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    Reeves Corner Shop

    I'm a long time member of DS and I've done a fair bit over the years; I've recently returned and decided to share some graphics with the community, During my time of being a designer, I've designed for various different servers/games and people and have met a bunch of awesome people through graphics. Main Text: Sub text: Font(s): Size: Render: Background: Style: Other information: Old vouches from my old gfx designer app -
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    This week we bring you one of our jam-packed specials! full of spicy new content! New bosses! Overhauls! Quality of life bug fixes! and our usual helping of original custom items We listened to you! We have totally revamped barrows and now have a 100% working barrows, including crypts and door puzzles! You can now fight the 6 brothers and access the crypts to reap your rewards! Inside the crypts you will have to fight the final brother! It wouldn't be Dreamscape without some customisation so we decided to add in some juicy custom rewards for players who brave the barrows! Ahrim jr - has a 1 in 10 chance of hitting twice when using mage Dharok jr - causes the players average damage dealt to be increased as they loses life points Guthans jr - Heals player Karil pet- Your hits reduce the bosses magic level Verac jr - allows player to have a chance to ignore the bosses armour Torag jr - 3x special attack recovery time Should you wish to get a head start and get a Barrows Pet more quickly, you can now donate for the Barrows Pet Box from the donation store to get your hands on one of the new OP pets. We listened to you! Today we release a new mini-raid for new players! Charizard is a new boss for beginners to mid-level players, he drops between 1 - 50b cash per kill! To access charizard, you must kill 10 charmanders at the new location and then proceed through the door to kill Charizard! We have implemented full working farming! All patches and seeds are now working and can be used. This is the first step of a two stage process where we will be improving skilling and creating a bunch of custom skilling elements to Dreamscape! We listened to you! We've added a bunch of new items to the upgrade chest! Khiones staff can now be upgraded to Eternal Khione's Staff Crystal Set can now be upgraded to the Eternal Crystal Set Minigun can now be upgraded to Golden Minigun Golden minigun can now be upgraded to M4A4 Asiimov Electronic Katana can now be upgraded to Dream Katana We've added some additional bonuses to longclaw! Giving it 10% double drop bonus and 5% luck! This makes longclaw the first weapon in game with a luck bonus! Introducing the Eternal Crystal set! This set can be obtained by upgrading a crystal set! This set is designed to be used hand in hand with the eternal Khiones staff and when using the two together the set has an immense effect on the Eternal Khione's Staff by using the special effect twice as many times! Instead of a 1 in 10 chance of Special Attack it has a 1 in 5 chance. The special attack does a 2.5 x max hit (in excess of 20k per hit) Eagle Pet The Eagle pet will now bank any birds nests you gain while woodcutting! You must have the pet out to gain this banking benefit as well as the existing boosts from the eagle pet itself (25% more chance of gaining eagles nests, 50% more chance of gaining normal birds nests) ::merit Have you received outstanding support or help from a staff member?! Have you been given a really OP donation deal by an admin?! Were you guided through a clue scroll or shown how to make money?! Players can now award merits to staff members who they believe have gone above and beyond and deserve praise! Simply type ::merit in game to award a staff member a merit! Then simply write in the reason for your commendation: This will go into a log that will be reviewed weekly by the Staff Manager and allow us to track staff activity as well as us being able to reward staff members who have received the best player feedback! We've added 50% double drop bonus to the Dream magic set making even more juicy! This set can be obtained by combining shards from the dream mystery box, bought from the donation store or bought off players in game! We listened to you Today we introduce the Arcade Ring! You can purchase this ring from the arcade rewards shop and it will allow you to transform into any of the npc's from the Arcade Minigame! Players can now more easily keep our with their buying and selling by typing ::poshistory This will show you what items you have recently sold. We listened to you We've added more user friendly potion timers that will better allow you to track how long you have left active on your potions. We've added a new system where players can earn rewards by referring or being referred to dreamscape!! After finishing the tutorial players will now be asked how they found Dreamscape! They can insert the name of who referred them We also have a system now to let players earn rewards by entering your name when they join dreamscape and depending on the number of referrals you get you can earn rewards too! To discuss being added to this system please contact Drax with a brief description of how you aim to refer players! Following the success of our npc kills leaderboard We've added a new slayer leaderboard to the leaderboard at home! You can select to see slayer tasks and see the top 10 players who have done the most slayer tasks! You can see the total number of global tasks completed by talking to King Percival at home To celebrate the launch of this we will be running a month long slayer task event! Click here for more info! We've buffed the Mega Crates! Adding in a bunch of new items including the customisable party hat, supreme t-shirt as well as 3 new armour sets!! Pick up your mega crates here! These new sets are a pre-release of ultra rare rewards from a new slayer mini game (coming soon!) Each set is textured (Acidic, Shadow and Blood) with a whopping 25% drop rate, 25% double drop rate and 20% luck per set! We listened to you! We've added some new boosting items that give you boosts that are equipped in the arrow slot! Scroll of luck gives you 5% luck Scroll of blood gives you a 25% damage boost in the Theatre of blood Scroll of souls gives you a 25% boost when redeeming soul keys at ::soul room as well as a giving 2x soul drops on all monsters! Scroll of blood does a 2500hp static damage on the boss you are fighting per hit We've listened to you! We've added a new skilling area for executive members! To access it talk to Larry at executive zone Here you will find lava trees, dream trees and our brand new rainbow fishing spot! Executives can now fish for rainbow fish! There is a fishing spot at the new executive skilling zone that exclusively gives rainbow fish (which heal full hp and are great for raids) To fish for rainbow fish you will need 120 fishing and stripy feathres which can be bought from INFO NEEDED Today we introduce the newest scratch card! This scratch card functions like a lot of peoples favourite box, the Dynamic Box! This allows admins to add in the most up to date and juiciest loots! To view the current rewards in the scratch card type in ::checkdsc We listened to you! We've listened to your feedback and made some major improvements to the sponsor instances! The main change we have made is reducing the respawn rates. The monsters now respawn in 0.5 seconds rather than 15 seconds meaning that you can kill the npc's quicker inside the instances then at ownercape zone (2 npc's with 7 second respawn) After some fixing unforeseen issues with the Executive rank - The executive rank is now fully ready and working! Players can claim the Executive rank by donating for the executive cape or combining an executive totem with an ownercape. (if you have already done this, please contact drax to get your rank) To celebrate this release, we've added some new commands for our Executive members! ::wb will allow you to teleport directly to the world boss and mega world boss! ::backflip allows you to show off your nimbleness as you backflip into those dm's We've added a bunch more custom sets to our hall of fame! You can now see some of the amazing customs that have been made for our players! These custom armour sets now also dance and can be seen at the donator room when players donate! If you are interested in having your custom set added to the donator room - please contact Drax If you are interested in getting your own custom armour set please see this Custom Items Thread As way of thanks for all the hard work put in by our forum moderators and wiki editors we have made two icons that can be earned by those in the role to show off their hard work offline when they are online! Forum Moderator Wiki Editor Introducing Dreamscapes Hottest 1 In game set! The Inferno Emperor set boasts 25% Drop rate and 50% Double drop rate bonuses and packs an insane Tri-brid punch! Purchase the inferno emperor set here ::mydeals My deals is a new fully personalised way of rewarding our donators with even more extras! As well as gaining grand lottery points, donator points and any in game deals running at the time (see ::deals) players can now earn rewards for every 100$ they donate in a 24 hour period! To take part simply type ::mydeals Customisable Party Hat We've created a fully customisable party hat! This party hat allows you to choose which colour it is! We have added this party hat as a dream reward to the Mega Crate! Omega Set We've added a new feature to the omega set, allowing you to recolour it to any colour of your choosing. To pick the colour of the set, simply put the item on and right click operate it. This can be done individually with different pieces different colours or by simply clicking confirm on each piece you will be able to recolour the whole set to one colour. Supreme T-Shirt Reward from Mega Crate The Souleater Custom Donation Remyco's Custom Eclipse Set Custom Donation Remyco's Custom Khione Staff Custom Donation Link's M4A4 Asiimov Custom Donation Friends list now cache properly for clan chats We've fixed the stats on space trova stats and re-added it into the store We've set limits on the number of connections you can have to prevent bots and spammers We've set up a system to reduce spam from youtubers opening boxes! We've fixed the names on some Auras that were showing up as the wrong level We've addressed the Mystic aura boost (invisible magic boost) We've fixed the requirements for the Skilling outfit (now 150 in all skills is required for every piece) We've addressed the bugged items in the Dream mystery box and super mystery box Instances issues - We've fixed the issue with random instances awarding chaos elemental souls We went back to basics with the Arcade and addressed some player complaints that npc's had been made harder. Increasing AFK penalties and reducing the effect on legitimate players. We've made all skilling pets untradable Virtur has been fixed and will now attack with tornadoes We've made some tweaks to the Theatre of blood to make it more difficult to cheat in the maze section as well as increasing the strength of Pestilent Bloat We've addressed the issue where the Enraged Magegray world boss could be safe spotted Trinity fixes - We've fixed the issue where bosses spawned outside map and lowered the drop rates on items from Trinity Chests We've added 50% double drop bonus to the Dream Magic set Market Dc issues have been fixed and you should no longer dc when searching the market. We've fixed an issue with Battlegrounds chests not spawning correctly. We removed penguins from the ::starterboss interface (now use ::mbox) and have added in the Charizard Raid! We've fixed an issue with the Black market trader causing you to DC We've removed the dungeoneering tutor from home, to access dungeoneering simply click on the skilling section of the teleport tab. We’ve made the money pouch more user friendly and it will now display the amount in Q after 10m bill checks. We’ve added the golden ak as a drop from the tank boss for ironmen We’ve removed the announcement for the Demon Lectern drop from the theatre of blood. Theatre of Blood items will now no longer show as nulls We've fixed the 'Death to Dragon Kin' Acchievement We've added a warning message when buying something from the Loyalty Point Store
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    Hey Dreamers! I have had a lot of questions lately on how to upload images to the forums. A lot of people seem to be running into the max file size issue. However, do not fear....! Papa Shrek has the solution, so you can post as many images as you like without the max size limit! This method is also very useful when using images in your signature, since signature GFX images can be quite large some times. Go to https://imgur.com/ Why use imgur? Simply because the images won't get deleted. This means your image will not display like this after some time: Click on the following button in the top left corner: In the window shown below you can drag and drop a file, browse for a file by clicking on the button, copy pasting any image or paste the url! When you have inserted the image using one of the methods described in step 3 it will automatically go to a different page. In case you want to upload multiple images you don't have to start all over. You can now drag and drop or copy paste to add another image to the imgur page. To add the uploaded image to the forums you have to right click the image on imgur and click "copy". You can copy either the image or the image url, doesn't matter. If you want to crop the image or edit some simple things you can do it by clicking "edit image": Go to your thread or signature and paste the image you just copied from imgur. It should instantly display as an image. If not, try copying the image again as described in step 5. I hope you found this thread useful. If you have any questions feel free to PM me. Happy posting on the forums! Special thanks to @TRIIPY - The Kingg for the GFX!
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    tfw u donate $10k and lose it all

