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    Today's update seems a spooky twist! The much anticipated H'ween Event! As well as some awesome new PVM, bug fixes and some juicy Quality of Life Updates! Dreamscape is in peril! Talk to death spawn at ::dicezone to begin this year's Halloween event! Click here for a full guide! We listened to you! This year's halloween event is a little bit different as you will be able to relive the final battle every 24 hours and collect Halloween Boxes! These boxes contain limited edition custom items! Including textured items, cosmetics and Yeezy's (the only luck boosting boots) The boxes will be removed after the Halloween event is over, so don't miss out! If you want to pick up some extra Halloween boxes and ensure you get all of the items before the boxes are removed, you can pick them up from our donation store! After the initial Rev's Launch we noticed a number of player suggested improvements and we have implemented a lot of them today! First off we have added more revs spawns, allowing more players to use the area at once! We listened to you! We have added a portal to allow easy access and escape! We have made Revs multi-combat! We have improved the way that items are classified as PVP enabled or not! Reducing the ability for players to abuse the system to 1 hit others! If you notice an item that should not be PVP Enabled, please report it to a member of staff so we can improve the system further We have fixed the issue with Rev's Drops remaining on the ground after being picked up! We have made it so that Emblem drops will make server announcements! We have reduced the Drop rate on the Mysterious emblems (keeping the relative rates the same, so the scale is more balanced). We have added in the PVP Scroll! This item when equipped will prevent you being able to be attacked while in the wilderness! Likewise, you cannot attack other players while having it equipped! This item is available from the Donation Store! We've added the Home (+) teleport tablet that can be used to teleport home (even in the wilderness!) You can get this tablet as a drop from all rev's! Pet Mystery Box Revamp We listened to you: We are in the process of revamping and buffing a number of our donation mystery boxes! Today we launch the new Pet Mystery box! Which has had a full overhaul of its rewards! Meaning less Thugbob and more juice! Common We have added in the following rewards as common drops from the Pet mystery box: Minecart Heron Pet Fletching Pet Firemaking pet Baby Chinchompa Rocky Skull pet Giant Squirrel Beaver Rare We have added the following rewards as Rare drops from the Pet mystery box: Crash Bandicoot jr Pacman jr pet Space Invader jr Knuckles Pet Groudon Pet Very Rare We have added in the following pets as Very Rare Rewards: Revenant Ork Pet Revenant Dragon Pet Slimer Pet Barrows Pet Box Eagle Pet Corporeal Egg Dream We have added in the following pets as Dream Rewards: Leprechaun Pet DIGLET Introducing the new Diglet boss to Dreamscape! Using the Giant Mole's Mechanics you will be able to take on this fearsome cave dwelling menace! To access Diglet you will have to teleport to Falador (City Teleports -> Falador) Then you will need to buy a light source from the new Candle Makers Shop Finally stand on a Diglet hole and dig! You will drop down to Diglet's Lair! The first challenge is locating him within the catacombs! Then you will have to slay him! He burroughs under the ground and will re-appear throughout the fight, meaning you will have to navigate the catacombs each time to find him! Diglet packs a punch! But the rewards for those who slay him can be very juicy indeed! You will need to locate the Drops within the catacombs themselves, so run around until you find your drop and wait for the respawn! Gear Viewer We listened to you! Introducing the new gear viewer! This will allow you to design your dream sets and compare the stats! Allowing you to equip any item you want to see the stats As well as the Drop Rate, Double Drop Rate and Luck Boost! To use the Gear viewer, simply type ::gearviewer This command can only be used at:: home,:: market and:: dicezone You can select some items from the drop down menu or search for them to find more items! Coin Flip Today we introduce a new gambling method! The Coin Flip allows you to bet against other players with a 50/50 chance of a win! This comes with a brand new interface with a beautifully clean animated coin flip! To play Coin Flip, make sure you are in the Dice CC and at dicezone and right click 'gamble' with the player of your choosing and select 'coin flip' You will then have a trade screen where you can offer up your items vs your opponents offer. If the coin lands on your side, you win... if not you lose. Transmutation Shop We listened to you! Introducing the Transmutation Shop! A new shop that allows you to swap pieces of a set to avoid duplicates! You can access the Transmutation shop at:: upgrade by talking to the librarian at ::upgrade To use the Transmutation shop, you will need to have the piece you wish to swap as well as a small fee of souls! Click on the piece of armour you have and pick the correlating piece you want. They are listed in Helm, Body, Legs So to swap your Elemental Helm into an Elemental Platebody click on the second icon along on the top row (Helm - Platebody) Then