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    Lil Bowwow

    Resignation Bowwow

    Whats going on Dreamers, its yo boy bowwow. I want to take this moment to thank all the staff member, and the community for allowing me to be part of the staff team for 4 and half month. I had very good journey while at it, meeting new players, built a friendship and also got into making Youtube Video for the server. It has been very stressful past month for me, where i am in process on moving back to the state side, finding new home, and new unit that i will be working with. I wish and hope that i was a good helper to Gambling manager while i had the opportunity to. THIS ISNT A GOODBYE, I will continue to play the sever on Lil Bowwow, Iron bowwow and Bowwow JR (Rags to richest) and will continue to bring guides and video for you guys. I like to thank every single member of Dreamscape for letting me love the server and the community. Don't be a stranger and always feel free to PM me in-game for any questions etc. P.S. No begging for fr33 st0ff -Bowwow
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    Achievement Guide

    What is this new Achievement system? Well, you can compare it to OSRS's Achievement dairy or even "quests". You complete several achievements/tasks in order to complete tier "easy/medium/hard/elite" to get a reward. I'll get back into the rewards at the end of the Tier and guide. Red coloured achievements means that they're not working. Beat Up Perform a cumulative of ten thousand damage. Choppa Chop down seventy-five Trees. Cleaning the streets Kill one-hundred ThugBobs. Dance Dance Revolution Dance your heart out fifteen times. Death to Dragon Kin Kill one-hundred Dragonbone. Death to Rocks Kill one-hundred Rock Crabs. Eat up! Consume one-hundred "Food" items. Fifty Centy Flex Sell an item from a Player Owned Store. Forum Lurker Visit the forums (::forums). Get Well Add to the Well of Good Fortune. Jad Job Kill TzTok-Jad once. Kardashian Trend Change your appearance once. Lil Tay Flex Purchase an item from a Player Owned Store. Meahoy, memyay? Summon a Thugbob egg. Menace Kill one-thousand NPCs. Party Time! Equip a party hat. Political Activist Vote five times. Royalty Successfully upgrade a Royal Sicle (::upgrade) Rule Scholar Read the rules (::rules) Star Power Combine Star Wishes five times. Suprise! Spin the wheel on Squeal of Fortune five times. Take the throne Kill King Black Dragon twenty-five times. Wave Rider Reach wave fifteen in the Arcade. Wiki Scholar Visit the wiki (::wiki) Ahrim Shot! Kill Ahrims brother 5 times. Battle Rookie Win the Battle Grounds once. Burn Baby Burn Burn five-hundred logs. Council Member Vote ten times. DJ Kharil Kill Kharil brother five times. Dangerous Dueler Win twenty-five duels. Dharok Devastation Kill Dharok brother five times. Flame On Summon a Phoenix Pet. Gambler! Spin the wheel on Squeal of Fortune ten times. Game Night Answer five trivia Questions. Guthan's Make Light Work Kill Guthans brother five times. Impling Catcher Capture a dragon impling. Loyal Purchase an item from the Loyalty Store. Maniac Kill five-thousand NPCs. Mohammad Ali Perform a cumulative total of one-hundred thousand damage. Mystery Man Open one-hundred Mystery boxes. Part Time Robber Pickpocket two-hundred times. Soul Splitter Activate Soul Split Super Star Power Combine Star Wishes ten times. To Key or not to Key Open one-thousand Crystal Keys. Torag to riches Kill Torag brother five times. Verac Attack Kill Verac brother five times. Wave conjurer Reach wave Twenty-five in the Arcade. Well Well Well Donate One-Q to the Well of Good Fortune Yodler Yell at least once. Battle Veteran Win the Battle Grounds five times. Big Spender Donate Five-G to the Well of Good Fortune. Bird Watcher Open ten Bird nests. Cape Quest Equip any TokHaal-Kal variant. Chaotic Companion Summon a Chaos Elemental Pet. Drop Party Get an Ultra Rare drop. Feelin Lucky Win Fourty dice duels. Fountain of Youth Drink ten donator fountain drinks. Ghost Pickpocket three-hundred times. I hate the Cold Kill two-hundred-fifty Icy Skeletons. Jason Born Perform a cumulative total of one million damage. King Slayer Kill two-hundred-fifty Shadow Kings. Milkyway Combine star wishes twenty-five times. Mountain