    Didn't know you can get cleaned by afking in donor room? Oh well. No one will miss you since we never saw you anywhere outside that room. Apart from that there is no point in roasting you since you won't even have anything to give away for the effort of coming up with a roast. #DontHateOnMeThisWasJustARoastAsTheSmallSentenceInHisPostTellsUsItsForRoastingPurposes #OneMoreHashtagToTellYouThatIStillLoveYou ❤️ #UsingHashtags#SinceICan'tWriteTinyTextOnPhone #PapaShreksIsOutForRealNow
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    Wiki Guidelines

    Wiki Editor guidelines What was once created in the year of 2015, the Dreamscape wiki management has made many great contributions towards dreamscape making it a popular platform for informative guides next to the forums. I'm happy to see where it will lead.To a brand new and revamped wiki!! A new year and new management are around the corner. As of August 2018, @darklordrr will be managing the wiki with precise roles for each individual and continue its enthusiasm. So, what is different in the years to come? In this year and onwards, we are introducing a reward system for wiki editors.Also a wiki ICON (in BETA). We are also taking in GFX Designers or anybody who can help out editing/making pictures for the wiki! and give them wiki editor rank as well.  In this year and onward, we are introducing a reward system for wiki editors. The wiki management will reward all editors for completing projects. Editors who contribute to a plan and a schedule will be rewarded. We have noticed over a large scale of time, we feel we can give back to our editors/designers who feel they have gone unappreciated. This is our desire for achievers! to make them keep on grinding! In the past, the wiki was directed in the way of looking for activity and to just get it done. We are taking a turn, and looking for Quality over Quantity. Instead of adding random pages, we'll be Focusing in a specific area that is concentrated with one another. With implementing a start date and a completion date. All projects will now be organized with a schedule.For editions and for future designers who would want to practice designing their crafts while making the wiki as good as it'll ever be! Application In an applicant we are looking for people who have at least : Good grammar, 3 days play time, 2-week forum registration, minimum 15 post count on forums, frequent interaction in discord and in game All Applicants must complete a simple task given to them in 24 Hours. For those who also would want to learn how to use the wiki and don't really have any clue how to, Darklordrr can train you/give hints and help you learn. Once he gives you tips & helps you out, he will be giving you a simple task to do, to be reviewed by the team. Please proofread your entire application before posting. - Copying past applications will be an instant decline - Don't reply to your application - If declined you may re-apply after two weeks. Template: Ingame Username: Forum Username: How old are you? What is your current location? Have you ever been blocked from the wiki? Have you had any administrator or higher leadership experience with a wiki? If so, provide what you did. Create a brief introduction about yourself. What are some of your strengths/weaknesses? What is your best moment with Dreamscape? An accepted member of the wiki team will receive the following: - forums wiki editor rank - a discord wiki editor rank - added to wiki staff list as a new editor!
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    Darklordrr Wiki Manager!!