click upgrade once or Upgrade all and cross your fingers! Rates for upgrade depends on your donator status with a little boost as you go up the donator ranks. Extreme donator +10% success Sponsor +20% success Executive +30% success The Fees are as follows: Elemental (helm body legs) - 1000 chaos elemental souls American Torva (helm body legs) - no fee American Pernix (helm body legs)- no fee American Virtus (helm body legs)- no fee Shadow (helm body legs) - 1000 shadow king souls Olaf (helm body legs cape) - 1000 Olaf souls Emperor Set (helm body legs boots gloves) - 25 Emperor souls Omega Set (helm body legs whip) - 25 Omega souls Infernal (helm body legs kite boots gloves) - 1000 Necromancer souls Corporeal Beast Revamp We listened to you! We have fully revamped Corp's Drop table! Making this boss a great money maker! We have also made this boss instanced! This means you will never have to fight with others and can have some private 1 on 1 time with the Beast. Drops Include: Common Yellow converse 1-1000b Brutal whip Legendary Aqua spirit shield Candy spirit shield Darkly spirit shield Taser (new range weapon with freeze special attack) Fallen death cape Blue death cape Dream Corp pet Inferno Spirit Shield After the release of the Penguin Encampment we noticed a lot of players abusing this PVM area by afk bossing (which is against our rules). As a result we have added in a number of safeguards to prevent players afk bossing. We have also buffed the drop rate of the Super Mystery box from the Alpha King Penguin We have buffed the drops from the Strykewyrm Minigame! The rewards are now doubled! The minigame will now give you 1-50 shards on successful completion (instead of 1-25) We have also fixed a bug when combining the shards resulted in you getting nothing. We have updated the trivia! Ensuring it is up to date with all the recent juicy updates! The new trivia features some new devilish questions as well as correcting the questions for which the answers were out of date PRIVATE MESSAGES We have now made it so that Personal messages will not go off the page! This allows you to send longer personal messages without running the risk of your message being cut off by the sides of the client! Server Stability We have made some major maintenance issues to improve your experience while playing Dreamscape! We have fixed an issue that was causing geographical localised lag at home. We have fixed a MAC address issue - That was saying users were banned when they weren't. We have fixed a DC issue that prevented accounts from logging in. We have made some major improvements to our cache loading system, reducing the likelihood of players having cache issues. We have optimized the client loading processes to reduce memory usage. We have made it so that interfaces will correctly scale in all client modes (fixed, resizable and fullscreen) We have made it so that bank tabs work in resizable mode! you can now add and remove bank tabs in fixed + resizable mode! We have reduced server load while using the:: wumbo command World Box/Keys You can now swap world boxes and world keys! This will prevent you getting lots of one but none of the other! To swap the keys or boxes simply right click them and state how many you wish to convert. Revamped Squeel of Fortune We have fully revamped the Squeel of fortune! Removing some of the junk and adding in some extra juicy new rewards! Event Boxes! We listened to you! We have added event boxes to the Donation Store! These are some of Dreamscape's most popular boxes that give lots of crazy rewards like the golden minigun as well as other boxes! Dream Range Set Today we introduce a new best in slot armour set for range! We noticed reccently that Magic is dominating the combat triangle and so wanted to add some more items to give you the same Insane OP hits with other combat styles! That starts today with the Dream Range Set! Boasting the Best in Slot range stats (for an unlimited set) and a whopping 25% drop rate and 25% double drop rate bonuses! This set is a force to be reckoned with! Yeezy's (Reward from Halloween boxes) 5% luck boosting boots! Scarecrow Pet (Reward from Halloween boxes) Spooky Wings (Reward from Halloween boxes) Wolf Outfit (Reward from Halloween boxes) Flaming skull (Reward from Halloween boxes) Calais Offhand (Custom Donation) Dream Range Set Available from Donation Store Textured Darklore Jester Set (Custom Donation) Bowwow's Minion Prize for TD of the month - We have fixed the easter mask model to stop it clipping. - We have prevented 1 hit items from working at the King Kong vs. Godzilla minigame. - Groudon and Donor boss now give extreme points when slayed at Extreme Island. - We have made all arrow slot scrolls tradable (including: Scroll of luck and Scroll of Souls). - We have increased the number of pins in our 'pin black list' to prevent unauthorised access. - Placeholders will no longer get stuck if you don't have the item anymore - just turn off placeholders (padlock icon) and click on the item once to remove the placeholder. - We have prevented the trinity boss in the raids teleport from taking you to oblivion dragon if you aren't a sponsor. -We have fixed the battarang - it will now attack with glaive stats (1 hit) and permissions.
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    2018 Halloween Event Guide!