Man Kill Vorago five times. No Life Reach one-twenty-five in five skills. Overdose Create an Overload Potion. Peace Bringer Kill two-hundred-fifty Chaos Elementals Peanut Butter and Space Jam Sword Upgrade a Space Jam Sword(Succesfully). Pet Party Open ten Pet Mystery Boxes. Powerball Enter the Grand Lottery Rigged Election Vote twenty-five times. Runite Plate Forge a rune platebody Runite Scavange Mine runite ore. Serial Kller Kill twenty-thousand NPCs. Sherlock Holmes Open ten Super Mystery Boxes. Trivia Teacher Answer ten trivia questions. Tsunami Reach wave thirty-five in the Arcade. Witch Hunter Kill two-hundred-fifty Magegrays. A Man's Best Friend Earn a skilling pet. Arcade Champion Complete all waves in the Arcade. Battle God Win the battlegrounds twenty times. Chaos Commander Kill five-hundred Chaos Elementals. Chief Investigator Open twenty-five super mystery boxes. Chuck Norris Perform a cumulative total of five million damage. Corporal Punishment Kill the Corporal Beast Fifty times. Diablo III Kill Diablo once. Extinction Kill fifty thousand NPCs. Flader Up Upgrade a SoulFlare. Galaxy Combine fifty star wishes. Ice Ice Baby Kill five-hundred Icy Skeletons. Landfill Donate Twenty-five Q to the well of good Fortune. Lord of the UnderGrond Pickpocket five-hundred times. No Experience Waste Reach level 125 in eight skills. Original Gangster Kill O.G dragon once. Ovelord Kill five-hundred Shadow Kings. Pet Park Open twenty-five Pet Mystery boxes. Quick Stop Purchase a item from the Agility shop. Raid Raid Raiden Kill dark raiden once. Show Host Answer fifteen trivia questions. The Last Horcrux Kill voldemort once. Trix are for Kids Create a Trix Amulet Typist Win a ::type challenge/ Up Like Trump Win sixty Dice Duels. V for Vendura Kill Vendura once. With Exorcist Kill five-hundred Magegrays. Easy&Medium You'll get from Easy access to Achievement top. You'll get from Medium access to Achievement bottoms. Achievement top provides you 5% droprate when wearing this top. Achievement bottoms provides you 5% double drop when wearing this bottoms. Hard You'll get from hard access to Achievement Banner. And this Achievement Banner does not have any benefits or extra's. Maybe in the future! Elite You'll get from Elite access to Achievement Icon Also no benefits or any extra's. Maybe in the future! Credits: @Bowzah for helping me out with the writing part. @Bodhi and myself ofcourse :o Small note; I'll be updating this guide with locations/more details. Adding Achievements first. If I missed anything, let me know! And if any Achievement doesn't work! Report them to Administrator team or higher, and pm me on discord Bodhi#9025 so I can color this achievement red till it's fixed.
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    Dear Dreamscape Community, Every month we choose our top members in various skills & positions! Make sure you enter your in game username! Everyone who votes gets 100t for FREE ! YOU 'CANNOT' VOTE FOR YOURSELF! Further, there will be 3 random winners who all receive 500T in pure cash. I will choose the winners after this event, and they can claim their prize in-game. Categories: Most Kind Best Dicer Best PVM'er Best Newcomer Most Respected Non-Staff Member Most Potential Shown Best GFX-Designer Best Youtuber Best Live Streamer Most Active on Discord Best Ironman Best Event Host Most Active In-game Most Active Forums Most Active Overall Best Helper Best Moderator (Including Forums) Best Administrator (Including Forums) Most Respected Staff Member Most Respected Trusted Host Best Staff Member ********PLEASE NOTE: ONCE 5 DAYS PASSES WE WILL CLOSE VOTING AND POST THE RESULTS THE NEXT DAY!******** THE PARTICIPATION REWARD OF 100T WILL BE REWARDED AFTER THE EVENT IS OVER! Thanks in advance, we appreciate every single participant!
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    Achievement Class Easy/Medium/Hard/Elite Achievement Title Easy - Treasure Trails Medium - Clue Enthusiast Hard - Dream Scribe Elite - Keep On Dreamin' Achievement details Easy - Complete 5 Dream Clue Scrolls Medium - Complete 25 Dream Clue Scrolls Hard - Complete 50 Dream Clue Scrolls Elite - Complete 100 Dream Clue Scrolls
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    POTM - June 2018