    It happened boys! Manager achieved!@!!@@@!!!@ many things are now gonna be happening in the near future like new recruits to help out and any gfx designer or designers in general to help out editing picture pm in game or in discord to make wiki as best as it'll ever be adn to stay like that
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    i is poor ingame now ;( *for comedic purposes only* (i do not own a gun, do not feel suicidal, and this is a thread for you haters to roast me)
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    Today we will be introducing the Dreamers Monthly once again. In this Dreamers monthly will consist of News Regarding Player/Staff Promotions, Monthly news from the Dreamers The Introduction of some new players and Farewells, And much much more! Interested in becoming a Dreamers Monthly Reporter, Interviewer or Editor? Apply here now! NewsTeam Application Format Do YOU want to be interviewed for the Dreamers Monthly News? You can do so by messaging @Feeds Did YOU get an awesome drop this week and want it in the Dreamers Monthly? Send a Message to @Feeds DreamScape Social Media Twitter YouTube Facebook Instagram Discord First of all, We got Psigreen who has been recently promoted to In-Game Administrator cause of his extra ordinary passion towards the DS, We hope to see a lot more from you and wishing you all the very best. Up next, we got Inject who has been recently promoted to In-Game Moderator after showing tons for support In-game and discord, Truly a right promotion and well deserving one, We really hope the best for you. Next, We got Vaider who got promoted to Forum Moderator for his extremely forumly attitude and contribution towards forums side, which truly got him the rank, and in no time he was promoted to In-game Helper for his support ingame. Wishing you the best. Lastly, We have YCGamez who hsa also be recently promoted to Forum Moderator for his extra working hard on forums and chatbox busy, he is truly an assist towards the forum team, Looking you to achieve much more heights. We have a bunch of introductions from new to old players. First we have @imnotabot starting to be more forums active. Welcome to the forums. Next we have @Okamaway making his return to us. Welcome back man. Again we have another old player making his return. Welcome back @Preflight. Good old @rhys/chris making his return. Welcome back man. Now we have 613 making a comeback. Welcome back @613. Hope all is well now. Now for the oldest returning player @suomitank. Welcome back to the server man. Last but not least Welcome back @Sweety. Word has it that work on the Omega Set is coming on nicely! Some of the Train monsters seem to have evolved... 1.) How did you find out about Dreamscape and what were your first thoughts on the server?? I found dreamscape back in early 2015 or late 2014 looking at a rsps top 100 list and my first thought on the servers was that it was original, in a scenes that no other server was custom like dreamscape is. 2.) What do you like the most in DreamScape as a Sponsor & Wiki Editor/Manager? Why? Sponsor rank gives me the opportunity to always have something to do in the game, from either 1 shooting most bosses or being able to host players in ::dicezone for dice games. 3.) You've been part of Dreamscape for a while, what kept you motivated to stay on DS? Well mainly cause no other server attracts me like dreamscape does. From constant content available every month. I did take a break tho from late 2017 all the way through June of 2018 due to a car accident i have that had me in physical therapy for a long time and not making me able to play as much as i wanted to. What keeps me motivated is having the opportunity to have so much game knowledge that lets me help others players in game or as a wiki editor currently. 4.) What do you think about the DS community?? At the moment it's probably peaking at its most high in my opinion. From having good forum moderators and in game moderators as your self and other staff members that keep that game so much fun and active for players. Like the kill count npc event and Chuck/Drax gambling tournaments and other fun thing that happen around here. 5.) What is your favorite moment on Dreamscape? Why?? Since i can't really remember one atm. it would have to be when i was promoted to a wiki editor would have to be the highlight of my total time here besides donating for the executive cape. 6.) If you could choose one position for the day, what rank would that be? Why? It would either have to be community manager or wiki manager. It's a hard choice,but it would have to be Community Manager, i love the community and being involved with it from doing special events for the community as i do at times. And just being head of the community is a major thing that matters to me a lot. 7.) If you could add any item to Dreamscape what would it be? Why? Okay, when you go into "idle mode" there isn't any way for others players to know you went "AFK" i was thinking of adding a AFK chair that all players have automatically send to inventory that auto equips and that at the top of the player says "i'm currently afk" but doesn't spam chat it's just a invisible chat like if you where to click on a skill and it appears that "my slayer level is 99" to let others know you aren't playing/paying attention to the screen. 8.) Do you have any goals you want to achieve?? Well at first i had the goal to be first to complete all achievements but the recent update that came out that added more achievements made me take a major step back but i will have that icon! 9.) If you could have any superpower for a day, what would it be and why?? If it's only for a day telepathy to have the ability to read mines and altering/erasing some1 memories or making them do your desires. 10.) Anything else you would like to say or any shout outs you would like to give? Not really, but much love to everyone reading this! 1.) How did you find out about Dreamscape and what were your first thoughts on the server?? I found out about the server through the voting lists and YouTube really, I’ve always been playing private servers and saw some videos of I think JordanRSPS or maybe Sohan I’m not 100% sure who it was. My first thoughts of dreamscape was that it was so unique and different to all the other servers yes it was a little confusing at start getting used to everything but once I got the hang of it all it was much much better and more enjoyable to play. 2.) What do you like the most in DreamScape as a Trusted Dicer? Why? I'd have to say just the fact of helping everyone out all the time (in the dicezone) in an area that I love to chill in and have a passion for, eventually I'd like to see how far I can go maybe even helper 😮 but I love at the moment just having a purpose in dreamscape and being wanted and needed within the community. 3.) You've been part of Dreamscape for a while, what kept you motivated to stay on DS? I got to a point where I wanted to quit, I had nothing and was frustrated so I tried to apply for trusted dicer didn't think I would get it because of my very low bank size but I was extremely surprised when I got it and this has given me a lot more motivation to stay on and see my potential and see how far I really can go within dreamscape. 