    Welcome to the 2018 Halloween Event Guide! Starting the Event! To start this event, you'll need to go to ::Dicezone and talk to the Death Spawn that is flying around ::dicezone! He will tell you all about how Dreamscape is doomed and how you can save the day just in time for Halloween! Wise Old Man After talking to the Death Spawn at dicezone, he will tell you to go to Draynor to seek out the wise Old Man to aid you in your fight against Death himself! To get to the Wise OldMan, you'll need to teleport to Draynor Village in city teleports, run west from where you teleport and he is in the center of the trading area. The Wise Old Man will tell you about a teleportation book that can bring you to Death to stop him from destroying Dreamscape. He will give you a List, of the spots to find the blessed runes to make the teleportation book. Getting the Blessed Runes Blessed Earth Rune The first rune on the list is located at the duel arena, to get there go into the teleports tab and hit minigames. Once at thee duel arena, rune East to where the Bank Chests are and search the Crate for the Blessed Earth Rune. Blessed Fire Rune To get the Blessed Fire rune, you'll need to teleport to the Revenants in the wilderness. Death is safe, so you aren't risking any items. Once there, run north to the crate and search it for the Blessed Fire Rune. Blessed Water Rune To get the Blessed Water Rune, you'll need to go to Castle Wars then go out the big doors, across the bridge where you will find the crate with the rune in it. To get to Castle Wars you can type ::Cw, or go into Minigames teleports and then click on Castle Wars. Blessed Air Rune To find the Blessed Air Rune, you will need to go to Barrows. To get to Barrows, use the minigames teleports in the teleport tab. Once there you will need to follow the outer fence of Barrows, east then south, then west, till you find the crate containing the Blessed Air rune. Making the Teleportation Book Once you have all the Blsessed Runes, return the to Death Spawn at Dicezone so he can make you the Teleportation Book, allowing you to teleport to Staffzone and fight Death! Fighting Death Once you have the Teleportation Book, gear up and prepare to fight Death! Bring your gear and some food, and simply left click on the book and you will be teleported to Death for one last fight! After killing Death, return the the Death Spawn at Dicezone to collect your reward! QUEST COMPLETE! You can use your Death's Book once every 24 hours to be teleported back to Death to fight him again for addition rewards! Doing so will reward you with one Halloween Box!
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    Where did feeds' vanish?