    Here is mine, first time joining a contest, hopefully not to late :D
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    If you'd prefer not to watch the video, you can also read my text version of the guide, but it's definitely less in-depth than if you watched the video. Low tier recommended setup: Soulsplit and Turmoil Flame Pernix Set < Elite Pernix Set Vanguard Boots and Gloves Amulet of Fury (or) and Archers' Ring (i) Scoped Rifle < Ascension Crossbow set (This setup will average wave 5-13 of the arcade) Mid tier recommended setup: Soulsplit and Turmoil American Virtus Set < Inga Set Shadow Boots < Elemental Boots Red/Blue Boxing Gloves < American Boxing Gloves Yix Amulet < Trix Amulet Epic Seers' Ring Soulflare(U) (This setup will average around wave 20 of the arcade) High Tier recommended setup: Soulsplit and Turmoil American Pernix Set < Devious Set Elemental Boots American Boxing Gloves Trix Amulet Epic Archers' Ring Minigun < Golden Minigun (This setup will average up to wave 37 of the arcade) God Tier recommended setup: Soulsplit and Turmoil Necromancer Pet < Diablo Pet Avery's Ring Elemental Boots American Boxing Gloves Trix Amulet Eternal Khiones Staff (This set is capable of clearing the arcade) Common Gear To Avoid Using: Golden Ak-47 Soulflare (non-upgraded) Elder Wand (A lot of this gear is a noob trap, where they aren't actually all that big of an upgrade, they're inconsistent, don't hit fast enough to out-heal damage done to you, or are just plain bad compared to cheaper weapons) Once you've picked a gear setup, you're ready to start farming the arcade. It's as simple as entering the arcade, turning on your prayers, and then doing something else until you die. After that you just repeat the process. The next tricky part begins once it comes to decide which items to purchase. There are a few items which are generally good contenders for the most efficient money, so I'm going to highlight them now. Golden Scratch Card - 2000 tokens Rare Scratch Card - 2500 tokens Super Mystery Box - 750 tokens Dynamic Mystery Box - 3000 tokens To figure out which one is the best, you're going to have to figure out the best items yourself. Start off by heading to ::market and finding the lowest price for each of these items. Write it down because you're going to need to do some math. First take the lowest price of each item and divide it by the price of tokens, this will show you how many bil tickets you're getting per token (ex: 225000 % 2500 = 90 bil tickets per token). Write this down and continue to find the ticket per token of each of the items. After you're done, whichever one is the highest will be the most money efficient item to sell. BUT there are more factors you need to taken into account. Not all of the items have amazing supply and demand, it may take a couple days for a rare scratch card to sell, while a super mystery box could sell within a few hours, you're also much more likely to be quickly undercut on a super mystery box, while not many people undercut on the golden scratch card but they are infrequently bought out. Meanwhile dynamic mystery boxes are frequently bought out but are also frequently listed by people taking advantage of the BOGOF (Buy one get one free) Bonanza events for donators and sold on the marketplace afterwards. Take all of this into account and remember to not put all of your eggs in one basket and figure out the supply and demand of the market by yourself. If you're too lazy to figure all of that out, my recommendation is to buy Super Mystery Boxes and sell at lowest price. I've covered pretty much everything now, so that's going to be all for this guide. Thanks for reading, and I hope you make lots of money in the arcade. If you have any feedback, feel free to leave it down below, I'd also appreciate if you went through and liked my video if you enjoyed the guide, and subscribe if you want to see more like it. If you have any questions, you can message me in-game, "Nivalen" is my name, message me on Discord at Kinomori#0094 (nickname Nivalen on the Dreamscape discord server), or post a comment down below.
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    200 Box Opening!