4.) What do you think about the DS community?? The DS community is quite active and friendly I think obviously all communities have the toxicity within them but that's always easy to get over which is good. I think we have a good stable community too also in helping out new players I think mostly everyone is willing to help anyone whether it's advice or give them a few T to get started and get on their way within the Dreamscape adventure. 5.) What is your favorite moment on Dreamscape? Why?? I think when Bowwow teleported me to him to give me my Trusted Dicer rank, I was my favourite because although I knew I was getting it that day I didn't think it was actually ever going to get a staff rank within dreamscape it was certainly surreal getting that and it gave me a purpose and drive to keep pushing and make not just the dicezone but dreamscape a better place for all. 6.) If you could choose one position for the day, what rank would that be? Why? I think moderator, So i have full effect of being a proper staff but also being able to play like a normal person in dreamscape, would be a lot of fun. 7.) If you could add any item to dreamscape what would it be? Why? Well if I were to be selfish it would be blue naval trunks and blue naval top but I can’t be selfish so maybe a chest in ::home that other players can donate too and each new player can use it once a day to get something out of it whether, some restrictions of course like 2 items max or 250T max that would be pretty cool not 100% sure if that counts for an item or not. 8.) Do you have any goals you want to achieve?? Ownercape is number one atm. Try get Moderator rank Getting infernal cape There just a few 9.) If you could have any superpower for a day, what would it be and why?? Shapeshifter for sure, you could do literally anything you want to be. Response: That's my favorite one as well. lol 10.) Anything else you would like to say or any shout outs you would like to give? Nothing at the moment but just liked to say thank you Shout out to irish for getting wiki staff. 1.) How did you find out about Dreamscape and what were your first thoughts on the server?? I joined dreamscape four years ago when the project was first in the go. 2.) What do you like the most in DreamScape as a Sponsor/Wiki Editor? Why? All i do is pvm so everything about sponser rank is amazing. :3 an i took on the role wiki editor to help yall with prices an etc. 3.) You've been part of Dreamscape for a while, what kept you motivated to stay on DS? This server is my get away zone plus i couldn't spend time on any other game besides dreamscape. Honestly i bought a switch its still in the box because of dreamscape. lol : 4.) What do you think about the DS community?? I love it as you know. I love being apart of it i love our player's like family. 5.) What is your favorite moment on Dreamscape? Why?? My favourt favourt moment would be having a smoke session with gio an having a cooking show lol It was amazing lol who can say they had a smoking session with the owner an it turned into a cooking show lol I love everything to do with this server. :3 I couldn't be anymore happy to be apart of it. 6.) If you could choose one position for the day, what rank would that be? Why? It'd be just the same rank i have now. I couldn't be anymore proud lol. It wouldn't change anything either i believe people would still ask me the same question's an ask for the same kinda help as i do right now. 7.) If you could add any item to dreamscape what would it be? Why? I'm not 110% sure. the item's i want are getting added next update. :3 An lets say if i have any idea's for the future i'm gonna make a custom donation's to add them to game. 8.) Do you have any goals you want to achieve?? * Donation manager * lol jkjk 9.) If you could have any superpower for a day, what would it be and why?? Tbh i wish i was a superhero to stop war in south africa. 10. Anything else you would like to say or any shout outs you would like to give? Some awesome thing's i'd like to share about dreamscape! As an old player/OG coming back i'd like to say the server has grown alot tremendously ! an i couldn't be any happier to be back with you guys ! my name's @4 real irish ingame & discord ! i plan on doing my best for the server an saying that i'm willing to help anyone that is in need. or for any questions and/or problem solving feel free to message me! 😃 We have a few achievements from player to go over. First we have @darklordrr achieving the rank of Wiki Manager. Congratulation man. Next we have @ninja badger trying to see how far they can get on Ironman. Good luck man. Again we have @Ninja Badger gettin that Avery ring drop. Congratulations man. With all round discord addict and Dreamscape’s most notorious omega soul purchaser @Empti Magic, Range or Melee? I would have to say magic is my go to, at least at the moment, I just love the Eternal Khione’s Staff. Raids or Arcade? It’s going to be tough to chose between raids and arcade, I’ve done countless hours of both and quite enjoyed what each brings to the table, but if I had to chose, I’d choose the Arcade. Its a more nuanced piece of content that requires some planning to get through. Magegray or Chaos Elemental? EZ Choice! Chaos Ele’s all the way. TV or Movies? I like TV shows better. More to binge watch! Dreamscape or GTFO? Dreamscape for life! I wouldn’t have it any other way. With OG and family favourite @4 Real Irish Magic, Range or Melee i'd say melee because of the new "scythe of vitur" that came out from our new raid. it's awesome in everyway even though I do love mage & range. Lets be honest there all amazing! Arcade or Raids? I'd have to say i love doing raids with other player's, being able to talk, etc ! But i also love doing arcade cause you can talk in the clan chat or yell ! but i'd have to say raids there's alot to do with raids. Magegray or Chaos Elemental's? To be honest I love pvm'ing all around but i'd have to say I have more kills at Magegray's then Chaos Elemental's. But i must say just pvm'ing everything is the way to go an i also set goals on getting something so it's couldn't be anymore fun! Movies or Tv show's? Lets be honest i'll put on a show in the background an play dreamscape. For movie wise I normally put them on before i go to sleep so ya I normally play dreamscape ALOT besides that I'm either working or exploring somewhere or spending time with my family. Dreamscape or GTFO? My motto to everyone as you can ask people ingame or in discord ! * Dreamscape is the best , F**K the rest ! !EXTRA! Some awesome thing's i'd like to share about dreamscape! As an old player/OG coming back i'd like to say the server has grown alot tremendously ! I couldn't be any happier to be back with you guys ! my name's '4 real irish' ingame & discord ! I plan on doing my best for the server an saying that i'm willing to help anyone that is in need. For any questions and/or problem solving feel free to message me!  @suomitank Has won this months Picture of the month Did you liked the current update? Let us know in the comments below! Who are the people you see everyday, but you dont know? Founder - @Bench Press Founder - @Squishy Manager & Chief Editor - @Feeds Editor - @DRAX Editor - @Inject Editor - @Vaider Reporter - @MonoBeast
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    TRIIPY - The Kingg