    Dear DSGang Community, I just thought to let all my community whats going on with my life, I'm really stuck with my life, at first i had my mom's issue about thyroid and she was under treatment and i had to stay with her at the hospital for everyday almost. so i had to take vacation for almost 2 month and i got back to dsfamily and life was going smooth until a day my dad got heart attack, so had to take care of him (now he recovered) and wanted to be stable with life. so i'm in search for a job right now and that means feeds' will be back to DSFAMILY. Just wanted the community to know whats going on with my life. Really missing my DSfamily. I'll be hopping on whenever i can. With Love Feeds`
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    Construction skill

    While this idea is unrelated to how construction normally works, I'm imaging a way for construction to have some easy use instead of using xp lamps. And maybe my idea can be implemented, or atleast create future discussion. The idea of this thread is to implement construction xp for collecting and constructing items. The term I use for constructing a item can be controversial as to why doesnt this fall into a category of crafting or smithing? This could also be an idea of its own but isn't the mindset of the thread. There are many things in Dreamscape that involve collecting and combining items together to make something. Such as: Collecting key fragments "1/2" to construct a key to be used on a chest. Collecting shard pieces to construct a armour piece. Collecting 200 souls to construct a key. My idea is to add construction xp inbetween these simple things you do. For the PVMers this is a constant thing at times that you actually could benefit from and maybe be rewarded by earning a custom achievement for "constructing items 100 times". I also want to add that this shouldn't be the only way that construction has to offer, but a new simplistic idea that contributes to the skills possibilities. Let me know your thoughts, or ideas of how this could be better.
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    Whats going on Dreamers! It is your boy BOWWOW! ITS TIME FOR THEM FASHIONSCAPE!!! RULES 1) YOU ARE ALLOWED TO POST 2 PICTURES OF THE BEST FASHION YOU OWN! 2) ALL CUSTOM ITEMS ARE WELCOME! (DOESNT MEAN THAT YOU HAVE AUTOMATICALLY WIN THE EVENT) 3) YOU MAY NOT BUY VOUCHES ETC, AT THE END, STAFF TEAM AND THE COMMUNITY WILL DECIDE THE WINNERS! Winner will be announced 31st of OCTOBER which is about month long event, to give new/old/returned players to get involved with this AWESOME EVENT! PRIZE 1st place 25Q CASH IN GAME GKAY 2nd place 15Q CASH IN GAME Zgodfreak 3rd place 10Q CASH IN GAME Hcmylly Congratulation on this top 3 Winner on winning these cash prizes! Make sure to PM me VIA Discord or ingame!
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    Following the success of Chuck's HUGE Gambling tournament, we will be doing a new DICE DUEL TOURNAMENT! To participate in this events, you will need to be DONATOR RANK + which means, if you are non-donator, you CANNOT participate in this event. If you happen to be interested in participating, leave your IGN below with your timezone, which will allow me to make a ladder table. UPDATE: This event will now be held on 27th October, 2018. 11:00 A.M ET (Eastern Time) REWARDS 3rd Place 5Q + Soulflare 2nd Place 7.5Q + Soulflare (u) 1st Place 10Q + Oblivion Scythe + the Gambling Tournement Cape! Rules are very simple, One account per player are allowed to participate in this event. No complaning after a lose, foul language, lets show some sportsmanship! If fail to follow these rules, you will be disqualified from the event. THE GAME PLAY DICE DUEL Two players will challenge eachother for FT3 (First to 3). Winner will climb up the ladder to 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes! Good luck all and hope to see you guy's register for this event! ----------------------------- Sign Up Below vvvvvvvvvvvvv
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    hc havokia

    tinkerer (custom skill)