    This is my first of many videos for dreamscape! I will continue to push out content every single day! Im open for anything that I can improve on, please let me know in the comments or on this thread! I hope you enjoy the video!
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    400 Ckey Opening - DixieDew

    Hey guys first ever video here! Any feedback would be much appreciated planning on doing some more so any suggestions would be good!
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    Donator Rank Requests

    Congrats on Extreme!!
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    Welcome to my Introduction or Beginners guide to setting up Streamlabs OBS To begin with you will want to download the Windows installer found on the Streamlabs OBS website. Website Link: https://streamlabs.com/ Once the download has finished, find the Streamlabs OBS launch icon on the Desktop. FIRST STEP - SIGN IN WITH Step 1 - Changing the Stream Output and Video Settings To find these settings press the Settings button within the editor tab Personally my settings are different to what i'm showing, this is because i'm keeping this guide simple and within limits to people that may have lower bandwidth. Here's what you should change the settings to. Output Settings: Video Bitrate: 1600 Encoder: Software (x264) Audio Bitrate: 320 Video Settings 720p/1080p Setup: Base Resolution: 1280x720 OR 1920x1080 Output Resolution: 1280x720 OR 1920x1080 Take note that the output resolution will be what's displayed on stream. Setting the base resolution higher will make the output render look sharper. Downscale Filter: Bicubic Common FPS Values: 30 Step 2 - Themes/Overlays (Optional) Themes can be added as an optional feature to make the display of your live stream look a bit more professional To add a new theme, locate the THEMES tab along the top navigation bar. Once you are on this tab you can view Hundreds of different themes to spice up your live stream. When you find a theme you like, Press Install Overlay Wait a few minutes for the Theme to install and it should automatically send you to the Editor Tab It may also be worth while to delete some of the additional sources that the overlay has added to such as chat boxes or donation tickers. You can delete these unwanted sources by right clicking over the selected source and pressing remove OR by selecting the source and pressing the Delete Key. Here's an example of my final overlay in the Editor Tab Please don't be scared to play around with the Themes, getting a theme that works well with you can be a long process so take your time with this! Trial and Error is important. Step 3 - Adding DreamScape to the Source Launch DreamScape Once DreamScape has finished loading, locate the + Button along side the sources panel. This will open a window, Press Window Capture then Add Source. In the Window Tab, Select [java.exe]: DreamScape and then Press Done. When you can see the DreamScape Launcher in the Editor, Select the Window Capture layer and Drag it all the way down to the bottom of the list. This is to ensure that the Theme overlays will be displayed on top of the DreamScape Client. To cut the borders from the DreamScape Client you can hold down Alt and drag the borders. Finally, Right click the Dreamscape Client within the Editor, Hover over Transform then press Stretch to Screen. THE FINAL RESULT Additional Features within the Streamlabs OBS Can be added within the editor panel, add another source as you would with the DreamScape Launcher. A list of Essential Sources are listed, such as Donation/Subscribe tickers, Comment displays, view count user interface and many more! Follow the instructions provided within Streamlabs. I Hope this guide has helped, if there's anything I've missed or if you need additional help with setting up Steamlabs OBS, feel free to pm me or any of the Youtubers/Media Team.
