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    Let's have a go at this -GK
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    HC beatz

    Loot from 100 olaf keys

    After I got seers boots x2 @ Olafs I wanted to use the keys with the scroll of souls equiped, but it didn't realy help much..
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    Prices are aprox prices from lowest available @ pos at the time I wrote this Shop Name: Elissa's Magic Store Items to Remove: 0 Items to Add: Elite&American Virtus sets (Current prices=Elite Virtus set 4-5T , American Virtus set 170-200T) Shop Name: Sha'Nay Nay's Range Store Items to Remove: 0 Items to Add: Elite&American Pernix sets (Current prices=Elite Pernix set 10-20T , American Pernix set 280-350T , Glock 1B , Assault Rifle 1T , Golden AK-47 200-300T) Shop Name: Sandi Ewoks Weapon Store Items to Remove: 0 Items to Add: Ice Katana , Space Jam Sword (Current prices=Ice Katana 1T , Space Jam Sword 60-100T) Shop Name: Candi's Armour Items to Remove: 0 Items to Add: Elite&American Torva sets , Ice Offhand (Current prices=Elite Torva set 100-200T , American Torva set 300-400T , Ice Offhand 40T)
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    Hi! I've been playing DS since 2015 and what concerns me is that there is no updates to NPC shops, as there are a lot of junk items that don't even get used/bought in 2018. In shops I believe there should be actual useful items to purchase, at the moment there is nothing really over 2b (which is nothing in 2018). New shops should feature good pvm weapons & armour, that actually get used (inga, american torva etc) with set prices in the npc shops. Set prices in NPC shops would also allow players to narrow down the price of an item within their player store, therefor stabilising pvm eco. As I do not have hours and hours on end to research this massive job (only massive because it hasn't been touched in 3 years), I cannot send you every item that should be in the shop and every item removed from npc shops. In saying this most staff know what players use on day-2-day PVMing etc. -Also completely seperate but drops should be tabled (why aren't they in the first place? every other server has drops tabled, it's very suss you refuse) Having drops not tabled cannot let the player trust the server that he/she has been given a fair go at the drop. Just table them it's not that hard you just type in what you set the drop rarity to.. This is another job that needs to be done now because DS has left it late. These are suggestions to better your server, you can obviously discard them but I would not hesitate to give my suggestions a go as I have seen NUMEROUS other players ask for these same changes and nothing has happened, therefor leaving them to quit DS. Item Name: NPC SHOPS ALL Animated: Image/Description of the item/items: NPC SHOPS ALL
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    Gives error when I open the links. Click "Insert other media" And "Insert image from URL" and copypaste the picture link in the box. That way it posts the picture directly in the chatbox. If you dont know how to do it go to https://imgur.com/upload and when uploaded either copypaste the link here or do what i said earlier
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    //Approved// Pending models and implementation discussion with modeller. Lets see if we can get this done!
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    Tweaks to mini boss slayer tasks?

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    New Clue Scroll Rewards

    Images by @Bellatrix
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