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    You should put this in the goals category. You're making a ton of progress though. PS: Congrats on finishing the achievement of longest sentence on forums
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    now go spec your mom with the ags ;P!
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    hc cheese

    Open Thy Door

    It has recently come to my attention that it is not possible to obtain/create "Cheese" in dreamscape, which shocked me to my very core. I could not accept this information as being correct. since it is searchable on the Market. I attempted to aquire the tools to make my own Cheese, i spent 10t on a bucket, but a milk able cow is no where to be found. so i went to all the known Cheese spawns and i have found an active Cheese spawn located at the Bandit Camp in the Wilderness. For anybody interested there is also a Tomato Spawn located besides the Cheese spawn. The only issue is the Doors are shut/locked, I have been within 3 squares of this Cheese, it is real, i have smelt it. I know at this point of reading my suggestion everyone is getting extremely excited. To my knowledge this Cheese has been trapped in this building since Dreamscape first came online. The maturity of this Cheese would be like none ever known. I can almost taste it. I even Went all wizard mode and tried to Tele Grab the Cheese to safety but to no avail. My suggestion is - Open Thy Door, and let the Cheese Free. Dont deny the player base of Cheese no longer. #CheeseLivesMatter #DSGANG
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    First Signature in over two years :O

    Hey guys, opened up photoshop today and nailed out this. Havent done gfx for a few years now so im still defiantly dusty. Let me know what you think! Also will take some requests. Just pm me on the forums or ingame and we can sort something. Quality of the image is bad as took screenshot.
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    I Willy I

    Amulet of Blood

    Lol I was just going to mention the picture. is it linked to your account signature? anyways, yes I’d like the hidden 10% boost to be turned into 10% luck.
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    Loot from 10,000 magegrays

    Nice man! Also indeed nice to give the sfu's away Good luck on the future kill specials!
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    Loot from 10,000 magegrays

    Thats some insane luck!
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    Loot from 10,000 magegrays

    Nice luck dude! 6.1q in 6 hours of killing is really good! Nice of you that you gave them away 😛
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    I Willy I

    Loot from 10,000 magegrays

    GG at the soulchest. I had the same luck with 500 keys im interested to see what you get at Olaf’s!
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    Tag for I Willy I

    It looks fine to me? Maybe because i tried to create a realistic athmosphere around the tag itself, like the text is hovering inside of the thundercloud. That was the idea lel and yeah the red glowflashes are maybe a little bit to hard i just wanted the colors to pop out
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    Tag for I Willy I

    By far my favorite. This looks so awesome. Only thing that kinda bothers me is that the text is quite hard to read, but that is the case in all 4 images
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    Tag for I Willy I

    Lower color contrasts version. Testing visuals
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    First Signature in over two years :O

    YOOOOOOOO SPINZ! Great to see you're back!! Nice siggy
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    Everything is already mentioned above ///VOUCH///
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    Now all that's left is to shave your head, grow a beard and look like a true runescape noob 😛
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    Tag for I Willy I

    Wow insane. Especially like the last one
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    Veteran Rank Request

    Congrats on veteran!
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    Sounds like Diablo or Forsaken World Gemslotting, wayyyy too OP unless the gems are very very small bonuses only
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    Donator Rank Requests

    Congrats on sponsor!!!!!
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    Introduction :3

    Welcome to the server! Hope you enjoy it 😄
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