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    Achievement Class - Elite Achievement title - Run forest run! Achievement details - Complete 500 agility courses This'll be a achievement for those who really wants to finish the achievements and want a real grind! I would personally go for this! It may sound a bit extreme for 500 courses but as of the current achievements, adding this as a elite achievement would be interesting for everyone that's grinding out the achievements fully or for those who wants a real grind! Also I noticed that there werent any agility achievements or many skill related ones so I believe that this'll be a great addition. Achievement Class - Hard Achievement title - Can't stop chopping. Achievement details - Chop 250 wood of each trees ingame. (Oak, tree, yew, magic etc). Seening this added would be a good and new kind of achievement. There is a easy achievement which is chop 100 wood but this'll be a more unique way of the achievement. It'll make the skilling scene more popular and give a new variety of achievement. Also it can be a good money maker since you get birds nest from the trees and you can be lucky and get a row (i) from the nests which is around 1quad! Achievement Class - Elite Achievement title - Castle Wars Champion Achievement details - Win 100 games of Castle Wars Seeing this added would be a cool achievement because 1. Castle wars are never used anymore and it's not that bad of a money maker 2. implementing this will add a new and unique way to play dreamscape again since the Castle Wars was so popular back in the days and will bring the memories back! 3. Theres no such achievement as this and yeah honestly will be a hard grind but who doesnt love one? + You'll make yourself some quads, 150 points in shop for boxing gloves! This would be a more unique and fun way of making money plus having fun!
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    Here's some from me, don't wanna throw too many down or ill steal all the ideas =D Easy/Medium - Kill 200 of Each Barrows Brother! (Title: Barrowed Alive) (Points given 10) Prestige 1-10-20-30 times, easy, medium, hard and elite in order! (Title: Prestigious Pride) (Points per tier, 5-10-25-50) Hard or Elite - Get an Ultra Rare from the SoulChest (Title: Soulstruck) (Points given 25) Defeat each Boss with it's respectable Pet as your companion (Corp not included) - This Achievement could be spread between difficulties due to Pet Price! (Title: Killing in the name of) (Points based on difficulty of boss, eg, Phoenix would be (5) whereas Diablo would be (25) and all the inbetween :P) Medium - Kill 500 Forgotten Warriors! (Title: Lest we Forget) (Points given 10) Medium/Hard - Kill 500 Party Pete Minions! (Title: Party Pooper) (Points given 15) Maybe also this could be a cool update: Adding timers to Raids and then having Timed kill Achievements, so like 30 second Vendura kill, sub 1 minute Raiden kill etc etc. (Title: Speed Strategist?) (Points per Raid 20) Btw i hope you all get the joke behind the "killing in the name of" title =p
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    Donator Rank Requests

