First place: 5Q Cash * Second place: 2,5Q Cash * Third place: 1Q Cash For the people that didn't made it into the top 3 don't worry, you will still get a prize! The Results will be released on December 27th.
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    Christmas Wishlist Event

    1. Pink Minigun 2. Money 3. SMALL DILDO (why not) 4. a way to get out of the freakin wilderness without having to run for 10 minutes (please) 5. 'merica cape
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    Christmas Wishlist Event

    Dear Santa, I've been a P.O.S. this year but i still think I deserve Presents. Heres my list: 1. A third collectors necklace on my ironman from Cylorv (seriously I think he give's them to me on purpose) 2. A 92nd mystery box pet, my family must grow. 3. At least 10 more shots at the platinum ak-upgrade on my non-donation-ironman. I need that weapon pls 40 dry. 4. any, and i mean ANY invictus weapon cause i can't afford to skip slayer tasks anymore. 5. A frostbite staff, so i can finally say goodbye to the awful boss formally known as raiden. Thanks Santa, I'm expecting all these things under my tree or i'll cry. And still be a P.O.S.
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    Paint Me

    Christmas Wishlist Event

    Dear Santa, I have been a very good boy this year. To recap, I've been arrested, had a child, and even called my parents alcoholics! ? For these reasons I demand the following from you, you big ole fatty (with a big ole fatty). 1. Sled (so I can think of you while I ride) *wink wink* 2. My very own title "Santa's good boy" because I think I've please you enough *wink wink* 3. bfg9000 because it reminds me of you (Big fat guy) 4. bfg9000 off-hand (see gift 4 for explanation) 5. yoda pet (This is my only selfish request)
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    Draw CylorV Event! CASH PRIZES!!

    https://imgur.com/a/MxHx0kF No space soz :C Trying to go with christmas theme as well
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    K 0 X D

    Infernal Cape

    Hello, my suggestion is to be able to combine all 3 Infernal Capes you get from Extreme Arcade(Infernal Mage, Range, and melee) this will make it more convenient for those who have the capes right now. I also suggest being able to combine all 3 capes you get from Slayer to make into the Inferno Cape. The select few who grind slayer all the time should be rewarded and most of the people who do slayer are Ironman. This is a better opportunity for them to be able to get that Inferno Cape.
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    Username: Total In-Game Time: Timezone: Payouts (Screenshots): Bank (Screenshots): Why should you be chosen to be a Trusted Host: If someone was to report that they were scammed and had no video proof how would you handle the situation: 1)You are to not advertise your application to anyone (including on Discord or Skype) 2)You are to be known around the dice zone and dicing community. 3)Must be knowledgeable about Flower Poker and Hot and Cold rules as well as 55x2, Blackjack, and DDing Rules! 4)Be active on our discord and on the forums 5)Must know how to properly take care of a situation in a calm manner and not to use offensive language 6)Must have no punishments linked to your account 7)Must have 25 forums post 8)Must have 10 days In-game! 9)Must have a rank in the Dice CC 10)Must be payouts and NOT Trust Trades! 11)Do not post on other applications if you have an active app posted
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