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    Announcement on Tradability

    Announcement on Tradability What's up dreamers! Today we are announcing a change we are intending to make to a number of items on dreamscape. We have spent a long time evaluating certain items and their value in the economy as well as the effect of gambling and the culture and approach of players towards certain items. We are hoping that this addresses a small number of players hoarding high value items to increase the price and decrease the ability for others to obtain these items. As well as making sure that your donations retain their value and you don't lose and then regret gambling/dumping items that you paid a lot of money for! We have come to the decision to make a number of existing items untradeable. We are announcing this today to be as open and transparent about these changes as well as being able to offer you as much time as possible to ensure you are able to collect these items before they become untradeable should you wish. Following next update the following items will become untradeable: 1. Emperor's Necklace 2. Emperor's Ring 3. Lava Minigun 4. Helicopter Pet 5. BFG9000 Offhand 6. All Auras 7. All Dream Armour We have however decided to make a number of other changes to go alongside the tradability modifications to ensure that these items are still able to be obtained and do not lose any non-wealth based value assigned to them by the community. 1. We are lowering the rate on Lava MG, Helicopter Pet and all aura upgrades 2. We are re-releasing the Box of Wisdom with new improved rates and a new lower price! 3. We are giving staff more autonomy to give these super juicy items away in our daily events 4. We are improving our goodie bag prizes to include a lot more of these extremely OP items (lower number ranges and higher numbers of top prizes to be won!) 5. We are encouraging flexibility in our staff to offer item transfers between your owned accounts on untradeable items 6. We will be adding a number of these items to different drops / minigames / skills so they can be earned in game Regards, Chuck, Drax and the Dreamscape Staff Team
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    Thank you so much for all your kind words! It's always so exciting when it gets to doing updates and it's a pleasure to keep putting out new content, even when circumstances are against you πŸ˜„ Nothing will stop us moving forwards, come rain shine or a broken MacBook we will continue to move Dreamscape forwards in the direction the players dictate! #DSGANG Drax
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