    Congrats on Sponsor!! THanks for the support!
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    I follow Maximum No idea about how hard it is to set it up... but good thoughts about the POS system as prices go up and down very often
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    I always love q and a videos, I'm down
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    I have no words for this one, just no words, other than I will get you and Drax back with the trolls in the next one
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    I Willy I

    New / Old Cosmetics

    Woaaahhh that sounds like an awesome idea actually.
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    New / Old Cosmetics

    Imagine if we had an fashionscape place, just like a mall. Use the command ::fashionscape and you'll be teleported to "The mall" with all these different NPCs that gives you sweet ass looking items :o
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    !Welcome fellow YouTubers! I am happy to introduce to you our YouTuber Rewards systems! Here you will see the rewards that you can obtain from making videos! We take pride in our YouTubers and appriciate everything you do to promote the server. Not only can you now gain rewards but you can also push to become an Official YouTuber for Dreamscape! Here's how it works: http://yt.dreamscape317.net/index.php You Gain YouTuber points for posting Dreamscape related video's on YouTube! You are rewarded 1 YouTuber point in-game for 1 view via YouTube. For example: 4400 Views means you receive 4400 YouTuber points! 50 Views = 50 points, 100 Views = 100 points etc. The views count of your video(s) is updated automatically every hour. If you have claimed 400 points but the next day your video receives 200 more views, this means you can claim points again! You can claim the points in-game using the command "::claimyoutube" The title of your video MUST include "Dreamscape" and your description MUST have a link to "https://dreamscape317.net" **** (MAKE SURE LINK STARTS WITH "https://) **** Below are the rewards you can obtain and amount of points it will cost to buy said item with in shop. Rewards Super Mystery Box- 500 points Invictus Box- 500 Points Quadron Box- 500 Points Golden Scratch Card- 500 Points Rare Scratch Card- 500 Points Pet Box- 600 Points Youtube Pet - 22435 - 4000 points Youtube Chain - 22437 - 3000 points Youtube Icon - 22436 - 5000 points Youtube top hat - 4056 - 1500 points Youtube Cape -1502 - 1500 points Youtube Banner - 4062 - 4000 points Youtube Torva Helm - 4068 - 1000 points Youtube Torva Body - 4069 - 1000 points Youtube Torva Legs 4067 - 1000 point There are no limits to what you can achieve and gain! If you have any questions please pm me "MonoBeast#8150" via discord for fastest response. If you are interested in applying for YouTuber and meet the requirements > Click Here <
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    Camtasia 9 Tutorial Here you will find everything you need as well as some tips and tricks to get started and on your way to making videos! I hope this helps and explains everything if not you can always pm me! PHASE 1 - SETUP Step #1: Download Camtasia 9 Trial Verion. >>> Click Here <<< No worries the trial version is easy to make unlimited with a few easy steps which i will show below! If you already have camtasia9 and need to know please look down below! Step #2: Download the Camtasia Verification Code >>> Click Here <<< This will be used when rendering your video. I will explain that as well. Step #3: Run and install the Camtasia Setup located in your downloads folder should look as shown below: Once you have completed Phase 1 you should be ready to get started with Phase 2, You should also see a Desktop or Task Bar camtasia icon. Now you are ready to move on to recording and editing! PHASE 2 - Recording Step #1 Open your Camtasia 9 Shortcut if it is not already open after setup. Here you will come acrossed the trial window. This is to simply inform you how many days you have left, and gives you the option to buy camtasia 9. Click "Continue Trial" as you will never need to buy this software. Step #2: You should now see the full camtasia editing window. Now if you are free to record by simply clicking the record botton on the top left. as shown here: Step #3: Recording. This is very simple you will see this pop up: With this you can turn on or off your audio as well as select which microphones to use/headsets. Turn on or off your camera, and set recording areas. I suggest unless able to, to record the client in fixed mode. To start you will have to select the custom setting in "Select Area" shown above ^^^^^ Once you have done that you will see these options: You MUST have this unlocked to change the recording area demensions which you can simply click and hold then drag to fit the client screen. Then you can click record!!!! PHASE 3 - Editing Step #1: Once you are done simply click the stop button on the recorder, This will automatically load camtasia9 editing area. THE FIRST THING YOU WANT TO DO IS THE FOLLOWING STEPS!!! This will remove the black bars from your screen!! 1) Go to the top left and click "File" 2) Go to "Prodject Settings" 3) Here you will change the dimensions of the project! This is VERY important! Change it to the dimensions you see below: " 1080p HD (1920x1080) " 4) Now go to the project, HOLD SHIFT and drag it to cover the black parts of the screen Now you are free to edit as you would like! No annoying black bars! PHASE 4 - Rendering Step#1: !!TURN OFF WIFI BEFORE TRYING TO RENDER!! !!TURN OFF WIFI BEFORE TRYING TO RENDER!! !!TURN OFF WIFI BEFORE TRYING TO RENDER!! !!TURN OFF WIFI BEFORE TRYING TO RENDER!! !!TURN OFF WIFI BEFORE TRYING TO RENDER!! !!TURN OFF WIFI BEFORE TRYING TO RENDER!! !!TURN OFF WIFI BEFORE TRYING TO RENDER!! !!TURN OFF WIFI BEFORE TRYING TO RENDER!! !!TURN OFF WIFI BEFORE TRYING TO RENDER!! This disconnects you from the camtasia servers. Step#2: Go to Share and select "Local File" Step#3: Using the camtasia code you downloaded in Phase 1. Open the text document and copy the camtasia verification code. Then paste into Full Version section as shown below: Once you past the verification code you are good to produce without watermark. I WILL BE UPDATING THIS THREAD AND ADDING HOW TO EXTEND YOUR TRIAL PERIOD AS WELL! Any other tips or tricks you need please comment them below or send to me in discord i will add them ASAP Hopefully this helped!
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