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    Dear Dreamscape Community, Every month we choose our top members in various skills & positions! Make sure you enter your in game username! Everyone who votes gets 100t for FREE ! YOU 'CANNOT' VOTE FOR YOURSELF! Further, there will be 3 random winners who all receive 500T in pure cash. I will choose the winners after this event, and they can claim their prize in-game. Categories: Most Kind Best Dicer Best PVM'er Best Newcomer Most Respected Non-Staff Member Most Potential Shown Best GFX-Designer Best Youtuber Best Live Streamer Most Active on Discord Best Ironman Best Event Host Most Active In-game Most Active Forums Most Active Overall Best Helper Best Moderator (Including Forums) Best Administrator (Including Forums) Most Respected Staff Member Most Respected Trusted Host Best Staff Member ********PLEASE NOTE: ONCE 5 DAYS PASSES WE WILL CLOSE VOTING AND POST THE RESULTS THE NEXT DAY!******** THE PARTICIPATION REWARD OF 100T WILL BE REWARDED AFTER THE EVENT IS OVER! Thanks in advance, we appreciate every single participant!
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    Hey homie. I love the video you did quite nice recording and editing wise. Your video title is good includes "Dreamscape RSPS" as it should. Your description and tags though does not. Your description should have "Runescape Private Server" and tags should include "runescape private server." These are key words to use when uploading. Also you should add transitions to your video when jumping from one thing to another. After our lesson on thumbnails you made some decent work! Keep it up homie i love it. Just make sure you add and continue to add what i said above about your description and tags.
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    I am going to become a LEGEND:D #FirstBlackGuyToBeLegendOnDS - Goldah
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