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    Let's have a go at this -GK
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    HC beatz

    Loot from 100 olaf keys

    After I got seers boots x2 @ Olafs I wanted to use the keys with the scroll of souls equiped, but it didn't realy help much..
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    Gives error when I open the links. Click "Insert other media" And "Insert image from URL" and copypaste the picture link in the box. That way it posts the picture directly in the chatbox. If you dont know how to do it go to https://imgur.com/upload and when uploaded either copypaste the link here or do what i said earlier
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    //Approved// Pending models and implementation discussion with modeller. Lets see if we can get this done!
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    Tweaks to mini boss slayer tasks?

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    New Clue Scroll Rewards

    Images by @Bellatrix
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