    Dreamscape Sig

    Just decided to throw something together cause i was bored. Version 1 : Version 2 : Feedback is appreciated
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    I love these threads! Keep it up to everyone on the server :D
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    Did you liked the current update? Sure did! Had a lot of fun exploring all new content! As always, had a lot of fun reading this months edition. Keep it up!
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    i love this thread! especially reading the interviews haha would love to be interviewed someday! ❤️
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    Name - Billy In-game Username - Dice Billy Age - 19 YouTube Channel Name/Link - https://www.youtube.com/user/BillyRSPS How long have you been apart of Dreamscape (In-Game & Forums) - About 3 years now. In-Game Time (Screenshot/Proof) - https://gyazo.com/0616b4b0bb6d48194be3c35db568bbe2 How many Dreamscape related videos do you have? - 5 new videos and 15 old videos How many videos do you upload a week? - I try to upload 2-3 (Hard with work) In a short paragraph, explain why you feel you deserve the Youtuber rank - I feel that I deserve the YouTuber rank because I have had many years of YouTube experience and I always try to push the best content possible. I have also been a YouTuber and RSPS user for many years now. What would you do if you received it? - I would make many more videos, try to give back to the community as much as I could and also I would hope to inspire many other players to get into YouTube Have you been banned/muted/jailed before? If so, for what? - Banned once for botting skilling (But its legal :)) What could you add to the Youtube/Media part of Dreamscape? - I could add another source of players to the server and I would also try to make sure the quality of all videos are amazing and help many players What 5 qualities are important that you need to have as a Dreamscape Youtuber? - Consistency, friendliness, open mind, understanding and personality Do you meet the requirements for becoming a Youtuber? - Yes I do
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    Avatar: Sig: been a while since ive done a transparent sig, turned out alright!
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    Twitter Header - Fortnite

    Very fast and awesome work 100% go through king for all your GFX designs Edit; Beethoven is still my #1 GFX (Sorry king)
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    Battleground rewards

