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    Flower Poker Event!!

    To participate in these events, you will need to be EXTREME DONATOR RANK + which means, if you are non-donator, you CANNOT participate in this event. However, we will be hosting a mini event right before the tournament to try and get an extreme donator ticket if you do not have one already! If you happen to be interested in participating, leave your IGN below with your timezone, which will allow me to make a ladder table. This event will now be held on 4th February 2019. 12:00 P.M ET (Eastern Time) REWARDS 3rd Place 8Q + Frostbite Staff 2nd Place 15Q + Oblivion Scythe 1st Place 20Q + Minigun + the Gambling Tournaments Cape! Rules are very simple, one account per player is allowed to participate in this event. No complaining after a loss, foul language, and let us show some sportsmanship! If you fail to follow these rules, you will be disqualified from the event. How To FP: You will go head to head against someone else, you will both plant 5 flowers each. If you plant a black or a white you will plant 1 extra flower per white or black. Whoever has the best poker hand wins! Order of winning plants from worst to best is: Pair, 2 Pair, Oak (Three of A Kind), Full house, 4 Oak (four of a kind), 5 Oak (five of a kind).
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