    What is the content called I am suggesting a new custom skill called Tinkerer. What is the current issue it could solve? Right now there are a ton of items that cannot be upgraded, cannot sell to the soul well, and are of no use to players after they get past the early game. Player get tons of these items over time from world boss boxes, raids, opening mboxes, and ckeys, and the soul chest ( flame nex pieces, elite nex pieces, dragonbone (u) pieces, statius pieces, and wizzy torva pieces to name a few). This could possibly create a use for the items and give players an incentive to actively trade them, which could create a new economy for early game armor while at the same time giving new players a potential way to make money to bring the early game grind down a little bit more. How does it work? My suggestion is to take all of the pieces that cannot currently be upgraded or sold to the soul well and turn them into a sort of custom skill. Players would take these items and "deconstruct" them, not unlike invention in RS3. The deconstruced items would give components (armor components, weapon components, luck components, drop rate components, double drop rate components, jewelry components, footwear components, handwear components, cape components, and offhand components, all with common(1/5), uncommon (1/10), moderate (1/20), rare (1/50), and ultra rare (1/100) variations). The items you would be able to craft would have 2 variations, consisting of a mid tier (using common-moderate components) and high tier weapons (using moderate, rare and ultra rare components) which could be (im open to suggestions) custom weapons called the ds-bow, ds-staff, and ds-sword with stats similar to mid game weapons (oblivion scythe, minigun, and castiel katana, requiring 90+ to create in the tinkering) while the high tier weapons would require 120+ and have stats that would be 15% worse than the intro to end game weapons (regular khiones staff, m4a4 asiimov, and electronic katana). the armor, jewelry, and capes would have the same idea. boxes (such as mboxes and super mboxes, dynamic box, invictus box, warfare box, tactical box, and pet mboxes ) could be broken down into bank components (1/50) which would be used to make into bank anywhere tokens that would take 20 bank components to make, and donator components (1/250) which would be able to make a 6 hour token for donator ranks up to and including extreme donator (i would say sponsor and executive as well but that may be overpowered?) and would take 5 components for a regular donor trial token, 20 for a super donator trial token, and 50 for an extreme donor trial token. All of the armor/weapons would be untradeable, but the bank anywhere tokens, and the trial donor tokens would be tradeable. (All rates of components are just suggestions, of course you can raise/lower them as you see fit) How will it benefit server/players? New players would have a consistent way to make money, players who want to make the mid game/end game weapons would have solid weapons that they cannot gamble away, and people could try out donator ranks for a moderate amount of in game money, compared to the hundreds of trillions, or a few quad that they would have to spend in game or donate to otherwise obtain the rank. The skill would be locked until you are prestige level 2, encouraging players to prestige, and a minimum of 99 in every other skill. The Tinkerer skill would not be able to be lamped, creating an item sink for all of the items that are not upgradeable/ cannot be sold the the soul well. What rewards does it give? The rewards would be the mid tier/high tier armor and weapons that players would be able to create with the new skill, and a new fun skill to train that cannot be lamped to the max level right away. How could it be expanded in the future? Dreamscape is always evolving, adding new weapons, monsters, raids and such. As these weapons become outdated, more weapons that are better could be added to the skill. Any new early/mid game item that comes into the game that cannot be upgraded or sold to the soul well would be a good candidate for an item useable by the tinkerer skill. Raids/bosses could be added that drop small amounts of components directly. Other armor sets with drop rate, double drop rate, luck, and other set effects could be added to the skill as well. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) The negative effect this could have on the game is that finding the right balancing for the items may be a bit hard for the devs, and while new items come into the game this skill would eventually be outdated. Balancing in the future may need to be done.
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    Trix Orb Suggestion

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    Well this happend...

    Congratz! Hope you are happy 😁
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    Well this happend...

    Big congratulations!
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    Ign: Micmac Status: Ready to win
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    Well this happend...

    Congrats! me and wify are planning to get 1 as well best wishes for baby beatz!
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    Well this happend...

    Woah! that's great news man congratulations to you and your fiancée!
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    Best Ds Ever

    Well this happend...

    Congratz to you and your fiancée buddy, awesome news, happy for you
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    HYPE!! Love running these every month!!! Gunna have to get some juicy customs made for the winner :D I see no reason for this... if staff want to donate - they should get the same perks. If staff have made money and want to spend it on donations I see no problem with that either.
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    Donator Rank Request

    Ranks Given
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    World boss keys

    Didn't realize this was a problem, I will add a right click option to both the keys and chests and have a 2:1 conversion ratio. meaning converting any of the items will consume two and return one.
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    Great videos buddy, very helpful!
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    New adventure? yolo

    Welcome bank man. Very nice to old people coming back, and also nice to see you gettign some drops also ahah.
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    Where did feeds' vanish?

    Great man, glad to have you back with us. We were hoping you and your family were okay. I'm glad you & your family made it through that.
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    K 0 X D

    Ironman Happy Hour!

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    POTM - OCTOBER 2018

    Yes, this was taken in Dreamscape.
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    POTM - OCTOBER 2018

    thank you for the entry my man
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    I wonder what the stats are on that sword
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