    We need more reliable sources of income rather than complete luck based ones that good grind for no reward. Arcade is a very good stemp in the direction of giving new players a good and reliable start to making money and they know with grinding comes a definite reward unlike most PVM which is great as long as it's balanced, being in a category of good money but less than PVM'ing as its more consistent. Think doing this with BG would be a great idea along with the BG events to really get new players going in the game! Vouch
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    Today we will be bringing you one of our biggest updates of all time! Featuring new PVM for every level of player, Major stability improvements! New in game events and rewards! Quality of life bug fixes! and our usual helping of original custom items In one of our biggest pieces of content yet, we bring you the Theatre of Blood! This new raid brings with it some major engine changes, extensive new maps, loads of new npc's as well as a tonne of new items and rewards! To enter the theatre of blood simply collect together a team type and make sure you are in the same clan chat (max 5 players). Once you are ready to start the Theatre of blood you will each need to type ::blood and you will arrive at the Theatre of Blood, then the madness begins! Rewards Upon completing the Theatre of Blood each player in the team receives a reward from the chest Lil Zik pet 5% double drop rate and 10% drop rate Justiciar Set 50% double drop rate Scythe of Vitur Ghrazi Rapier Avernic Defender Performance As you may be aware last week we encountered some lagg issues that had built up. We have gone through the core engine of the server and made a number of key changes that improve lagg and allow buttery smooth gameplay. This was a major patch that required a large amount of debugging and we have seen in the last week the immense improvement it has made. Daily Events We listened to you! Today we release some new community content for Dreamscape, the daily events! Here each day a new bonus is applied to a piece of Dreamscapes content to encourage gameplay of this content as a team! This includes our new boosted drop rate at weekends! You can check which event is currently active in the quest tab Saturday - PVM - +5% drop rate bonus Sunday - PVM +5% drop rate bonus Monday - castlewars - x2 castle wars points Tuesday - avengers - x2 avengers points Wednesday - the arcade - x1.5 arcade points Thursday - Battlegrounds - x3 bg points Friday - Theatre of Blood - +15% chance of better loot inside the Theatre of Blood We've listened to you and added in more achievements! These are as follows! Easy TREASURE TRAILS - Complete a Dream Clue Scroll PRESTIGE PLEB - Prestige once Medium CLUE ENTHUSIAST - Complete five Dream Clue Scrolls CASTLE WARS: A NEW HOPE - Win a game of castle wars PARTY POOPER - Kill one hundred Party Pete minions LEST WE FORGET - Kill one hundred forgotten warriors PRESTIGE PAUPER - Prestiege five times HARD DREAM SCRIBE - Complete ten Dream Clues CASTLE WARS: THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK - Win three games of Castle Wars. THE MAGPIE - Get a row(i) from a bird's nest RUN FOREST RUN - Complete five hundred agility course runs PRESTIGE PRINCE - Prestige ten times ELITE KEEP ON DREAMING - Complete twenty five Dream Clues SOULSTRUCK - Get an ultra rare drop off the soul chest RIGHT TO BEAR_ARMS - Equip a golden mingun Castle Wars - Return of the Jedi - Win five games of castle wars Prestige Pioneer - Prestige fifteen times. These achievements were suggested by you in this thread here You will need to complete them before using your rewards! Aura's Lvl 3 and upgrade After the positive feedback on our aura update, we took your feedback to heart and created a number of level 3 auras! These auras cannot be bought and must be upgraded. You can also upgrade lvl 1 auras to lvl 2 aura's here too! You can upgrade your auras by talking to the wizard at ::upgrade Loyalty Streak We listened to you! We've added a new feature to reward our most active players, the loyalty streak! This allows players to receive rewards for everyday they login in a row Simply type ::loyaltystreak in game to claim your rewards! To gain your next reward, 24 hours must have passed and you must have voted at ::vote My Drops My drops is a brand new feature that allows you to see the rare/ultra rare drops you have received. This will show all announced drops you have received from today onwards. To access my drops, simply type ::mydrops to see a personalised list of your drops! This will start from after the update onwards. Global PVM Events Today we introduce the NPC kills leaderboard! This is a new way of tracking npc kills and competing with others! You can access the npc kills leaderboard at home (the kill counts will start from today) We also have a global npc kill counter at home too, simply talk to king Percival to see that! One of the reasons we implementd this was so that we can run monthly PVM events! Including top Pvm'er rewards as well as global npc milestones prizes, see the thread below for the first of these events! Advanced Arcade We listened to you! We have added in a new arcade expansion! Players who have completed the arcade will now have the opportunity to upgrade their inferno cape! They will have the chance to win a magic, melee or range cape with awesome stats (great for raids). These capes also include coloured particles, making your PVM prowess even easier to show off! To do so they must pay their inferno cape and will have to complete 5 new killer waves! Who will be the first to obtain the new capes... only time will tell! [WARNING] This content is extremely difficult, do not attempt to complete the new arcade expansion unless you are willing to lose your inferno cape. Players can now receive advice on getting into youtubing by talking to the youtube advisor at home! He will be able to answer any questions you have regarding: starting a channel, becoming an offiicial youtuber, what rewards you can earn as well as forwarding you to some useful resources! Starterboss Improvements We have made starter bosses easier to locate. When you type ::starterboss you will be given the option of which boss you wish to teleport to. Ice Offhand Upgrade The ice offhand is now upgradable! You can get your hands on the Golden Offhand at ::upgrade Golden Ak-47 Upgrade The Golden Ak-47 is now Upgradeable Get your hands on the platinum Ak-47 at ::upgrade New Gloves You get these new gloves by combing Loyalty shop gloves. (Barbaric Gloves,Anguish Gloves, Mystic Gloves) All you need to do is get those three gloves and right click them and click combine Space boxing gloves We have updated our Trivia! All of the questions are now up to date and some older trivia questions have been removed! We have also added new trivia questions as well! We have added a new instance system especially for sponsors! Sponsor's will now be able to access private bosses and kill them alone! These bosses range from magegray to Olaf to phoenix and can be accessed through the sponsor instance portal at ::ownercape To access the instances you will need to pay the required fee with sponsor points (which are obtained by killing bosses at ownercape zone) Ironman Improvements We listened to you! We have added a bunch more monsters to the ironman instance portal! Meaning ironman have more access to bosses! These include: Olaf Groudon Necromancer Gumby Buff We have increased the magic damage bonus on the gumby pet from 5% to a whopping 15% making this pet the number one pet for mage's in game! Click here to get your hands on Gumby! We have completely revamped the Dream Mystery box and brought it back to the donation store! As well as all of the old favourite items (including the dream set - one of the best melee sets in game) we have added a load of new custom items including a textured new best in slot magic set.... The Dream Mage Set! Ultimate Dream Katana Ultimate Dream Boots Ultimate Dream Kiteshield Dream Partyhat Today we introduce a brand new mini game exclusively for sponsors! The trinity mini-game is a chance for you to put your pvm skills into action, as you defend yourself from every side of the combat triangle! With each boss using a different combat style (Magic, Melee, Range) you must measure your attacks and ensure to be using the counter style! Furthermore! While at the trinity mini game you must remain within the red circle at all times in order to avoid massive damage! Do you have what it takes to take on the Trinity Minigame? If you do talk to the NPC in ownercape and get ready for a tribrid battle that offers insane rewards! Today we release a new and unique donator item! the code key! Code Key This item can be used on the pin chest at dicezone! It will randomly try to guess the combination pin to the chest. If successful you can get your hands on one of 3 brand new textured lava mini-guns with glaive stats! These are 1 in games and once they are gone, the Chest and key codes will be removed from the game! Even if you aren't successful you still receive 1b-10t per chest you open! Who will be the first to win one of the new mini-guns...? Only time will tell! You can pick up the code key's here This brand new pet brings the user a 5% luck boost! This is the only luck pet in game! This pet will give you better loot when opening boxes (e.g. mystery boxes, scratch cards and all donation boxes), opening soul room keys, doing raids (including theatre of blood), clue scrolls and vote books! You can get your hands on this cheeky chappy by clicking here Donator Party Room + Hall of Fame We've added a new room for Donators! Upon donating you will be teleported here in order to receive any extras and deals! This will allow us to better run donation events (e.g. vip drop parties/pinatas) It also includes our new hall of fame! Here we have some new custom 'suits of armour' These new objects show off some of the creme da la creme of custom items! This not only shows a little of what is possible with custom items but also is a great chance to show off your juicy customs! If you are interested in having your customs added to the hall of fame for all to see, please contact Drax in game or on discord at Drax#1111 If you are interested in getting your hands on your own custom item click here for more info! Sponsor Skilling Changes We listened to you and have changed the way sponsor skilling works! You can now get up to 3 tasks per day (as opposed to the previous 1 per 24 hours) We have also added in the new Dream and Lava trees as well as new sponsor skilling tasks for these! Tactical Box Revamp We listened to you! We have revamped the tactical box! You can now obtain the 3 Asimov weapons from the tactical box! Ak-47 Asiimov. AWP Asimov. M4A4 Asimov Executive Rank Players who donate for an executive cape now receive a new rank in game! This will let you show your support off to the server as well as giving you a funky new icon! It will also allow us to add alot more donator benefits for executive members! If you already have the executive cape and would like the rank in game, simply message Drax in game or on discord (Drax#1111) ::POS Executive cape holders can now use the command ::pos to access the player owned shops anywhere on the map! This will allow you to buy and sell, as well as check out prices and availability of items while on the go. Executive Club House We've created a brand new forums rank for our most executive members! Players who have donated for an executive cape can now apply for the Executive rank in the ranks request section of the forums! As well as a shiny new rank the executive rank comes with a private section of the forums... The Executive Club House! Inside this section players can talk about what they are up to, share tips and tricks and interact with other executive cape members as well as staff. Furthermore, we will be running Forum Events in this section where players can win huge rewards in game! Super Mystery Box We listened to you! We have revamped the super mystery box adding in a bunch of brand new items and taking out some old items! Some of the new rewards from the super mystery box include: Aqua spirit shield, American boxing gloves, Castiel katana, DS cape, Money bags, Ring of morphing, Berserker cape, Seers cape, Archers cape, Berserker boots, Seers boots, Archers boots, and the skull pet! You can get your hands on Super Mystery Boxes here! Introducing the brand new 1 in game set, Toxic Torva! This set packs a massive tri-brid punch and is tied best in slot with Space Torva! This set also has 30% drop rate and 25% double drop rate! Click here to pick up the only set of Toxic Torva! Batarang Introducing the Batarang! This item is a 1 hit glaive in throwable range weapon form! With the batarang you can 1 hit almost all monsters on dreamscape (excluding raids) Each Batarang allows for 1 kill and can take your pvm'ing to new heights! Click here to pick a pack of Batarangs! Youtube Gear This gear is now available to eligible youtubers! Contact Monobeast for more info! GFX gear This GFX gear is available to eligible GFX artists Contact Monobeast for more info! Youtube Advisor This can be obtained from the youtube shop at home Youtube Death Cape This cape is now available to eligible youtubers! Contact Monobeast for more info! Bowwow's Rice cooker and rice cooker offhand Custom Donation Treyaway Executive Cape Custom Donation Treyaway Swag Robes Custom Donation Haze Torva (custom donation) Jason's Mask and Machete New rewards from Super Mystery Box - We have added a right click option to items in the Upgrade chest allowing you to upgrade items more quickly. - We have made some major AoE fixes, this should improve weapons that have multi attacks (e.g. oblivion scythe, khi one staff, ak-47 Asimov) when used in multi combat zones. - We have made some major instance improvements, this should make gameplay much smoother when you are in instanced gameplay (e.g. ironman instances, sponsor instances, the arcade etc) - We have fixed a bug with the Golden scratch card displaying the wrong prize - We have made some major projectile fixes, that should improve the smoothness of gameplay when in combat. - We have fixed a bug with the Master Corruption - We have added a Kill counter to groudon - We have fixed a bug with Baphomet that made the crystals spawn outside of the room - we have fixed a bug with WC when you get stuck after cutting down a tree - We have fixed a number of model priority bugs, meaning that some items should display better with less clipping - We have updated the Quest tab and removed some of the outdated quests - We have fixed dc bugs with black market trader and market - We fixed a bug with the thinking emote - The magpie aura now improves the rate on eagles nests by 10% - We have increased the damage you take while afk in the arcade - We have fixed the bug with the upgrade chest not working - We've fixed the invite for ::discord - We've fixed the golden mini guns 10% double drop rate from not displaying correctly - We've corrected typos in the dice zone rules - Teleporting to ::spawnzone will no longer dc you - We've updated the trivia! - Money pouch now shows Q instead of M if you have over 10,000,000 coins - The money pouch will no longer dc you if you try to withdraw more money then you have - We've fixed the drops for the chaos elemental in the boss teleports - We've updated the link for ::guides - we have fixed ::forums so that it works for Mac users also - We've made it so you can click on your slayer task in the quest tab to announce your current task - We have fixed the issue with market crashing - Players can now type ::youtuberewards to directly access the youtube rewards sign up page - Luck now gives an increase level of loot from scratch cards - Monkey nuts are now edible!!!
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    Amazing Banking Suggestions

    So Organizing ur bank is fun but when u wanna take forexample an outfit out and u only have 1 it ruins ur entire bank so i suggest u add stakeholders. And in addition i already spoke to feeds and he told me to add it on suggestions
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    First call of duty header since 2014, been a long time. feedback is appreciated ❤️
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    TRIIPY - The Kingg

    Hello All :3

    Welcome mate! you will personally like this server in my opinion. Great people , great community. goodlucky with your grind my man!
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    TRIIPY - The Kingg

    SLICIN'S request <3

    yeah man love that shrek avatar hah! its dope!
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    SLICIN'S request <3

    I really like the avatar! If I didn't have this DANK Shrek I drew myself already I'd for sure love one myself!
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    i guess i do it to make it look the part, its hard to explain, makes the text pop if you get me. thanks bro
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    POTM Winners - August 2018

    Congrats to all winners and thanks for all entries! Some Juicy Pictures here! I particularly like the outfit worn in @HyPr Phoenix's picture... Sexy beast Drax
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    Forum event - Roast us!

    *Plays for 2 years and is in forums for 2 years* hasn't gotten 2Q ingame oh and btw Lord Farquaad Shoulda Kept Fionnas Green BOOTY @YCGamez@VaiderPhantom Menance and Jar Jar BinkS only reason why the Star Wars franchise is still alive Some1 be ruthless to me
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